The Complete Guide To Serpentine – Its Meaning, Powers, And Healing Properties

Have you found yourself wondering what Serpentine is? Maybe you want to know more about its powers and healing properties?

The Complete Guide To Serpentine - Its Meaning, Powers, And Healing Properties

Or are you curious about the meaning of Serpentine? Whatever the question is that brought you here, we have the answers for you! 

Knowing what Serpentine is and does can be tricky, especially if you are new to the world of crystals! It can be challenging to remember all of the healing powers and properties and decide which crystal is best for you.

You head online for some help and guidance but are met with conflicting and contradicting advice that leaves you unsure where to turn or who to trust. You wonder if you will ever know what Serpentine does. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need! Keep reading for a complete guide to Serpentine! We will break down its meaning, powers, and healing properties so you can decide if it is the crystal for you! 

What Is Serpentine?

Before we start, let’s have a quick recap for those that need it. Serpentine is a deep green crystal. It is made from hydrated magnesium silicate which is similar to serpents or snakeskin. 

crystals from the Serpentine group are similar in their forms and attributes. They will often look like fine-grained stones, usually in a round or oblong shape (see also, ‘Does the Shape of the Crustal Matter?‘). 

Serpentine crystals are usually green with a light texture. There will sometimes be splatters or patterns that give it a snakeskin look. 

The gem polishes easily and has a slippery texture, something it is well known for among crystal collectors. They are wonderful crystals not only to use but to have on display.

Serpentine is a durable crystal too, able to survive a thermal energy transfer. It is even known for its use as a heat conductor! In its coarse form, Serpentine was used to make asbestos.

These days, it isn’t commonly used as asbestos has been linked to respiratory infections. 

Serpentine has also been used in architecture. The range of fresh green colors it displays is used to create a wonderful brightness and attractive design in architecture.

Serpentine has a hardness of between 3 and 6 on the Mohs scale and is more mixable than granite. We consider Serpentine to be more demanding than other stones too. It’s a high-maintenance stone no matter how you use it! 

Now that we have established what Sperentine is, let’s move on to take a closer look at the meaning and uses of Serpentine. 

What Does Serpentine Mean?

Serpentine’s name comes from the word snake. Not only does it share its appearance with snakes, but its name too! The green hue of Serpentine isn’t the only reason this crystal is called Serpentine though! The reasoning behind the name dates back to beliefs about the gem in Medieval times. 

Snakes have been widely viewed as messengers of evil in Western culture, dating back to the Bible (see also ‘What Does The Bible Say About Crystals?‘), when the snake tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.

But that doesn’t mean Serpentine is a bad stone! It is considered one of the oldest pillars of shielding you from dark magic, hateful behavior, bad omens, and identifying wicked people. 

Serpentine gems also form inner serenity, helping your strength bolster and remain, even during challenging times. It can also help to restore mentality and block negative energy from entering! 

Serpentine Origin 

Serpentine can be found worldwide, but typically we find it in New Zealand, Korea, Greece, and Canada. Any Serpentine you purchase will likely have originated from one of these countries. 

Serpentine Zodiac Sign And Birthstone 

Serpentine is considered to be the sign of intellect for anyone conceived under Virgo, the Virgin. It is also the birthstone for those born in November (see also ‘Birthstones For November Babies‘) . 

Serpentine Shapes And Forms 

Serpentine comes in a range of shapes and forms. Typically, we see it in jewelry, usually necklaces or bracelets. The crystal will be a round shape with specs of gold and dark green that add a dimension to the gem. 

As we mentioned earlier, Serpentine shines super easily. It has a wonderful finish too, you can expect a beautiful shine that you don’t often see on other crystals! There are some durability issues though, as it has a hardness of 3 to 6 on the Mohs system. 

This means that it is considered a soft gemstone. Typically, soft gemstones around the 3 mark on the scale are used for jewelry like necklaces or brooches.

It’s why you often see Serpentine used in jewelry. Level 6 on the scale does offer more hardiness but they are still considered far softer than gems like Pearls (see also ‘What Do Pearls Symbolize?‘). Take care when using your Serpentine to avoid causing any damage to the soft gem (for more information on how to care for your crystals, see here)! 

