13 Powerful Crystals For Success

Success can mean different things to many people, so when looking for ways to be successful with relationships, family, money, or career, you may assume that this approach varies, but it doesn’t have to be.

13 Powerful Crystals For Success

With the use of crystals, alongside meditation and manifesting, you can bring your true desires to the front of your mind and begin working on them with a clarity that can be hard to find and maintain. 

For the best crystals to start your journey toward success and happiness, find the best gemstones to help you during this process below. 

1) Moonstone 

A murky stone that has some nice deep streaks in them, you can find that they give you a new breath of fresh air, which is good for happiness, hope, new beginnings, abundance, nurturing, and mothering, so it is ideal if there are any major changes in your life. 

You can find inner growth and strength, so if you are taking on more stress and are looking for ways to alter energies so this can subside, this stone can bring and nurture good fortune in case you thought your success was dwindling at this juncture. 

2) Malachite 

You have a hypnotic green stone with dark stripes that is sure to find the transformation you are looking for as it allows you to reach into your inner aura and concentrate on healing, and you’ll find this maintenance helps you to grow in strength.  

It also has a lot of feminine energy, so it focuses on helping the body flow easier, so you can improve on your resistance to change, which many of us have to deal with. You can ensure that you do this healthily and practically. 

3) Blue Lace Agate 

This pale blue stone has a stimulating and soothing effect, giving more power to repressed emotions. It allows you to express your innermost desires without the fear of judgment or doubt, which is essential when you begin your journey of manifesting. 

If you find you have too many conflicting thoughts that get in the way of achieving self-confidence or wisdom, the mere presence of this stone helps you understand yourself better so you can be on your way to success. 

4) Emeralds 

For a bright and dazzling stone that can also help with success in relationships, this one can help you find balance in your home life as it promotes unity and friendship and sustains partnerships, where it can heal your emotions and your physical heart. 

As it stimulates and unblocks the heart chakra, you can become more considerate, peaceful, and tolerant of sudden changes to your aura, so you can identify any negative influences and find ways to limit or remove them altogether. 

5) Amazonite 

Also known as the hope stone, this has a blue-gree hue that can put positive energy into any environment and uses strength and intention to focus on areas of your body (whether mind or body) that require the most cleansing and improvement.

It can also help to help those who want to live deeper, so being more with nature and the individual elements that make up the psyche, you can be proud in your authentic light and manifest universal values that are a signifier of success. 

6) Labradorite 

The world can be an anxious place to live in, which can put your aura out of balance, compounding and making your fears and doubts more prevalent. So to break this cycle, the presence of labradorite has a lot of mystical energy.

It does this by giving you clear thought patterns, so you can avoid foggy thinking and be concise about what it is you want to manifest and improve, which can go a long way to stabilize mood, ignite the imagination, and is suitable for the respiratory system. 

7) Green Jade 

You can find pale green, white, or yellow jades that, when used with clear quartz, can stabilize your personality even more if you find the aspects that you think are damaging to any areas of success you are looking for.

Suppose you want to flush out any bodily or mental negativity. In that case, you can learn self-sufficiency which can help you feel less irritable and release emotions in a healthy way that doesn’t go against your goals as you get a deeper understanding of how to achieve them.

13 Powerful Crystals For Success

8) Amber

The amber is a good balancer stone as it can purify not only your body and mind but also cleanse your environment, and you’ll find that your thinking becomes more balanced and can draw pain away from your center, as you can learn patience through this process.

If you mix this with amethyst, you have two stones that are working to continue to cleanse your space, and you can find that meditations are much more specific to the areas where you feel are restricted or where you feel the most frustration. 

9) Topaz

This stone focuses on attraction, as when you do affirmations or manifestations, you can feel more relaxed about them and find them easier to stick to, as all spiritual development can be sped up, so you can be more honest with yourself and find more effective results.  

If you have affirmations that look at a specific goal, this presence gives your thoughts a better flow and can lead you back on track if you lose your way or your energy becomes stuck, as it can happen for several reasons, and some of these aren’t easily found. 

10) Azurite 

During your journey, there will be times when you lose that connection between body and mind, so when this happens, it can feel like everything gets out of balance, so the stone of heaven enhances these skills and makes it easier for you to meditate. 

It helps with all chakras, but more specifically, it can help with the third eye chakra, which is the link that gives you initiation and ensures you make better decisions in life, so you can be more confident in life with any pursuits you undertake, physically and mentally.  

11) Danburite 

You might confuse these with quartz, as they display similar shades or clearness, but these tend to be rarer, and you can find them in jewelry as a replacement for diamonds, but that doesn’t take away the powerful effects that they can have on the mind, heart, and spirit. 

We assume that deep spiritual enlightenment can take a lot of concentration and honing into your psyche. Still, this stone makes this process a bit easier as those times when you can’t afford to have any negative influences can be easily managed. 

12) Angelite 

The Angelite is a little different from the others as it has a specific way of helping you seek guidance through the form of the angel realm, so you can call upon these to receive advice that calls to intuition and power dreams to help you find your way again.

Not only can it help spiritually, but it can help with physical ailments that are connected to circulation, the heart, and fatigue, so you can be swept by a feeling of surrender, which can help you get back into a positive energy flow. 

13) Ruby 

If you find yourself stuck in a rut of thinking and want a better connection to the outside world and the inner mind, this popular stone comes with a rare and powerful presence that can boost your energy levels and make you more aware of your life force. 

You will also experience good fortune, which applies to all aspects of your soul, body, and mind, as it can strengthen these so you can be more resilient to any negative changes that can happen suddenly in your environment so that you can face them head-on. 

How To Use Crystals To Be More Successful 

Even though these stones can have some powerful effects on your space and mind, it requires some consistency in how you use them, so if you find carrying one or meditating with one doesn’t work, stick with it and perhaps change how you use the stone. 

Make sure that when placing them in your house, you use them in areas such as hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, and even offices, where it is more likely that negative thoughts and patterns can emerge and help you feel refreshed. 

Closing Thoughts 

As with any technique you use, these on their own can lead you some way towards enlightenment of your soul and mind, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have some strength to draw from crystals, which can often have some far-reaching and powerful effects.

These, in turn, can give you the insights you need in order to make better decisions that you are confident can help you in any area of success, and just like any journey, this can take time to realize.

Andrea Daehma