7 Powerful Fertility Crystals

For thousands of years, crystals have been used to aid in physical, mental, and spiritual health. We can see the use of crystals in cultures all around the world.

7 Powerful Fertility Crystals

They are especially powerful when it comes to fertility. While this may seem like a personal issue, it has been discovered that thousands of couples have trouble conceiving. Many have turned to the energy of crystals to help them bring life into the world.

In this article we discuss 7 powerful crystals that are focused on promoting pregnancy and fertility (see also, ‘23 Best Crystals for Pregnancy‘). We also discuss how to use them in the most effective way to get you on your way to becoming an amazing parent!

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1. Fluorite


Fluorite is the ideal crystal ally for anyone going through existential or spiritual fatigue because of its reputation for transforming negative energy into good energy.

This crystal can elevate your frequency and improve your natural aura just by being near it.

Fluorite is frequently used as an antiviral stone to remove poisons and dangerous infections from the body. Additionally, it can be strategically positioned throughout the house for a potent Feng Shui harmonic effect.

This makes it especially powerful when it comes to fertility as the womb is cleansed of negative energy and is prepared to welcome new life.

Fluorite also has the ability to help balance hormonal imbalances such as irregular cycles, PMS, and PCOS. All of which can have significant impacts on the body when trying to convenience.

Having fluorite in your life will help balance the body’s reproductive organs and provide a balance to emotions.

The most effect ways to use fluorite are:

  • Wear it as jewelry. Earrings, necklace, or bracelet, a fluorite pendant with continually cleanse and heal your energy throughout the day.
  • Place in the room. Keep a fluorite crystal by your bed or on your desk to constantly clear your energy and spread gratitude (see also, ‘12 Crystals for Gratitude‘) and love throughout the house.
  • Meditate. Meditating (see also ‘How To Meditate With Crystals‘) with fluorite will allow you to absorb the crystals energy while being mindful of your own energy.

2. Moonstone

This crystal is recognized for its intuitive healing abilities and is claimed to help balance hormones naturally because it is infused with feminine energy.

When you utilize this stone, it is thought to bring you balance and love, and it is associated with fresh starts.

The therapeutic properties of moonstone, which are linked to the moon, are used to restore equilibrium to your life and serve as a reminder that things happen in cycles. It is frequently recommended as a potent technique to reduce PMS symptoms.

In order to get the full effect that moonstone has to offer, place it in a room where you require feminine energy and emotional balance the most.

Next to your bed and within your bedroom will allow you to soak in the healing powers of this stone best.

3. Aquamarine

Given that 70% of the human body is water, it may not be surprising that this ocean-bright stone was created to be in our hands.

Infusing us with the essence of life, washing away any remaining poison, and keeping us feeling spotless and always prepared to let the current carry us where we need to go are all benefits of aquamarine.

Often, when trying to conceive, the body can hold onto feelings of frustration and inadequacy. Aquamarine can enhance your natural confidence, cleanse the body of negative feelings and bring balance to the mind and hormones.

Mothers’ and children’s energy is shielded by aquamarine. It offers excellent pregnancy protection and helps prevent miscarriages.

One of the best healing stones for fertility is aquamarine because of its well-known calming energy.

Placing aquamarine throughout the home can cleanse the space and allow for a peaceful flow of energy.

It can also be applied to the eyes for those days when you feel like you need a fast boost of energy. For those who feel they could use a little extra assistance at work.

4. Clear Quartz

clear quartz

From Arkansas to Brazil and the vanilla-cracked shores of Madagascar, clear quartz is a common mineral that can be found throughout the world.

This silicon dioxide-rich stone is prized for its capacity to absorb, store, and control the release of energy, which is just what you need to restore your sense of equilibrium.

It’s a remarkable amplifying stone, so whatever you put into it will come out ten times stronger. The sharpness of its various faces can sharpen concentration, jog memory, and restore equilibrium throughout your entire body.

If seeking a sense of harmony and calmness within a certain space, placing clear quartz around the room will help neutralize the energy and uplift the air. Perfect for conceiving.

The maximum amount of energy can be absorbed by pressing a Clear Quartz Bracelet or any other type of jewelry close to the skin, ensuring that the flow is going exactly where it needs to go without any obstructions.

5. Amethyst

The third eye and crown chakras are related to naturally occurring amethyst stones. Amethyst’s purple to reddish-purple colors have long been used as a sign of tranquility, cleaning, and calming energy.

The crystals stand for spiritual and divine connection as well as purification. Amethyst is associated with elegance, peace, understanding, and trust. This gem has spiritual undertones according to many cultures.

Amethyst works to keep the body and mind sober, allowing you to make educated decisions without the clouding of emotions.

By increasing intuition, this purple diamond is also said to have fantastic, beneficial impacts on creativity and imaginative abilities. It enables those who possess it to embrace new concepts and act on their ideas.

Wearing amethyst as jewelry is the best way to get the full effect as amethyst’s potency is amplified when it comes into contact with bare skin, so people who pick it can always expect to receive the most out of their investment in self-care.

6. Unakite

According to legend, unakite is a stone of vision that activates the third eye and can be used for scrying. It is also thought to be a stone of harmony, bringing emotions and spirituality together while grounding the self.

Unakite is connected to the heart chakra for its capacity to balance emotions and the third eye chakra for its role in seeing and scrying.

Although it is not a birthstone today, March has traditionally been associated with it. It is also thought to give Capricorn and Scorpio patience and balance.

Unakite is utilized by those who employ crystal therapy to aid in recovery from disease. Additionally, it is thought to have an impact on healthy pregnancy, skin and hair growth, and the reproductive system.

Your home will be filled with tranquil, anchored qualities when you have an unakite gemstone there. It will also bring natural elements into your space.

Another way to engage with the connotations of unakite is to carry a diamond in your handbag or sleeve.

When you require the gem’s calming influence to help you connect with the power of the present, keep it close to your body.

7. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The heart chakra and the throat chakra are both closely related to the rose quartz stone. However, it’s not a stone that just rests in love.

Rose quartz gently addresses all forms of love, from strengthening relationships with partners and friends to bringing sweeter undertones of self-care into your own world.

Mothers have traditionally used the strong power of rose quartz to help them through their pregnancies.

Rose quartz is thought to have a strong feminine energy that helps protect the mother and unborn child from issues during pregnancy.

In order to avoid attracting romantic ideas of love, it is frequently advised to set the Rose Quartz on a specific shrine in your bedroom.

The crystal can be positioned outside the bedroom in the middle of the house, where it will transmit love and good vibes to everyone who enters.

Rose Quartz can also be worn as jewelry or incorporated into the beauty routine in order to soak in the powerful energy the stone has to offer.

If you wish to incorporate Rose Quartz into your beauty regimen, place a polished crystal in a bowl or jar along with some fresh spring water and rose petals.

For the water to absorb the power of the Rose Quartz, let the jar out in the sun for a few hours. To mist your face in the morning and evening, strain the water and put it in a spritz bottle.

Final Thoughts

Trying for a baby is challenging on the mind, body and spirit. Whether you are only beginning your journey or are an expecting mother/father, the process can be grueling and often, draining.

Provide yourself with a sense of clarity and calm with a crystal focused on helping you welcome new life into your world.

Above of 7 of the best crystals for promoting fertility, cleansing your space and body, and will leave you feeling calm and ready for parenthood.

Keep them around your house or on your body to get the full effects!

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