The Healing Properties, Benefits, And Meaning Of Amazonite!

For those who are new to the world of gems and crystals, learning about the amazing benefits and properties of each stone might seem like an exhausting chore, but the reality is that learning about these incredible stones, what their meaning is, what healing properties they have, as well as their benefits, can be an informative and enjoyable experience, especially for those who are willing to learn more about what is possible when using these incredible stones. 

The Healing Properties, Benefits, And Meaning Of Amazonite!

One of the most incredible stones you’ll discover throughout your journey into gemstones and crystals is Amazonite, which is instantly recognizeable thanks to its distinct color, and is one of the most highly revered stones you’ll ever find, which is why people are always so keen to learn more about the benefits and properties that this stone holds, as well as more about the meaning behind it too! 

So, if you’re looking to learn more about the benefits, healing properties, and the meaning of Amazonite, then take a look through our guide for everything you need to know about this incredible stone. 

What Is Amazonite? 

The incredibly colored Amazonite is known all around the world as being the stone for anti-anxiety, and this blue-green diamond is distinguishable thanks to its both velvet-like and its dim aspects, and the unique combination of blue and green in most Amazonite stones really helps to form that association between the stones and the Amazonian waters. 

Other names for Amazonite include green amethyst and yellow diamond, as well as regularly being called Amazonstone too. 

Meaning Of Amazonite

The history of the gorgeous Amazonite is a long one. Because of the sheer magnificence of its color, as well as the healing properties and benefits associated with the use of this stone, it has been revered for quite some time, Egyptians, Brazillians, and of course, Amazons, have all treasured Amazonite at some point in their history, with the general belief being that this stone has been a valued item since the 10th century BC.

This value is why the stone still holds so much importance to so many people today.

In Egyptian history, it was common for the Egyptian people to cut important messages into Amazonite stone, with “The Judgement of Osiris’ ‘, the 7th Chapter from “The Book of The Dead’ ‘ having been engraved into Amazonite.

As well as utilizing it for its incredible healing properties. 

Amazonite’s place in Brazilian history is in the legends of the female warriors from the Amazon clan who would adorn their shields with this magnificent stone, as well as being gifted to others as a form of blessing. 

The stone is thought to have first been found in the basin of the Amazonian waterway, hence why it was named Amazonite, however, there has never been any Amazonite found in this area, with stores of Amazonite typically being found in Madagascar, Brazil, and the USA too.

Associations Of Amazonite

Unlike some other gemstones or crystals, Amazonite has no place amongst the conventional birthday guides, although many people tend to recommend Amazonite as being a suitable stone for balance and protection for those born in the later days of March, and the early days of April (see also ‘What Are April Birthstones?‘). 

This association typically stems from the stone’s unique color, with the unique shade of turquoise that the stone appears in often being associated with the signs of Virgo, Leo, Aries, and Scorpio.

However, despite this association, Amazonite’s dissociation from the traditional birthstone charting means that it can provide its benefits and healing properties to anyone, regardless of their zodiac sign. 

The chakra of this stone typically tends to be associated with both the heart and the throat.

The amount of green found within the hue of the stone indicates how grounded it is in regards to the heart chakra, whilst bluer Amazonite stones are generally more grounded in the throat area. 

Whilst the component of this stone is the Earth, the planet associated with Amazonite is Uranus. 

It is these unique associations and affiliations that culminate in the special nature of this gemstone, and provide it with the unique benefits and properties that have caused it to be so sought after throughout history. 

Healing Properties And Benefits Of Amazonite 

Every gemstone has its own unique healing properties and benefits, and Amazonite is truly no different, with its unique properties coming as a result of numerous factors, Amazonite is one of the most popular gemstones for people who are looking to utilize a crystal for healing purposes, so it should come as no surprise that the benefits to using this crystal are impressive! 

If you’re unaware of the benefits and power of Amazonite then worry not, as we’ve created a summary on what sort of benefits and help can be provided to you through the use of Amazonite, both on a physical, mental, and spiritual level, so read on to discover more about the incredible power of this gorgeous gemstone! 

Amazonite As A Healing Crystal

With the cool and deep blue to green shades of the Amazonite stone, it is certainly a stone that helps to provide the user with self-reflection and serenity for the mind, as well as an enchanting mystery similar to that held by the river that gave this stone its name. 

Amazonite is commonly referred to as “The Hope Stone”, and is definitely the best stone at being able to spin life in a more positive way, however it does so in a purposeful way, which is excellent for evaluating your inner qualities, as well as amplifying your desires and goals, whilst providing you with the confidence to reach out and work for your dreams. 

The locations in which Amazonite can be found are not lost within its ability has a stone for healing, from the extremities of the Russian Tundras, to the soft, warm sands of Madagascar, as well as the thick and lively rainforest of the region that gave this gemstone its name, Amazonite is a stone that is able to deal with both the quiet and the lively moments within our lives, and its origins in some of the most mystifying places in the world help to lament it as a charm for strength and guidance for all of those who need it. 

The history that surrounds Amazonite isn’t what makes it uncommon however, it’s the unique combination of associations and the healing properties it contains that truly makes Amazonite a unique and sought after stone for healing, especially with it’s association the heart and throat chakras, which are essential for those looking to live longer, happier, and more fulfilled lives that also focuses on spreading love to those around them. 

If this is something that you are aiming for, then opting to utilize Amazonite might just be a smart choice, so let’s take a look at some of the benefits that Amazonite can have on the various different aspects of your life. 

