15 Powerful Crystals For Leos

Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, Leos are known for their warm, ferocious, loyal and brave personalities, much like their accompanying spirit animal, the Lion. 

With traits that feature a great deal of energy and self-assurance, it is no surprise that when it comes to negative traits, the Leos tend to veer towards pride and arrogance. 

15 Powerful Crystals for Leos

Crystals are a great way to balance out the positive and negative traits and emotions of any star sign, and the Leo sign is no exception!

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at fifteen crystals that are well suited to those under the Leo star sign, be it crystals for compassion, humility, confidence, and more. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Ruby

The ruby is known as the stone of nobility and can have a strong connection with the Leo thanks to promoting traits that tend to come naturally to this sign, such as courage and leadership. 

Rubies are also fire stones, which also offer a natural link to the fire sign that is the Leo. 

This is a stone that encourages energy, passion, and motivation as well as allowing the Leo to set goals that are realistic. 

As well as this, the ruby can also be a stone of joy that encourages joy, laughter, and spontaneity, making it an excellent stone for balancing the often fluctuating emotions of the Leo. 

2. Garnet

The garnet is another stone with a beautiful reddish-pink tone- much like the ruby- and it promotes commitment and health thanks to harnessing both activating and grounding energy. 

As well as its color, the garnet also has similarities to the ruby in that it promotes happiness and revitalizing energy that not only aids with getting through everyday life but also offers the chance to become more motivated and push through any nagging self-doubt that might be consuming you (which happens to Leos more often than you might think!). 

Leadership is another quality that the garnet promotes- and one that is commonly associated with the Leo star sign-  with a strong focus on understanding and patience as well as the aforementioned motivation and willpower. 

3. Citrine

This yellow crystal is another choice that has energy-boosting properties, which can be a great help to Leos who might be struggling with a lack of motivation. 

One of the key features of citrine focuses on helping a Leo overcome any problems they might have with insecurity and self-confidence.

Leos are always thought to be incredibly confident characters, but they also deal with over-sensitivity, which can in turn lead to a reduction in that aforementioned confidence. 

Citrine encourages coping with criticism and oversensitivity in a constructive manner to raise that confidence, leading to a healthier and happier life.

15 Powerful Crystals for Leos

4. Black Onyx

The traditional crystal for the Leo, the Black Onyx enhances the most positive traits associated with this star sign, such as courage, determination, and strength as well as steadfastness and vigor. 

As well as this, the Onyx can be an incredibly grounding crystal that can aid with harnessing that energy that Leos are known for.

5. Peridot

A stone that is well known for its promotion of heart health, the peridot is a beautiful, bright green crystal that is the official birthstone for the Leo. 

The crystal has heart-centered energy that not only encourages compassion, kindness, and loyalty but also aids with the negative emotions that are connected to the heart, such as letting go of your hurt and learning to forgive. 

6. Carnelian

This crystal is well suited for those who struggle with self-confidence, as well as those who are looking for a burst of creative inspiration.

This makes the carnelian a great choice for artists, writers, or anyone in a creative profession who may be dealing with a slump in their work and their creativity. 

Not only that, but the carnelian also helps to heal the lower chakras in the bodies, allowing the stone to reduce resentment and jealousy, which can be a prominent negative trait for the Leo. 

7. Tigers Eye

Known as a crystal for the mind, the Tiger’s Eye is also known as the “intuitive companion” as it can help to keep the mental state of the Leo at its full potential. 

The Tiger’s Eye is the stone to use for Leos who struggle with focus, and self-discipline and are often distracted thanks to the promotion of mental clarity that the crystal offers. 

Leos are known for their prideful nature, which can often lead to bad, spur-of-the-moment decisions. The Tiger’s Eye can be useful for this too, encouraging better judgment and humility. 

15 Powerful Crystals for Leos

8. Sunstone

The sunstone is the perfect crystal for positive energy and vitality, strengthening the better qualities of the Leo whilst promoting an optimistic outlook towards the future. 

This is another stone that is well suited to help lessen negative Leo traits, too, such as the sign’s tendency to be over-reliant on others by encouraging both independence and self-reliance. 

9. Rhodochrosite

A pretty pink crystal, rhodochrosite is another heart-centered stone. This particular stone encourages cheerfulness and positivity, which can be helpful for those dealing with sadness and negative emotions in their lives. 

This crystal helps to soothe emotional stress as well as heal emotional wounds whilst heightening the loving and compassionate nature of the Leo. 

10. Yellow Topaz

The qualities of the yellow topaz reflect its sunny, yellow exterior, strengthening happiness, optimism, and faith as well as charisma and confidence.

As well as that, the yellow topaz empowers the Leo to recognize their abilities and do their best to be successful, whilst remaining a positive influence on people when they do so by not stepping on others on their way to the top. 

15 Powerful Crystals for Leos

11. Shungite

The tenacity of the Leo can often lead to exhaustion and burnout, and shungite is a great crystal for Leos who deal with this due to offering positive energy.

It is also a stone that can remove negative energy from both the Leo themselves and their environments to encourage a more peaceful life. 

12. Hiddenite

Another eye-catching green crystal, hiddenite is the moonstone for the Leo. Whilst Leos are often associated with the sun, a moonstone can be a helpful crystal for a Leo as it can balance out the strong emotions associated with the fire signs. 

Hiddenite is a variation of kunzite and is well-suited for those needing support through difficult challenges. It is also a stone to help the Leo let go of their pride and ask for that support when it is needed. 

13. Amber

Amber is a popular crystal for a range of different star signs, including the Leo! Amber is a stimulating stone that enhances intellect, creative self-expression, and also promotes positivity and self-confidence. 

The beautiful golden and yellow color of amber reflects its nature as a firestone, connecting well with the Leo, one of the most prominent fire signs. 

14. Rose Quartz

Another beautiful pink crystal, rose quartz is a well-known stone associated with love in all forms such as encouraging good relationships with family, friends, and partners. 

This is well suited for the Leo, as their relationships might sometimes become strained due to the confidence and arrogance of the sign, often leading to misunderstandings. 

As well as that, the rose quartz can also encourage openness of the heart, leading to the building and maintaining of healthy relationships whilst encouraging empathy and giving Leos the chance to handle constructive criticism more effectively. 

15 Powerful Crystals for Leos

15. Larimar

Last but not least, the Larimar is a beautiful blue stone that promotes calmness and the release of negative emotions. 

Leos are known for being hotheaded, which can lead to agitation and pent-up energy. A stone that encourages embracing a calming aura and releasing those kinds of negative emotions is a must for Leos who deal with frustration and anger frequently. 

Larimar’s calming nature also makes it well suited to those Leos who are prone to jealousy and competitive attitudes, as it helps to clear the mind and allows you to deal with these kinds of issues in a level-headed and compassionate manner. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have fifteen of the most powerful crystals that a Leo can use for a wide range of reasons, whether they are looking to gain some courage, become more successful, find some creative inspiration, and more.

No matter what it is that you are looking for – whether you are a Leo yourself or know a Leo who could benefit from crystals- then you are sure to find something that suits your needs with this comprehensive crystal list!

Andrea Daehma