The Best Healing Crystals For Dogs

Dogs, they really are man’s best friend. I don’t think you’ll ever really experience unconditional love in the same what that you do from these adorable four-legged friends.

It’s so important to remember that while dogs are just one aspect of many that we love in our lives, for them we are their whole entire world.

The Best Healing Crystals For Dogs

But it’s not just dogs that love us. We love them unconditionally too. They really become as much a part of our family as any other member does.

And when you experience the loss of your best friend, they leave a void within us that can never truly be filled. Even when we get new pets, they are never replaced, they are never forgotten, and the pain of losing a pet is excruciating. 

That is why in all scenarios, we want the absolute best for our wagging-tailed cuties. We want them to have happy and joyful lives, however long that may be. They bring us so much love and support how could we even think about not reciprocating those feelings for them? 

And that is why crystal healing should not just be limited to humans. There are many crystals that can be used to heal physical and emotional distress for our pups. So, in this article, I’m going to detail many of the best crystals to use to help our beloved dogs. 

Best Crystals For Dogs

Black Obsidian

Some dogs can really struggle with separation anxiety. They love us so much that they just want to be with us constantly, but that isn’t always possible. And I don’t know about you, but it causes me such guilt to leave them knowing how upset it makes them when I go. 

This is where black obsidian can come in handy. It has a really potent power that can really minimize those feelings of loneliness and anxiety. It has the ability to reduce the nervousness of your little pup and allows them to be much more comfortable when by themselves. 

And this isn’t all! It also boosts creativity in our doggos, so if you’re trying to teach your pup to learn some new fun and interesting tricks, you’ll want to have this stone nearby.

It enables them to pick them up so much quicker and also leads to a much higher intelligence level so that they can perceive and assess situations in a much calmer manner. 

Chevron Amethyst

Does your dog seem to bark constantly? Then the chevron amethyst might be a good option for you. While your dog barking can be pretty irritating at times, especially when you’re trying to settle down and chill out, it’s really important not to get too mad at them.

Barking dogs is often associated with naughty or disobedient behavior, but often this is actually not the case. 

The world is a pretty big and confusing place for our pets, and usually, excessive barking is a pretty good indicator that they’re feeling stressed or anxious. And this is where our crystal comes in. 

Chevron amethyst has a great calming effect on dogs and actually helps to reduce anxiety and panic attacks to ensure a chilled-out pup. It’s also a really good option for old boys and girls.

As they get older, they can start to get joint and muscle pain that is very uncomfortable for them, but this crystal will massively reduce this pain. And what better gift can you give your old friend, than a painless last few years that they can enjoy? 

Rose Quartz 

This stunning crystal is known as the stone of unconditional love, something our four-legged friends know well. The gem emits waves of contentment, happiness, and love. It is the perfect stone for dogs that haven’t always had the best lives. 

If your dog has a history of trauma or past abuse from a terrible owner, then you can use this stone to rid them of that pain and allow them to open up their hearts to you. It will expedite the trusting and bonding process between you and your dog.

It also has the ability to heal physical injuries at a much quicker rate too and reduces any muscle tension that your dog may be experiencing.

The Best Healing Crystals For Dogs

Clear Quartz 

This is known as the master healer of all of the crystals. It is renowned for its ability to amplify and strengthen the healing aura of other crystals too. 

If you use this crystal by itself, it will increase focus and communication, which may not be the most effective crystal for pups. However, it will also rid the body of dangerous toxins while also making the immune system stronger. 

To really get the best out of this crystal though, you’ll want to combine it with any of the other crystals that are mentioned throughout the article. This stone will essentially intensify and strengthen the desired effects of the supporting crystal. 


Some dogs can be really shy, and this can present in many different ways. If you notice that your dog is struggling to socialize or is constantly chewing away at your furniture due to being anxious then this is the crystal for you. 

Howlite strengthens confidence in your pup. It will make them braver and more determined and a lot less anxious too.

Not only this, but it also proves to be highly effective and beneficial for dogs that are struggling with soft-tissue-related health issues. It can even help increase calcium levels for dogs with skeletal issues too. 


Is your dog always bounding around or becoming slightly aggressive? Then you definitely need to invest in some sodalite. Anger in dog can stem from many different things, but a barking and biting dog more often than not is an anxious dog. 

But do not fear, for the sodalite stone will considerably reduce both barking and biting in dogs. The power within the crystal allows your dog to balance their emotions more effectively and can flood them with a calming and soothing sensation that tackles anxiety.

It also helps boost self-esteem as well as reduce insecurities in defensive doggies. If your dog struggles with inflammation, it also really successfully helps to battle this problem and heal them. 

Smoky Quartz 

If you want protection over your pets always, then smoky quartz will do the job. This stone primarily focuses on maintaining the positive energy within its environment rather than trying to produce it.

It’s a great option for multiple pet owners as it ensures a happy and safe environment that ensures that they all get on well together when you are not home.

It can also be a really effective crystal for poorly pets. It has the ability to ease pain, rejuvenate muscles, and heal ailments in regard to the reproductive and nervous systems. 

Tourmaline Quartz 

Much like the stone above, this crystal is known for its protection. It will purify any negative energy that dares near your personal space. This ensures that pups can not be affected by dark and negative energies that may attempt to attack them. 

Not only this but it also has multiple healing purposes. If your dog has a weak immune system, any aches or sores, or digestive tract ailments, it will work its healing magic and get your dog back to being happy and healthy once more. 

Final Thoughts

While people often turn to crystals to heal themselves (see also, ‘9 Bloodstone Healing Crystals’), they tend not to be as aware that they can also be used to help our four-legged friends. But just as we as humans can feel scared, anxious, and ill, so can your little pup. 

So, it’s important to ensure that you spread the love and healing power of these crystals with your pets to ensure that they too, can be the best that they can be.

These crystals can counteract many mental issues your doggie might face such as separation anxiety and general anxiety. They can also heal a variety of different physical ailments and get your pup back to a full bill of health. 

We really don’t deserve dogs. They are so loyal, so loving, and so pure. They really are man’s best friend. And time is a cruel mistress, we don’t get anywhere near the amount of time with them that we should. 10 to 15 years can feel like a lifetime, but you’ll be surprised how quickly that can pass by.

 Every minute with your dog is precious. Every second that you spend together should be cherished. And they make so many happy memories for us, and we want to return the favor right?

That’s why it is so important to use these crystals to eliminate any negative emotions so they can always be happy, and to allow their lives to be as pain-free as possible.

 Make the most of every moment, trust me, it’s time you’ll never get back.

Andrea Daehma