The Best Crystals To Use During Fall

When it comes to what crystals you’re using throughout the year, you may want to switch up your crystals on the basis of what season it is.

The Best Crystals To Use During Fall

For example, the crystals that you use in summer might be specifically chosen to match the glorious sunny weather blue skies. On the other hand, when it comes to springtime you might instead select crystals that reflect ideas of freshness and new life.

But what happens when it gets to fall? This is a beautiful time of year, where the leaves fall from the trees and cover the sidewalks in a dreamy blend of orange and brown. It’s a time for wrapping up in scarves, carving pumpkins, and celebrating Halloween. 

You’re going to want to use specific crystals during this time, only picking stones that suit the season and its mood. 

And we’ve got a list of the perfect crystals to use! In our handy guide below, you’ll find a breakdown of the very best crystals to use during fall. With crystal, we’ve got a description of the stone and what makes it such a great match for this time of year. Read on!

The Best Crystals To Use During Fall

In the list below, we’re going to lookin detail  at each of a range of crystals that are perfect for use in the fall. Those stones are: 

  • Labradorite
  • Carnelian
  • Obsidian
  • Crystal Skulls
  • Petrified Wood
  • Citrine
  • Smoky Quartz


The first crystal on our list that’s perfect for using during the fall season is labradorite, which has a particularly amazing and colorful appearance (see also ‘20 Best Crystals To Use During Virgo Season‘). If you look at a piece of labradorite, you’ll see that it has a range of dreamy colors: soft oranges, light browns, misty purples, and sky blues. 

As you can imagine, these colors really match the feeling of fall. The browns and oranges look like the leaves that are scattered on the ground, the blue looks like the gorgeous skies, and the purple has the feel of a cool fall night time. 

As for its uses, people use labradorite for a variety of different reasons. One of these is to connect to a higher level of consciousness, which in turn allows them to access a greater level of creativity. This extra insight is perfect for people who want to take on creative projects, and fall is a really fun time for letting your creative spirit run wild. 

People also use the stone in order to stabilize their moods and reduce anxiety. Nobody wants to feel anxious at any time, especially during a breezy time like fall, so the stone can be a very useful tool.


Just one look at a Carnelian crystal will immediately tell you why this is a great stone to use during the fall. It has a particularly striking appearance, which is a brilliant and hazy mixture of dark reds, light reds, orange, and a slight brown. It gets these colors from iron oxide.

These colors are probably the pens we associate most with fall, thanks to the brown of tree trunks and the red and orange of old leaves that have fallen off those trees. 

It’s known as the “sunset stone”, which is pretty fitting for fall, because the days are getting shorter at this time!

As for its effects, the stone is used to boost people’s vitality and let their energy flow. As things are getting colder in fall, it can be easy to lose motivation from the chill. The Carnelian stone helps stimulate heat and warmth, giving you the determination to continue despite the cold.


Next on our list is Obsidian, which is a stone that’s a pure and shiny black. This might not be the color you associate with fall, but it makes sense – with the days getting shorter, the night and darkness comes sooner. 

Obsidian (see also, ‘How to Make Obsidian‘) is said to help get rid of negative energy, which is why it’s a good one to use during this time of year. With the shorter days, it can be easy to feel down during the fall, and Obsidian will help to remove those negative thoughts.

Crystal Skulls

This crystal is a little scarier than the others, because it’s in the shape of a skull. As a result, people will often associate these crystals with ideas of death, but this simply distracts from their true power and meaning: the skull symbolizes our brains and our wisdom.

As a result, this is a great crystal to use if you want to get in touch more with your mind and creativity during the fall.

Petrified Wood

This fascinating crystal is made over a very long period of time, because it’s essential wood that has become fossilized. As the decades go by, the typical cells of the wood are replaced with minerals. The result is this beautiful crystal that’s full of color: brown, blue, pink, orange, yellow, and more. 

Since it’s so connected to trees, you can guess that this crystal is all about being grounded to the earth and the past. This linking to the past helps us to learn from previous lives and mistakes, allowing us to better ourselves today. 


Citrine has a brilliant orange glow to it, looking almost like honey or wax. This immediately connects it to the fall season, because of the warmth of its mix of orange and yellow, which looks like fallen tree leaves. 

As for its uses, Citrine is used to help improve people’s determination, which is helpful during fall. On top of that, it promotes creativity.

Smoky Quartz

Last one on our list is Smoky Quartz, which comes in various colors, especially shades of brown. This smoky feel matches Halloween really well!

As for its effects, this is a crystal that is all to do with grounding and feeling more connected to the Earth. This is useful in fall, when the weather and surroundings are changing so much.

Final Thoughts

This list will help you find the perfect crystal for fall!

Andrea Daehma