17 Powerful Green Crystals

Take a step into nature, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the color green. This lush and calming color is associated with the natural world, but also with wealth and prosperity. It’s a color that helps you feel revitalized and renewed. 

Green crystals are abundant, and can help you achieve balance and harmony in your life. Read this guide to discover 17 of the most powerful green crystals and how their energies can support your growth. 

17 Powerful Green Crystals

17 Green Crystals For Healing, Guidance, And Prosperity

1. Emerald

The clear and bright green hue of the Emerald has made it among the most highly prized of crystals. Often used in jewelry, the Emerald is a variety of Beryl, and some particularly attractive stones can even out price diamonds (see also, ‘What is a Simulated Diamond?‘)! Emeralds are associated with love, truth, and eternity.

The Emerald has a powerful and enchanting aura, and symbolizes a pure and eternal love. This healing stone can brighten your energy, and support you during a time of rebirth.

2. Green Aventurine

A member of the Quartz family, the cool green Aventurine is an incredibly lucky stone. This is a stone to keep to hand when you’re looking for wealth, confidence, and prosperity.

Green Aventurine is able to lift you up, and bring you confidence when you might be feeling low. It’s a positive stone, wanting you to succeed, and helping you manifest your hopes and dreams. Keep Aventurine by your desk as you work, and it can power your ambitions. 

3. Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline has a subtle and earth-toned green shade, and a gentle, calming aura. This is a crystal with excellent healing properties, and the connection to the heart chakra makes it particularly suited for soothing a broken heart.

Also known as Verdilite, Green Tourmaline can give you a burst of healing energy. It’s a stone to turn to when you need help drawing yourself out of a low mood.

4. Green Jasper

Jasper can run from a light and calming green to a dark and earthy green, and it comes from the Quartz group. Green Jasper is known as a cleansing and healing stone, and can help you to release the toxins and bad energies from your body. 

Green Jasper is a popular crystal for jewelry (see also ‘How To Make Crystal Jewelry‘). Wearing Green Jasper can help you to move on from toxic feelings, encouraging personal and spiritual growth.

17 Powerful Green Crystals

5. Malachite

The bold green of Malachite echoes the power that this stone is imbued with! Powerful and transformational, Malachite can bring you luck, and help you clear out any toxic feelings. With Malachite supporting you, you can attract new and positive energies.

Malachite is also a healing stone, and it can bring you clarity. If you’re struggling to choose a path, then turn to Malachite to illuminate the right direction. And if you feel stuck in a rut, work with powerful Malachite to find your new way.

6. Peridot

Peridot has a sunny coloring, reminiscent of the first shoots poking through in Spring. This reflects the meaning of Peridot: it’s associated with wealth and good fortune. 

Peridot has a harmonious energy, and can help you center yourself in the world. A cheerful stone, it can attract good luck, and with it, prosperity! Working with Peridot can also bring you a peaceful and positive outlook on life (see also ‘Can Peridot Go In The Shower?‘).

Keep Peridot under your pillow, for restful sleep filled with creative dreams.

7. Green Calcite

Coming in a range of colors, Green Calcite can bring clarity and vision. This is also a deeply compassionate stone. If you’re struggling to forgive yourself or others, Green Calcite can help you to heal, and show you how to move forward. 

Green Calcite is a harmonious stone. It encourages you to fill your life with light and happiness. It’s hard to hold onto a grudge when you’re guided by Green Calcite (see also ‘The Meaning, Healing Properties, And Powers Of Green Calcite‘)!

8. Jade

Green Jade has a vibrant and rich coloring, and manifests similar energies. This is a stone heavily associated with abundance in all forms. Whether you’re after wealth, success, or gains in your personal life, Green Jade can help you manifest this achievement. 

For centuries, Green Jade has been used as a symbol of luck. The intense power of this crystal can bring blessings into your life, while providing protection against negativity.

9. Moldavite

Many green crystals have healing powers, but few are as powerful as Moldavite. Vibrating at an extremely high frequency, Moldavite is thought to have been formed in an asteroid impact!

Moldavite is highly transformational, and can be used to heal the body, mind, and soul. It also encourages you to face your most authentic self, and to foster your psychic connection. Moldavite is rich with power, so be careful when using it! It might take you by surprise.

