15 Powerful Crystals For Psychic Abilities

Improving your psychic abilities can be tough, especially if you’ve only just started to do it. Psychic abilities and spiritual intuition take years of practice and dedication, but there are tools that can help you along the way. 

15 Powerful Crystals For Psychic Abilities

One of the best types of tools that can help aid you with your psychic abilities is actually crystals.

The right crystals can help to balance your energies and amplify your higher consciousness, which in turn can help to tune you into your psychic abilities. 

Using crystals in tandem with psychic abilities isn’t a new practice either. This method has been used for centuries and many people all over the world swear by the powers that crystals hold. 

We will be taking a look at 15 powerful crystals that will help you improve your psychic abilities. 

15 Powerful Crystals For Psychic Abilities

Whether you are looking to balance your energies, enhance your intuition, encourage your guides to communicate with you, or whatever else, there are plenty of powerful crystals out there that are absolutely perfect for your psychic abilities. 

Each of these stones will enhance your psychic abilities overall, but some of them will also help with other aspects of your higher consciousness too.

You will be incredibly grateful (see also, ‘12 Crystals for Gratitude‘) for the power each of these crystals possesses, and you will definitely want to use them for yourself! 

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a universal stone that can be used for lots of different things. It is usually used as a stone of protection, but in the case of psychic abilities, it actually has a lot to offer. 

This stone works closely with the Third Eye Chakra and will encourage it to open more easily. This can drastically improve your psychic abilities and it especially helps with intuition. 

Amethyst also promotes peace and calming energies, which will help you tune in to your psychic abilities much easier.  

2. Selenite

Selenite is a stunning white crystal that usually comes in its tower form (see also, ‘What Are Crystal Towers Used For?‘), and it is a crystal that promotes openness and clarity.

It aids in meditation and higher realms of consciousness, making it ideal for use when you want to enhance your psychic abilities. 

Just like amethyst, selenite works closely with your Third Eye Chakra and helps to open it up. It can even help you lucid dream (Also check out Best Crystals For Lucid Dreaming) a lot easier, which is great if you want to use your psychic abilities in the world of dreams. 

3. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a crystal that is known for its protective and grounding energies. It can aid you greatly in improving your psychic abilities because it can keep you grounded and help you differentiate between reality and fiction. 

Its protective energies will also help to keep you safe from any psychic attacks or negative energies that might try and invade your energy and aura, which is essential to have if you are doing a lot of psychic work. 

4. Clear Quartz 

Clear quartz is another universal stone that can be used for many different things. Clear quartz is especially useful for manifesting your dreams into reality and it balances all your energies so you can think stronger and clearer. 

This is a great stone to use for your psychic abilities. It will keep you grounded and protected and will help you trust in your intuition a lot easier.

Clear quartz is also one of the easier crystals to get on this list because it is incredibly common around the world.  

5. Celestite 

This stone works especially well with the Crown Chakra and helps to open it up as well as your intuition. It is a stone that promotes peace and grounding and will keep you calm whenever you have it in your possession. 

Celestite is also great because it will help you unearth any psychic abilities you already posses that you may not have known were there.

Keeping this stone near will encourage these gifts to come up to the surface and your psychic abilities will improve dramatically. 

6. Pyrite

Pyrite is a silver crystal that is usually associated with protection, prosperity, and wealth. However, it is also good to use for psychic abilities because it works closely with your Solar Plexus Chakra, which helps improve your intuition and personal power. 

It is powerful in the way it distributes the energies of your intuition, which in turn will enhance your psychic abilities.

It’s important to take note of how it will help you with your personal power as well, because the stronger that power is, the better your psychic abilities will be. 

7. Hematite

Hematite is a powerful black crystal that promotes protection, stability, and grounding. It’s a wonderful stone to use during meditation, because it will keep you focused and in the present moment. 

Meditation is a powerful tool to utilize when it comes to psychic abilities because it improves your intuition and ability to tap into higher realms of consciousness.

Having hematite close to yourself and your energy will help your psychic abilities improve.

8. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a beautiful red and green crystal that is closely associated with the Heart Chakra (see also, ‘What is Obsidian Associated With? Gods, Chakras, and More.’). It promotes healing and vitality within your own mind, body, and spirit, and it will release any blocks you may have in your Heart Chakra. 

When your Heart Chakra is reopened, you will be able to tap into your intuition and psychic abilities much easier, and your psychic abilities will naturally improve with that.

9. Malachite

Malachite is a fantastic crystal that is extremely powerful and will help greatly with your psychic abilities.

It works especially well to promote change and growth, which in turn, will help you to break old habits and your psychic abilities will improve. 

Malachite works incredibly well with the Heart Charka, opening it up and making you more susceptible to psychic energies.

This is a great stone to use if you want to connect with your spirit guides, who can greatly improve your psychic abilities too. 

10. Citrine

Citrine is another crystal that is heavily associated with psychic abilities and intuition. It will help to open your Sacral Chakra and it will make tuning into your psychic abilities much easier. 

It is a stone that promotes joy and happiness, which will put you into a positive mindset when you are trying to access your psychic abilities and intuition.

This is a great stone to have on hand when you are trying to improve your psychic abilities. 

11. Blue Lace Agate

This crystal is great for improving psychic abilities because it helps to improve your concentration and understanding. This concentration and understanding will help your psychic abilities improve faster. 

Blue Laced Agate will also help to open your Throat Chakra and help you in all aspects of your spiritual practice. This is a very powerful metaphysical stone to have close to you at all times! 

12. Fluorite

Fluorite is a beautiful, clear crystal that is known for its psychic traits, as well as its ability to help the user stay calm and focused.

Regardless of how you tap into your psychic abilities, fluorite is sure to keep you on task and help you tap into them more efficiently and effectively. 

Fluorite works directly with the Third Eye Chakra and influences it to open up. It will also get rid of any blockages it may have, making your psychic abilities easier to access. 

13. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that is heavily associated with the Throat Chakra and it will help you communicate your ideas and goals a lot more effectively.

This effective communication has a direct effect on your intuition as well because it will help you communicate that intuition properly. 

When you know how to communicate your intuition with your mind, body, and spirit, you will have better and more powerful access to your psychic abilities. 

This is a very powerful stone to keep close to you, especially when you are doing psychic or spiritual work. 

14. Sodalite

Sodalite is a beautiful blue crystal that helps you to connect to and open your Third Eye Chakra. It helps you to listen to your inner voice and trust in your spirit guides. 

It will help you strengthen your intuition and trust in your psychic abilities, so they will become more powerful and in turn, you will be able to access them a lot easier than you could before. 

15. Emerald

Emerald is a green stone that promotes love and compassion. It helps to encourage your own self-love and will aid in opening your Heart Chakra.

It will also remove any blockages your Heart Chakra may have, which in turn will strengthen your intuition and self-worth. 

When your intuition and self-worth are in a more positive place, access to your psychic gifts is easier to obtain. 


If you are looking for crystals that will help strengthen your psychic abilities and intuition, then the stones we have listed here will definitely help.

Try working with some of these stones today, and see which ones work best for your psychic work!

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