Rose Quartz: Affirmations, And How To Generate Love, Compassion And Positivity

Rose Quartz is a crystal that is natural in our environment and is believed by many to have healing properties for our emotional energies.

Rose Quartz: Affirmations, And How To Generate Love, Compassion And Positivity

There’s no modern mysticism here, but actually a historical practice of affirmations and crystal healing that predates Christianity itself, with most traditions around crystal healing dating back to the Assyrian period in 800 BC.

Today we will take a look at the historical use of this beautiful crystal, what it is used for, and how affirmations can be used to generate positive energy, helping us become more compassionate, loving, and positive beings.

The History Of The Rose Quartz

The Assyrians were generally crystal crazy, and started the tradition of wearing and using the stones for healing and generating energy.

Rose Quartz beads can date back even further than this period, from 7000 BC in the Mesopotamian regions recognized as Iraq and Afghanistan today.

Closer to our own era, the Assyrians were well documented of using Rose Quartz in jewelry, along with the Romans, as talismans.

The Egyptians believed the stone could prevent aging, while the Romans saw the Rose Quartz as a seal of ownership.

In the Middle Ages the stones became symbols of love, literally known as the love stone, and like modern users, the stone was used to heal anger and disappointment.

So there is a history to using the stone, records of its healing properties, combined with a ritual of healing through affirmations.

Properties And Origin Of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is found all over the world, demonstrating its significance within many separate cultures who often view the stone’s properties in similar ways.

From the mountains of Northern Japan, to  the vanilla fields of Madagascar and Brazil, or even in the American rocks of South Dakota – the Rose Quartz exists in all corners of the globe, showing the capacity for love is anywhere in this world, in all corners.

The name ‘Rose Quartz’ comes from the pink to red hue that occurs within the transparent crystal. Its geological name would be Hyaline Quartz which comes from the Greek word for glass, Hyalos. 

Like the calm after a storm, a sunset of amber cooled by the effervescent clouds creates a rosy hue in the stone that is truly one of nature’s beauties.

The rose hue can differ greatly per crystal, as the capacity for love and compassion can change person by person.

But the commonly pink hue of the stone represents its qualities well, not red with passion, nor clear with apathy, but the pink shows how love which can be overwhelming can be cooled with the emotions of compassion and understanding.

Moreover, the way this can change per rock shows how each relationship, platonic or otherwise, relies on this unique balance between passion and understanding, compassion and ego, and the binaires of love generally.

Rose Quartz And Astrology

Rose Quartz, like many gemstones, can be related greatly with astrological concerns and with the Zodiac. While it is the birthstone of Libra, it is also intrinsically linked to the star chart of Taurus.

Taureans are generally ruled by the planet of Venus, like the Greek god, Venus is the planet most aligned with love, beauty, hedonism, and pursuits of the heart.

In terms of Taureans, the stone does well to help balance this planet’s effects, helping passion become compassion, helping cool romantic ideas, while also helping the stubbornness that comes with being a Taurus.

Through the stone Tarueans can learn to go with the flow more, put less importance on their romantic ideas, and help generate a positive realism in situations rather than being caught up in hedonism or romance.

This can operate similarly for Libras who can suffer from a similar romanticism.

Rose Quartz can help you tune into the reality of love, but remain positive about it, casting aside the often fantastical romantic notions that both Librans and Taureans fall hard for.

Healing Properties Of Rose Quartz

Healing Properties Of Rose Quartz

Of course, when we address healing properties it is important to separate these into their various categories so that different people can navigate to the type of healing they need.

Mental Or Emotional Healing Properties

Rose Quartz is most related to the heart and throat chakra, and is great for healing trauma left by others words and in mental health.

Rose Quartz can heal damage caused by love through generating compassion and understanding and helping to control the more romantic notions that can often lead us to be hurt.

Equally, Rose Quartz can work in the opposite sense and actually help us find and generate love in our own hearts.

Whether that is by encouraging us to speak up, healing the throat chakra, and gaining confidence, or just to invite us to allow feelings of love to find us when we may have our guards up from previous relationships.

If you are fearful of love and its emotions, the ‘Heart Stone’ is great to help us open up again and heal the damage caused to become a better person and find our soulmate.

Physical Healing Properties

If we look to Venus and Aphrodite we can see that they are the holistic symbols of love in these religions, but they also carry many motherly qualities as well.

Throughout mysticism and ancient religions love and passion is also related to fertility and motherhood. With this said, Rose Quartz is often a gift for women who are pregnant, for all these reasons.

Not only does it generate the compassion, love, and understanding required to be a mother, but is thought to keep the mother and child safe, usually attributed to the feminine energy within the stone.