You will see Serpentine carved into different shapes too. As the gem is soft, it can be cut and molded easily into a range of shapes. It does need a glaze to hold the shape in place and ensure that it lasts without becoming damaged.

As Serpentine can be a conductor of heat energy, we have seen it used in many forms. It was commonly used for asbestos before the dangers of asbestos were realized.

This meant that during the 20th century, Serpentine was found in most buildings, from ovens to tiles, asbestos was used for them all! 

Since we uncovered the dangers, asbestos is being removed and replaced from these buildings, taking the Serpentine with it.

Now its most common form is the crystals used for healing. These are either worn as jewelry, carried, or displayed around homes. 

Serpentine Energy Color 

Green, the color of Serpentine is related to productivity, nature in the hue of life, maturity, peace, security, newness, rejuvenation, power, and strength.

Green is also linked to envy, covetousness, purpose, economics, investment, and business. 

The Complete Guide To Serpentine - Its Meaning, Powers, And Healing Properties

Caring For Serpentine 

Caring for Serpentine is vital, just like your need to care for other crystals. It is important that you purge Serpentine frequently to release the energy it has accumulated. Doing so isn’t as tricky as you might think! 

To start purging and cleansing your Serpentine, first was it with warm and soapy water. Rinse the crystal before drying it with a soft piece of cloth. 

Next, you will want to recharge your Serpentine. By giving them good energy, your crystal can perform better and deliver greater changes to your life!

To do this, you can radiate good energy from yourself, or you can leave them out overnight when there is a full moon.

Place them on clean grass and let the moonlight recharge your crystal! Come the morning, it will be renewed with the energy of a full moon and ready to serve you again. 

Programing Serpentine 

Programming your Serpentine helps it perform better. You can activate or devote your crystal to a set goal and it will gain power and work harder, helping you achieve the goal! 

To do this, you will need to cleanse your gem as we mentioned earlier. Once cleansed, consider what you want your Serpentine to focus on.

Is it a new career change, a deeper love for yourself, or an understanding of your spiritual path? Whatever it is, make sure it is something of importance and significance to you. 

Once you have decided, hold your Serpentine in your left hand. Picture and understand the goal or purpose you have set. To finish, say out loud, ‘this is the reason I devote myself to the gemstone.’ You can then put it down and let it get to work! 

Serpentine Healing Properties 

Let’s move on to look at the healing properties of Serpentine now! It has several unusual healing properties that are worth looking at (more on these later). Serpentine was previously thought negatively of, thanks to its connection to snakes. 

People thought the crystal was a jinx or bad omen. But they couldn’t be more wrong! It is one of the best stones in terms of therapeutic properties. Let’s take a look at its healing properties now. 

Emotional Healing 

Serpentine is a wonderful crystal to use for emotional healing. It helps you get to the root of anything bothering you, can help with relationship issues in terms of loyalty, and helps you to prepare your soul for new relationships. 

Its calming presence helps to clear any doubt and sadness from your mind, allowing you to start the next day with positivity. It can also help to shift your mindset, allowing you to think and feel more selflessly.

Instead of being wrapped up in your own small world or bubble, you can think outward and contribute more freely to society. Instead of chasing your own goals, Serpentine helps you widen them to help others achieve their goals too. 

Serpentine is also known for its ability to change your mood, especially when it comes to anxiety. It can help alleviate the thoughts and symptoms of anxiety, allowing you to be free of conflicting energy forces.

It also supports women that are facing extreme pressure to orgasm. The use of Serpentine here will help to heal you of the pressure you feel and have an enjoyable sex life. 


Serpentine also has the ability to heal your body. It helps to stabilize your metabolism and cleanse your body.

You can expect it to help cleanse you of bacteria and parasites, promoting magnesium and calcium intake instead. It can also help with conditions like diabetes and hypoglycemia. 

Serpentine will help improve your endurance and durability too and can alleviate your symptoms of anxiety. You will feel stronger and more powerful when you have Serpentine on your side!

