13 Powerful Crystals For Good Health

As we go through life, we all emit energy and sometimes that energy can be lower than we would like. Whether we are suffering physically, mentally or spiritually, having low energy can be frustrating. And when nothing seems to be better, you may lose all hope. 

Crystals for good health and wellness are incredible tools that when used correctly, can help us bring back our natural state of balance. When you hold, touch, or wear a crystal for good health, the crystal magnifies the energy you need. 

13 Powerful Crystals For Good Health

Do you or a loved one need a crystal for good health? Look no further! We have 13 powerful crystals for good health. With each focused on making you the best version of yourself and keeping you feeling good. 

1. Green Calcite  

An excellent crystal for assisting people in letting go of limiting beliefs and past traumas related to their bodies is green calcite.

It fosters sentiments of completion, self-acceptance, and love. when applied to your body during yoga sessions or used everyday in meditation.

You can learn why you might have chosen a particular path for yourself in this lifetime by using green calcite. By soothing the nervous system and removing unfavorable feelings, this stone can benefit both your physical and mental health.

2. Rose Quartz 

When it comes to emotional disorders in the context of interpersonal therapy, rose quartz crystals are among the greatest options.

Ancient Egyptians used these love stones for their healing abilities, and because they are linked to feminine energy, crystal supporters claim that using them can help with menstruation periods.

Rose Quartz is commonly known as the love stone due to its gentle loving energy. This can help ease stress, increase inner strength, and help fight against mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. 

This crystal can also aid in healing many health issues (see also, ‘What Crystals Aid in Cancer Healing?‘) along with heart-related ailments. Whether you are going through a heartbreak or are having some mental challenges, having rose quartz can help ease the pain. 

3. Angelite 

Strong angelic connections make angelite a powerfully protective gem. If you keep your energy field close to where you meditate or on your person, it will be easier for your angels to eliminate any unwanted influences.

Angelite is a great crystal to have in times of uncertainty and when you feel unconnected to the earth. These crystal’s health advantages are incredible! Better sleep boosts your immune system, blood flow, and blood pressure, according to scientific research.

According to new scientific research, reducing daily stress boosts your cardiovascular system, calms the entire body, and may even lower the burden of chronic illnesses.

13 Powerful Crystals For Good Health

4. Selenite 

Often when facing new challenges we can feel blocked and like our bodies are all out of whack. A potent stone for clearing energy blockages and reestablishing bodily equilibrium is crystal selenite. 

It can also be used to purify the energies of other crystals you may be dealing with so that they are clear and pure.

Keep a stone of selenite on your person while meditating to feel better connected with your spiritual guides as they guide you through this weird time. 

5. Malachite 

Malachite is one of the most powerful crystals harboring intense energy. This crystal is to be used wisely as improper use can have a less than helpful effect. 

If used correctly, Malachite is excellent for releasing stubborn emotions you may not realize you are holding onto. Emotions such as rage, hurt, and bitterness can remain in the body for much longer than we acknowledge. 

If utilized properly, malachite can also aid in enhancing your psychic talents and establishing a connection with the spiritual world.

13 Powerful Crystals For Good Health

6. Lepidolite 

At difficult times in our lives, we can all lack strength and self-love. While this is completely normal, it is not a good experience. Lepidolite helps support your journey to discovering your inner strength and promote self-love. 

Carrying this stone will also help build your confidence within yourself. This is a useful crystal for those who are just beginning their spiritual journey and are unsure of where it could lead. 

7. Lapis Lazuli 

Since the beginning of human history, lapis lazuli has been one of the most sought-after gemstones. Its rich, heavenly blue continues to be a representation of majesty and honor, deities and strength, spirit and vision. It represents wisdom and truth everywhere.

Lapis, a stone of truth, promotes spiritual honesty as well as truthfulness in spoken and written language. For all kinds of deep communication, wear it. Additionally, it is a stone of friendship and promotes harmony in partnerships.