Equally, with new mothers, the stone can help generate an unbreakable bond between mother and child that is multi-faceted and stubborn in the face of trauma.

Considering that the Rose Quartz is also the Heart Stone may believe it to have healing effects on your heart and potentially to help with general heart health.

Some healers attribute cardiovascular health to the stone, as well as improving the circulatory system to subsequently have a strong heart.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Perhaps most clear with this crystal is how it can help us attune ourselves to certain metaphysical energies and vibrations that are important to generate healing and the qualities previously described.

Being the stone of love, it is commonly attributed to goddesses of history such as Aphrodite, Venus, Rati, Hathor, or however your culture interprets that energy.

As a result the stone is both ancestral from the fact that all these characters are mothers, Aphrodite being the child of Zeus for example, and the mother of Cupid. In fewer words, the Rose Quartz is a great stone to find an ancestral connection to this energy.

Moreover, these characters are both feminine and goddesses in their own right. So it goes without saying that the stone is a feminine one, and related greatly to the goddesses of the past.

With this in mind, the Rose Quartz is good for finding and calibrating with this feminine goddess energy.

Whether you want to generate this as a mother or a partner, perhaps if you lack self-love, or to attune yourself to this energy in search of your own goddess.

If your chakra feels blocked because of past experiences the Rose Quartz is one of the best when it comes to aligning this energy in the right places, thanks to this ancestral, feminine crystal.

How To Use Rose Quartz In Daily Life

Much of these descriptions can be a little esoteric and spiritual but there are many practical uses and applications of Rose Quartz in general everyday life that can help ground these ideas in your home or everyday rituals.



Of course, the most obvious way to get some Rose Quartz into your life is in your jewelry, a practice that predates Christianity.

If you want to gift this amazing stone into someone’s life, then this is arguably the best way to do it, especially for the gemstone skeptic.

You could even combine stones in one piece of jewelry to create a unique gemstone profile specific to that person.

Something like a worry stone might suit other people who aren’t so prone to jewelry. A worry stone is a small smooth gemstone that is great for fidgety people, who find comfort in holding something in their hands.

A Rose Quartz worry stone can help someone who is anxious about relationships and heal past trauma and encourage the properties of love that Rose Quartz will encourage.

Feng Shui And Interior Design

In Feng Shui, Rose Quartz is a popular stone to create an altar in your bedroom. The bedroom is arguably the most living space in the house and can help you attract the right kinds of love emotions in this space.

However, you can also do similar things in your living room or the center of your home, using the stone to generate love in the house itself.


You may be surprised to hear that you can use the stone in your beauty regime. This is another historical use of the crystal that dates back to the Egyptian Period.

Place the crystal in some spring water potentially with some rose petals and allow it to sit in the sun and charge up. You can use this water in your beauty regime to help generate these emotions.


Affirmations, in any context, can be very powerful mechanisms for generating any sort of energy.

Just like Buddhists use ‘mantras’ in their meditation, this can really help you solidify these emotions inside yourself and help you act with more direction and purpose. Here are some examples of the type of affirmations you could say out loud, or just think.

  1. ‘I am open to feeling love’
  2. ‘I am worthy of happiness and finding love’
  3. ‘I have the capacity to love, and be loved’
  4. ‘Love is a verb’
  5. ’Love doesn’t define me’
  6. ‘I love myself and this allows me to love others’
  7. ‘Love is not about control but being open’
  8. ‘I am grateful for those who love me’
  9. ‘The more I love, the more love I will find’
  10. ‘Love is not defined in physical relationships’
  11. ‘Love always wins’
  12. ‘I am a goddess, I am feminine’
  13. ‘I am not afraid to love or be loved’
  14. ‘Passion doesn’t drive me’
  15. ‘Loving is easy’

Final Thoughts

As you can see the Rose Quartz crystal is undoubtedly related to the emotions that surround love (see also ‘The 11 Best Benefits Of Sleeping With Rose Quartz Under Your Pillow‘).

Equally, it can heal previous trauma caused by relationships, promote confidence to be open to love, and help us generate living and positive energy in our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Recharge My Rose Quartz?

It is a great idea to charge Rose Quartz underneath the Moon (see also ‘Crystals To Combine With Rose Quartz‘).

Both Rose Quartz and the Moon have motherly energies, feminine energy, as well as yin energy. Leave your crystal in the light of the moon (see also, ‘15 Crystals for New Moon‘) when it feels strong.

How Can I Cleanse My Crystal?

Rose Quartz, like any other crystal, requires regular cleansing to get rid of negative energy, which is super important with a Rose Quartz crystal that generates positive energy.

You can do this once a month, or when you feel your crystal may have been interfered with negative energy. Simply soak the crystal in salt water.

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