The crystal is also great for easing muscle cramps and preventing any ailments to your abdomen and organs. 

Remember, if you are in any pain or worried about any of these conditions, seek help from your doctor.

It is important that we consult medicine and professionals for help with our health. You can explore natural remedies and crystals too, but for best results, you want to use the help of medicine too! 


Serpentine is a curative mental instrument used by therapists to relieve emotional tension. It also helps to ground you and allows you to keep your consciousness focused on assertive views.

The gem also helps clear unenthusiastic ideas from your mind, leaving space for genuine thoughts to enter! 

Serpentine also helps you become less susceptible to other people’s thoughts, ideas, or beliefs. No more will you be bogged down by their way of thinking, but free to hold your own thoughts and ideas.

In addition, you will become more assured of your own abilities and will need less reassurance from others. This is the gem of self-reliance, and self-reliance is what you will get! 

The crystal will provide you with security and encourage you to travel (see also, ‘12 Best Crystals for Traveling‘) to different places, interacting with people without any hesitation. You will also get more direction and feel more purposeful, even during tough times. 

Serpentine helps remove emotional burdens too. Place it on your neck and you can reflect on previous events and talk about them with others freely. 

The crystal also helps you with the direction of your course. You will not be worried about any shortcomings, instead you will have the confidence to move forward with purpose and a desire to achieve your goals. 


Serpentine helps to ground your spirit and allow you to think more peacefully. Your spirit will not feel as daring or as if it is darting around, instead it will sit in one space and contemplate.

Serpentine allows you to explore spirituality at a pace that works for you. It also helps with improvement therapy and retreat remedy.

You are encouraged to clear any awareness you already have as a bigger spiritual awakening is heading your way! Get ready for your viewpoint to shift. 

The gem also helps with meditation and your spiritual journey. It’s a great crystal to clear any clouds in your Chakras and will stimulate your Crown Chakra. It also prepares distinct paths to your inner force, activating your psychic senses.

These might be senses you didn’t realize you had before, get ready for an awakening! Serpentine also encourages you to follow a spiritual foundation of life instead of chasing materialistic items that only provide temporary satisfaction. 

Serpentine also helps you cultivate empathy for others. You will explore the world at a deeper level, uncovering the point of existence!

The connection Serpentine creates with you is strong and deep, you will realize more about yourself than before, along with a deep connection to nature and the environment.

With Serpentine in your life, now might be the time to delve into plants, especially if you haven’t kept them alive before. Serpentine can help improve your green finger abilities! 

The crystal can also help improve your concentration, especially during research and reflection.

Whether it is research for your studies or your spiritual development, you should find you can concentrate for longer and want to do the work too! Serpentine will also help bring spiritual harmony to your life. 

The Complete Guide To Serpentine - Its Meaning, Powers, And Healing Properties

How To Wear Serpentine 

The best way to wear Serpentine is as jewelry or in your clothing. We love it as a necklace, part of a bracelet, or even a ring. We have also seen Serpentine turned into a brooch that can be pinned to your clothing. 

You might choose to simply keep it on your person, which also works and can easily be held when needed. 

When you wear Serpentine, it produces a wave of pleasure and harmony that can bring you positivity and joy. 

How To Meditate With Serpentine 

Meditating with Serpentine is fairly easy and it helps to unite yourself with the spirit and the environment. The persuasive gem is often used by therapists and healers to help improve their knowledge and help the world underdog modern changes. 

To meditate with Serpentine, place it at the Base and Crown Chakras. Carry a Serpentine in each hand too.

If you have an assistant or facilitator available, have them take a Serpentine and rub it slowly along your backbone. Start at the base and work upwards for around 30 minutes or until you want to stop. 

Allow your mind to focus on your breath and the feeling of the gems while you meditate. If your mind wanders, let it, but return to the present.

Grounding techniques where you focus on the senses can also help to return you to your meditation here. 

