14 Powerful Crystals For Strength

There are many times throughout our lives where we will feel shaken and disconnected to our inner strength.

While you can give yourself the time to digest the feelings and allow yourself to recharge, there is nothing wrong with having a helping hand. 

14 Powerful Crystals For Strength

Crystals are known for their abilities to connect us to our inner-strength and allow us to draw from their energy to support ourselves.

They can help to enhance our power and aid in our emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. 

We have put together this list of 14 powerful crystals that are effective in giving us strength when we need a helping hand. 

Check them out below! 

1. Serpentine 

Serpentine is a crystal with strong spiritual properties that attracts good energy while repelling bad. It can awaken kundalini energy and facilitate chakra opening.

Serpentine has a calming effect on the emotions, allowing you to get rid of any uncertainty about change and sadness so that you can look forward to tomorrow with vigor and joy.

It reminds you of how long the ecosystem has existed compared to how recently humans have been settling on our planet.

Serpentine allows you to build your own self confidence and the ability to rely and depend on yourself. 

2. Leopardskin Jasper 

Because it gives us energizing energy and serves as a catalyst for personal development, leopardskin jasper is excellent for building inner strength. It gives us power and steadiness in chaotic or stressful situations.

Leopardskin jasper, also known as jaguar stone or leopard stone, is a stunning stone with a variety of colors and unusual spotted patterns.

In actuality, the term “jasper” comes from the Greek word “iaspi,” which means “spotted stone.” This is only one of many intriguing jaspers that can be found all over the world.

This stone helps us make decisions from a place of balance and peace. 

3. Carnelian 

The Ancient Egyptians, who were awestruck by the array of blazing hues simmering in shades of burnt orange and pastel pink, gave the Carnelian Sunset Stone its name.

Carnelian infuses the body with life and light, utilizing the powers of physical energy, like other fire stones do. The main goals are to energize the muscles, promote free oxygen flow, and maintain optimal tissue and organ function.

Even if you don’t want to pursue fertility, this stone can be a wonderful aid in boosting your libido and enabling you to fully embrace the fire of your own sexual identity and power.

4. Citrine

Throughout history the Stone of Summer has been held in high regard amongst important figures. From Lords to Hollywood stars, the gem is extremely beautiful and was often used as jewelry or as a decorative gem (see also ’13 Decorative Crystals‘). 

This sunny stone has an immediate impact on the health and wealth of your body, mind, and soul and is always prepared to bring positivity and grace to the table.

Citrine is a stone that will help you get up by your bootstraps without knocking you off balance, despite the fact that she gives you vitality.

Citrine promotes healthy thyroid function, a sound digestive system, improved blood circulation, and the suppression of allergies and other skin irritations of all kinds. 

5. Bloodstone 

The bloodstone is one of the most sought after stones. Used throughout history on both the battlefield and in the hospital, this stone has shown incredible healing abilities for both the physical and metaphysical realm. 

This iron-rich stone will make sure that you reestablish your connection to the world outside your window and can once more invest trust and patience into a higher cause.

It is a supercharger when it comes to developing emotional resilience.

This stone is perfect if you are looking to build a new habit and stick to it without fear. 

6. Opalite 

Opalite concentrates on opening up your third eye chakra and is beneficial for holistic healing. Because of this, the stone is associated with awareness, perception, and spiritual connection.

All of which can aid in building your strength and confidence throughout all aspects of life. 

Opalite is reputed to be effective in treating a variety of physical conditions, including breathing problems, nightmares, sleeplessness, and arrhythmia.

7. Garnet 

This stone is renowned for its capacity to boost power and vigor. Garnet is a fantastic choice for people who wish to feel more energized and motivated because it also helps to increase passion and vigor.

The gem can assist you in practicing manifestation and is effective at drawing good things into your life. The garnet stone can help you bring about a change in your life if you’re looking to do so.

The stone works to harness self-love and strength. Allowing you to live a happy, balanced life that is fulfilling. As you practice self-love this stone will enhance your energy to ensure you are ready for life’s most grueling situations. 

8. Aventurine 

It’s all about making room for abundance to flow with this stone of luck . When it comes to delivering mild strength and widening your heart, aventurine doesn’t miss a beat.

When we let go of our old, harmful thought patterns and adopt fresh, constructive perspectives, we can grow stronger.

Aventurine is the crystal worth having when you feel like you need something to draw strength and hope from.

Sometimes all it takes to get us to draw on our inner resources and stop getting caught up in the little things is the understanding that everything changes and passes away.

9. Red Jasper 

One of this stone’s many appealing properties is its ability to increase physical vitality and strength.

Red jasper is a superb alternative for folks who need to maintain their mental faculties as well because of its capacity to enhance mental clarity and attentiveness.

It increases the potency of tantra, fosters sexual interest and compatibility with your partner, and stimulates individual thought, fostering bold creativity, a ferocious passion, and a positive outlook on sex.

10. Blue Lace Agate 

Carriers of blue agate crystal receive “emotional facelifts.” The stone is used to promote mental strength and healing in order to maintain physical health.

Due to its connection to the heart chakra, this crystal can assist us all in expanding our capacity for unconditional love.

The phrase “ultimate penicillin for alleviating the agony and uncertainty that comes with the human condition” is used to describe this.

Carrying the blue lace agate stone can aid in finding inner peace and inner strength within oneself. 

11. Labradorite 

This stone is highly valued in addition to the fact that it can increase one’s spiritual power and strength. If you wish to increase your intuition and enhance your psychic talents, labradorite is a great choice.

Labradorite or the Stone of Courage is one that you want in your life in times of confusion and frustration. It can help to calm a stormy mind that is overrun with thoughts and emotions.

Alternatively it can also help rejuvenate and spark a fire in your imagination. 

Labradorite is perfect for those wanting to calm their thoughts while giving a boost to their artistic energy. 

12. Sodalite 

This stone is well recognized for enhancing one’s mental fortitude and power. For those who need to preserve their mental acuity, sodalite is a great option because of its capacity to enhance mental clarity and attention.

Sodalite encourages you to claim that self-trust can be improved by having greater emotional intelligence, clarity, and confidence.

Unsure if you are making the right decision? Sodalit offers a supportive hand to make sure you are doing what is best for you. 

It is also extremely effective when boosting communication. Connected to the throat chakra, if you need to say something rather nerve-wracking, this stone will give you the confidence boost you need. 

13. Peridot

The name of this lovely gem comes from the French word for gold, péridot. It is also asserted that its name derives from the Arabic word for gem, faridat.

Due to its stimulation of the liver and metabolism, the stone has detoxifying capabilities. It can speed up healing time, treat skin issues, and enhance liver and gallbladder function.

It has incredible abilities to support physician health, while also strengthening relationships. As the stone for the 16th wedding anniversary, it promotes strong, healthy love for many years. 

14. Amber

Amber holds the weight and wisdom of millions of years, straddling the line between a valuable gem and wise old tree.

This gem is all about bringing peace and healing into your life, whether it’s used to calm teething babies’ cries or to assist recovering people-pleasers in setting loving, healthy boundaries.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are finding the strength to move on from a hurtful period in your life or simply want to find the strength to have your voice heard, crystals are there for you to lean on. 

Often, finding the words to talk to a loved one about our issues can be too much. Crystals allow you to draw from their energy and find the strength to become the best version of yourself. 

We have 14 powerful crystals that you can draw from to build your inner strength. 

Andrea Daehma