10. Chrysoprase

If you’re looking for a crystal to help with a detox, look no further than Chrysoprase. A variety of Chalcedony, this gemstone is excellent at healing and balancing.

Detoxing with Chrysoprase can help you draw the negativities out of your life, and remove the toxins from both your body and soul. A positive crystal, it can then replace these negativities with optimism, and help you manifest success.

17 Powerful Green Crystals

11. Bloodstone

Bloodstone has a powerful appearance, with a dark green base spotted with flecks of red. This coloring is where the stone gets its name from: it looks like it’s coated in drops of blood. 

You can draw energy from Bloodstone when your own reserves are running low. Balancing the life force of nature with our own human life force, Bloodstone (see also ‘What Are Bloodstones?‘) can aid you when taking chances, and help you move towards a bolder path in life. 

12. Green Agate

Struggling to make a decision? Green Agate can balance the mind, and bring you a clarity of purpose. This charming gem has a calming coloring and a healing energy, and can help boost you up when you’re feeling low. 

For those overcoming illness, Green Agate offers healing. It also encourages you to grow spiritually, and to connect with your life energy. Offering a sense of balance, Green Agate can provide support during difficult times.

13. Amazonite

A green-blue stone from the Microcline mineral class, Amazonite helps you find your own truth. Amazonite resembles a sparkling green pool on a tropical vacation, and staring into its depths can bring a similar sense of calm and purpose.

If you’re feeling anxious, Amazonite can help you reach deeper, and discover your own confidence.

With Amazonite supporting you, you can manifest confidence and access truth. Amazonite is drawn to power, and draws power to it, so turn to this stone when you seek success.

14. Green Fluorite

We’ve all had those days when nothing seems to be working. You’re feeling listless, your focus is slipping, and you’re weighed down by negative energies. On these occasions, Green Fluorite can act as a cleanser.

Sparkling with a light green coloring, Green Fluorite represents renewal, and can help you draw and focus your energies.

Green Fluorite does hold onto the negative energies it draws from you. Make sure to cleanse your Green Fluorite crystals between use.

15. Serpentine

The surface of Serpentine is often flecked and blotchy, recalling the scaled effect of snake skin. And like a snake shed its skin, Serpentine is all about letting go of the past, and moving towards the future. 

None of us can stay static, we all need to change and evolve throughout our life. Serpentine supports this transformation.

16. Moss Agate

Take a close look at Moss Agate (see also ‘The Ultimate Guide To Moss Agate‘), and you might think there’s a tiny and magical forest trapped inside. This is an enchanting gem, with a deep connection to nature. 

Moss Agate has healing and refreshing properties. Its energy recalls a stroll through a forest on a spring morning, offering you a chance for restoration. It can help you move forward if you feel held back.

17 Powerful Green Crystals

17. Green Diopside

Sometimes known as Chrome Diopside, Green Diopside can help you feel grounded, and bring you closer to nature.

If you’re struggling to feel settled in the universe, Green Diopside can foster your spiritual connection with the earth. It also helps you feel more centered within yourself. 

Bringing harmony between the mind, the body, the soul, and mother nature, Green Diopside is an excellent crystal for when you’re feeling lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Green Crystals Symbolize?

Green crystals are associated with wealth, prosperity, healing, and nature. Wearing green crystals can attract positive energies and healing, helping you to clean out the toxins in your life. They’re also symbols of luck, and green crystals can help you manifest success (see also, ‘10 Crystals for Business Success‘).

What Chakra Are Green Crystals Linked To?

Green crystals have a deep resonance with the Heart Chakra, giving it powerful healing properties. Connecting with your Heart Chakra can help you find love, and help you give love.  

What Other Crystals Work With Green Crystals?

Color plays an important role in crystals, and green crystals have an affinity to other natural colors. Green stones (see also ‘Everything You Need To Know About Green Stones And Crystals‘) and brown stones are typically good combinations, as they amplify a connection to the energy of the earth.

Green crystals and sunny yellow crystals can also bring harmony (see also ‘6 Beautiful Yellow Green Crystals‘).

Final Thoughts

There are many beautiful green crystals available, to help you channel healing energies, attract good luck, and foster a deeper connection with the earth! We hope this guide has helped you discover the green crystal to guide your journey.

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