Using Serpentine At Work And Home 

You can also use Serpentine at home or at work. You can leave it around your home on shelves or bedside tables to help spread its positive energy and allow you to focus on your priorities. 

It is also a wonderful crystal to take to work, especially if you work in an office. Serpentine will help to ward off negative perceptions that could lead you astray. The green tone of Serpentine is also associated with wealth and profession.

If you wear ornaments made with Serpentine (like jewelry), they can help you realize your aspirations and support your career.  Be sure to take some Serpentine to work with you! 

Serpentine Crystal Therapies 

Serpentine helps to clear out worthless sentiments that might attach themselves to our presence. Serpentine will help to clear these and help you focus on your authentic desires and bring them into reality. 

Serpentine acts like a debauchery, ungluing unlikely sensations, allowing you to continue focusing on your goals and desires without these additional burdens. It is so satisfying when you are freed of these burdens and can live your life! 

Serpentine also shows you where love is in your life. Even in the strangest and vaguest of places you will find love! The crystal helps you to embrace your mistakes before teaching you respect and love. Armed with these teachings, you can go forward and help others too! 

Serpentine And Chakras 

If your Heart Chakra seems unstable, you can experience an outburst of resentment and hatred. You might start to criticize and blame others for issues in your life too and need constant validation from others instead of relying on your own self-value and reliance.

You might also be feeling like others hate you or need a great deal of empathy from others. 

When you feel like this, Serpentine can help! You need to take Serpentine in your hand and hold it tight. Doing so will connect the Lower and Higher Chakras together, fostering kindness for yourself and others.

It will also help to heighten your self love and appreciation, overcoming your earlier needs for validation. 

Serpentine will also help to regulate heart and blood flow when placed over your Heart Chakra. It will also support tissue reformation and restore your immune system. Why not try it today and see if it helps to improve your health?

Serpentine And People 

If you are dealing with people that have wicked intentions, Serpentine will be crucial, especially if they are practicing dark magic on you!

Serpentine works to dispel jinxes and help to remove evil mystic forces from you! It will be your protector from dark magic and those that practice it. 

Those around you will notice an assertiveness about you which can positively impact you and your relationship with them. You will be seen in a new light with Serpentine at your side! 

Serpentine Crystal Combinations 

You can combine Serpentine with other crystals for different results (see also, ‘The 10 Best Combinations of Crystals for Labradorite‘). Let’s look quickly at some of the best combinations before you leave us today! 

Serpentine And Jade 

Serpentine pairs well with Jade, not only thanks to their similar colors, but abilities! Jade has an artistic  intelligence and charming character that can hold and release enormous amounts of energy!

The richness of Jade draws people in, mirroring the richness of life. 

Serpentine And Moonstone 

Moonstone (see also ‘The Meaning And Properties Of Black Moonstone‘) makes you more responsive and allows you to better understand requests for nourishment and attention.

You become someone that does not gamble or shut off from other people, especially loved ones. You become more friendly and mature the more you use it. 

When paired with Serpentine, a fantastic combination is created that propels you to new heights! 

Serpentine And Tiger’s Eye 

The Tiger’s Eye crystal represents the determination , courage, and intensity of a tiger. It is a popular crystal, used globally.

The crystal is thought to help you process grief and anger, helping you move past these emotions and into a realm of positivity. It also helps those who do not feel progressive consider their views and move forward in life. 

C combined with Serpentine, you are given extra protection and an ability to process your emotions and heal. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, a complete guide to Serpentine! The crystal is known for its ability to heal your spiritual and physical body, as well as aiding in clearing any emotional fog or issues.

You can expect to move forward in your life with a positive mindset and determination to achieve your goals. You might notice that you feel more assertive and aware of your purpose.

If you have previously struggled to find your purpose or goals in life, you should notice a newfound clarity and awareness! 

Serpentine might share its name with a snake, but it will act as a guard for negative energy, dark magic, and hateful people in your life.

You will be protected, with negative energy bouncing off you! No longer will anyone be dragging you down! 

Make sure you care for your Serpentine properly and cleanse it regularly to help the build up of energy release to make way for more! 

Andrea Daehma