The 10 Best Books About Crystals For Beginners

Crystal collecting and healing is an increasingly popular practice and hobby.

If you’re looking to begin your own journey with crystals or simply want to learn more about them, then books are a great source of information.

However, there are so many books about crystals that it can be difficult to know which books are the best, especially for beginners.

There are some great books available but there are also many that are full of incorrect information and can be misleading.

That’s why we’ve created this list of the 10 best books about crystals for beginners.

We’ve included all of our favorite books about crystals and have picked books that have different approaches to crystals.

Some are guides to crystals, others focus on rituals, and there are even some books that instead list the myths and legends.

Let’s get started.

The 10 Best Books About Crystals For Beginners

The 10 Best Books About Crystals For Beginners


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This is our first pick for a crystal book for beginners. As the title suggests, it is aimed firmly at the beginner market so you can be sure that it will explain everything that a beginner needs and doesn’t expect a degree of knowledge already.

It’s one of the most popular crustal books for beginners and we think that popularity is well deserved.

The book is well-written and laid out and the color images throughout are extremely helpful.

The book details all of the most important crystals and how to use them and we found this all to be very well-explained and helpful.

In all, there are 50 different detailed profiles of crystals and the book also recommends the ten best crystals every collection should have.

The book is packed with healing remedies for a variety of situations.

For example, you can learn how to overcome negative emotions by using crystals and the book explains how to use mantras, crystal grids, and crystal prescriptions.


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This guide to crystals and stones doesn’t just introduce them but also focuses heavily on how to use the crystals.

It’s a handy and practical guide to the various benefits that can be found in using crystals.

The author gives detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use crystals in various situations such as empowering your meditations, energizing your body, and directing your thoughts.

It will show you how to pick the right crystal for each purpose and how to empower it for your own personal use.

We love that this book shows you how to wear crystals to help you throughout the day as well as in more specific situations. 


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Included in this book are profiles of over 100 different crystals.

The book is very well organized as the crystals are organized by color, making it easy to find similar crystals as you look through the book.

Each crystal is photographed in detail and has very specific information listed on the page. You can learn about the appearance of each crystal, its healing properties, practical uses, and also the myths and legends that surround each stone. 

The book can also teach you how to grow and maintain your crystal collection.

We like this book for teaching about how to link crystals with our chakras and auras in order to benefit our health and happiness. It’s a great introduction for beginners to using crystals.


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The keyword in the title of this book is “modern” as this book takes a slightly different approach to some of the other books on the list.

This is mainly due to the author and her background as a holistic healer as the book talks about concepts such as creating Zen spaces around the home. These are often overlooked in more traditional crystal books.

The book will teach you about 50 of the most common crystals and how they can be used to help you.

You will learn about the properties of each crystal, their different variations, their uses, and which chakras they align and resonate with. 

Other topics covered include pairing crystals, how to look after them, and how to replenish their energy.

The style and layout of the book are beautiful and it is full of stunning photos that accompany the text.

Although the information is detailed and interesting, the book takes the format of a coffee table book and is easy to browse through.


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The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall is another very popular book for beginners but is also a book that can stay with you throughout your crystal journey.

It is the first book in The Crystal Bible series and is a comprehensive guide to over 150 different crystals.

Any crystal that you are likely to encounter during the early stages of your journey with crystals is sure to be in this book.

All the information you could ever wish to know about any crystal is laid out in the pages of this book.

Each entry has a beautifully detailed color photo of the crystal and this is accompanied by detailed information. 

You can learn about all of the effects of each crystal on the mental, psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical levels.

We recommend this book for beginners because every entry in the book is well-researched and easy to understand.

Whether you're looking for information on a new crystal or need to refresh your mind about one you’ve seen before, this book is an excellent resource. 


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This book takes a different approach to crystals and stones than many other books on this list.

It’s not the best guide for learning about crystals and how to use them in rituals, but if you want to learn the history, myth, and legend behind the crystals it is the best option on the list.

Many of the stories and histories included in this book are fascinating.

They talk about how crystals were used in ancient civilizations and from learning this history, you can learn more about why they are used in the manner they are today.

Everything is organized in chronological order so you can read through the book as a linear history of crystals. 

There are many beginners that won’t find this book to be too useful or interesting, however, we found this book to be fascinating and greatly enjoyed reading all of the stories.


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If you’re looking for a crystal book that focuses more on specific remedies than information about individual crystals, then this book is a great choice and resource.

The focus of the book is how to use different crystals for various types of healing and it includes over 200 different remedies that can help you.

The book covers problems such as anxiety, grief, worry, finding emotional balance, gaining inspiration, and finding love.

In all, there are over 90 different common states that the book has healing remedies for.

We like this book because it puts the focus on how crystals can be used.

By looking through the book and focusing on remedies and how crystals can be used, the book also teaches you about the crystals themselves.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to learn by practical experience instead of through a list of information, you may appreciate this approach more.


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With over 500 crystals listed in this book, this is one of the most comprehensive and complete guides available on the market.

Each included crystal is rendered in great detail and you will learn all you need to know about how to use each stone, as well as how to clean and care for them (for more information on how to care for your crystals, see here).

The book has plenty of information about how to use these crystals for personal empowerment, finding love, improving relationships, and helping your career.

Every description and piece of information is well-written and easy to understand, even for beginners. 

In many ways, this book is very similar to The Crystal Bible but covers many more crystals.

Although we prefer the information and layout in The Crystal Bible, the additional stones included make this worth a look as well.


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This encyclopedia of crystals and stones covers the properties of 95 different stones.

Each stone is explained in detail and you will learn about its history, physical properties, location, and the myths and legends surrounding each one.

The healing properties are also introduced for each stone in detail as well, of course. You can learn how to clean your crystals and use them in your healing meditations.

This book will teach you about the seven chakras, how to meditate with your stones and how crystal grids can be used as well. 

This book is a great entry point for beginners. It has beautiful color photographs and is well laid out, making it easy to read and understand.


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This book is a great introduction to how to use crystals in your healing rituals.

It includes 60 different rituals which can be used for everyday obstacles and problems in your life such as your relationships, career, home life, and how to increase your wealth.

As well as all of the rituals, you will also learn about 100 different crystals.

Each crystal is pictured and the book lists all of the practical information that you need to know about each crystal. It can teach you how to use each crystal to achieve your goals.

All of the information is laid out in an easy-to-understand manner and it presents everything in a practical way.

It is a great introduction to using crystals and stones in your everyday life and is well-suited for beginners in using crystals.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we introduced the 10 best books about crystals for beginners.

We picked a variety of books that cover several different topics so whether you’re looking for information about different crystals, their histories, or rituals you can use with the crystals, there is a book here for you.

We hope that whatever book you choose helps you on your crystal journey.

Andrea Daehma