Lapis Lazuli is excellent when you are ready to take the next step in your career or are wanting to remain true to yourself. 

13 Powerful Crystals For Good Health

8. Clear Quartz 

You can utilize clear quartz, one of the most adaptable crystals, for meditation. It works well for both grounding and protection. It is also known as Rock Crystal that is excellent for healing and spiritual growth. 

It can be beneficial to concentrate so that you don’t become overwhelmed if there are too many distractions present while you try to practice.

The Clear Quartz is a master healer who brings with it sweeping currents of potently uplifting vibrations, profound soul cleansing, and increased patience and wealth for all who turn to quietly singular spiritual energy.

9. Black Onyx 

In both color and properties, the black onyx is a mysterious stone. The onyx stone has extremely potent vibrations of protection, willpower, focus, and strength to offer its wearer.

Your root, solar plexus, and third eye chakras are all stimulated by the black onyx stone. This can make it easier for us to properly connect to the earth.

The onyx stone also has the ability to offer you the boost of energy you need to begin chasing your dreams. You may protect your aura and keep harmful energy from clinging to you by carrying or wearing onyx on a daily basis.

10. Smoky Quartz 

It is known that smokey quartz can help with improving general wellbeing, letting go of unneeded emotional baggage, forgiving past hurts, stability, and grounding. It is well recognized to strengthen our ties to the planet.

This stone is extremely helpful in times of rebirth. When we are feeling held down by negative emotions, Smoky Quartz can help us let go and feel reborn with a new spiritual journey. 

It can also help with enhancing intuition, bringing about better communication, and bringing dreams into reality.

13 Powerful Crystals For Good Health

11. Fluorite 

If you frequently find yourself ruminating over thoughts from the past or the future, fluorite is a fantastic crystal to keep nearby your meditation area.

Fluorite has wonderful healing properties for your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing if you struggle with direction, have a tendency to hold yourself tethered by worry, or could use a little assistance in the area of self-love and confidence.

Additionally, fluorite enjoys promoting the body’s cleanliness and purity. As its energy is all about clearing out toxic thoughts, patterns, and behaviors, including addictive issues as well, it’s a great stone for those who want to detox.

12. Howlite 

Howlite is known for its calming essence. It is commonly used by people with anxiety or who suffer from attention deficit disorders such as ADHD. Howlite encourages feelings of coziness, tolerance, and adaptability.

People who require a calming effect in their lives may find this to be of great assistance.

Howlite can assist maintain healthy calcium levels in the body because of its bone-white hue. Howlite can help you strengthen your skeleton, develop thick, lustrous hair, and reveal your beautiful white teeth.

13 Powerful Crystals For Good Health

13. Amethyst 

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal that will regularly aid in your relaxation (see also ‘10 Crystals For Relaxation‘). Keep it in your living room, bedroom, office, or space designated for meditation.

It contains a soothing energy that is great for reestablishing equilibrium, lowering tension, and can be a very useful aid for persons who experience chronic pain.

Having been used for its healing properties for over 2000 years, the amethyst crystal has been known to help strengthen the connection to spiritual and divine beings. It can inhibit wicked thoughts, spark wisdom, and boost intelligence by fostering a deeper comprehension. 

You can use your clearer mind to solve problems and think more clearly to make wiser decisions with the aid of the stone. By increasing intuition, this purple diamond is also said to have fantastic, beneficial impacts on creativity and imaginative abilities.

It enables those who possess it to embrace new concepts and act on their ideas.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are in a tough situation in life and need some guidance or being plagued with negative thoughts and emotions, crystals can help clear your spirit and guide your mind. 

Above are 13 powerful crystals that aid in good health and wellbeing. Whether you keep them in your space, wear them, or carry them around in your pocket, each crystal can help bring you strength in times of weakness. 

You can also place a few small drops of essential oil onto your crystals to release their aromatherapy benefits which will then remain in the air around you. 

Find yourself recharged and full of hope by carrying around one of these crystals for good health and wellbeing!

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