Healing Benefits Of Using Amazonite

Known to inspire inquisitive and loving minds, Amazonite’s unique shades of turquoise means that it should come as no surprise that it is also associated with both the water and the earth components, which means that the amount of benefits and advantages to using Amazonite in your life are nearly limitless, which is why it is so important to welcome Amazonite into your home and into your life. 

Physical Healing Properties

When it comes to the physical healing properties of Amazonite, it has an immense list of recuperation abilities that make it an effective healing stone.

Its ability to relax those in its presence makes it excellent for those who are suffering from thyroid issues, and it’s also great at helping individuals to retain calcium more effectively, which is an essential part of remaining healthy and strong.

Plus, higher amounts of calcium in your body can also be important to having an amazing head of hair that shines and too! 

If you’ve had a recent decline in energy due to a decrease in your physical wellbeing, sickness, or because of an injury, then using Amazonite is an excellent idea, as it helps to provide your lethargic cells with the zap of energy they need to recover properly after the downtime. 

Additionally, Amazonite also works well for those suffering from rashes, and the cool surface of the stone making contact with the skin is a great way to help control and mitigate the effects of the rash.

This can also help those who suffer from breakouts and other skin conditions too, as Amazonite is known for its ability to aid in the skin’s wellbeing and clarity. 

Emotional And Mental Healing Properties

Just as important as your physical health, your emotional and mental health, and it’s where Amazonite is truly able to help those in need.

Mental anxiety and depression can lead to your mental space being like a hurricane filled with thoughts, with very little time or room for rationality, meaning that your decisions are often rushed and unplanned, which can lead to more mistakes that increase your anxiety.

Thankfully, Amazonite is great at helping to slow your mind down and allowing you to form your thoughts in a cohesive and meaningful manner. 

Amazonite is also amazing for those who are struggling with their confidence and self-esteem, and if you need a stone that is going to allow you to harness your true confidence in a dramatic fashion, which makes it perfect for use by those who are in leadership roles or for people who need to stand up in front of big audiences. 

Previous injuries don’t just affect the body’s physical form, but also the mental form too, and often the pain of the injury can linger around longer in the mind than it will on the body, so for those who need to help focusing on their recovery, then Amazonite works well.

Not only does it aid in the brain’s ability to evaluate and process the tension and pressure caused by past injuries, and what it needs to let go of in order progress, but it also allows your mind to break down the bigger issues into smaller, more manageable pieces, which means that you can process things easier. 

The words often associated with Amazonite make it clear why it’s so good for our mental state, with love, genuineness, trustworthiness, lucidity, and persuasiveness all being a part of what makes Amazonite so great, and being able to apply these words to your being on a day to day basis will allow you to help recuperate and rejuvenate your mind.

Amazonite’s association with the heart chakra makes it special too, as this is the spot that is filled with light and allows us to both receive and give love, and an impeded heart chakra can have a detrimental effect on our ability to speak about things with others, preventing from us to confide or open up to people, which can be damaging for your mind. 

Ultimately, Amazonite is amazing at managing to banish any negative energy and emotion that has been developed by your mind.

So no matter what negativity is having an effect on your life, using Amazonite is a great way of taking control of your mental state and dispersing the negativity you experience elsewhere. 

Spiritual Healing Properties

As well as having connections to the heart chakra, Amazonite also has connections to the throat chakra too, which is why it is known for helping you to speak your mind and to form clear limits and boundaries on your communication lines, so that you can begin to journey forwards in life without having the looming dread of judgement towering over you and your actions, because no matter what things are placed upon you by others, it is the reality of your mind that truly matters. 

Taking full control of both your instinct and your mind is what allows you to legitimise your spirit and soul, allowing you to become more complete by forming a solid connection between your physical self and your mind, which in turn then enables you to take a leap forward in being able to open ourselves and our psyches up to interminable chance. 

Amazonite And Zodiac Birthstones

As we previously mentioned, Amazonite has no connections to their birth chart in any way, and is not one of the birthstones connected to the zodiac, it does tend to have close affiliations with signs such as Leo, and Aries, although it definitely has a closer affiliation with Virgos. 

Virgo individuals are renowned for their reliability and dedication, as well as their kindness and patience towards others.

However, despite their overwhelming positivity, they can also tend to be slightly shy and timid, as well as being prone to becoming anxious and overthinking every single action they take, which means they’re often swamped with layers of self-doubt and negativity that needs clearing away. 

Virgos definitely are the root of their own problems, and they are also well known for having a particularly harsh internal adjudicator, and a delicate touch when it comes to their association with other people. 

Ultimately, because Amazonite is able to help turn the negativity found within the body into positive energy used to revitalize confidence and self-esteem, it’s the perfect match for the wonderfully kind yet anxious Virgo. 

How To Utilize The Amazonite Stone Effectively

If you’re going to be using Amazonite, then you need to learn how to properly utilize this stone so that you can actually begin to benefit from some of its amazing qualities.

This does require some preparation however, as you’re introducing a stream of both earth and water into your life, so you’ll need to make adequate room. 

Even for those looking for just a tiny amount of help from this incredible natural increase of confidence, learning how to utilize your Amazonite effectively is extremely important, but don’t worry too much, as there are a number of different ways in which you can bring this amazing stone into your life for help. 

Whether you simply decide to keep Amazonite close by you throughout the day and night by wearing it, or to keep it in a certain space is down to you, and both methods are sure to help this recuperation gem to have an impact on your day to day reality. 


Although keeping your Amazonite in a space as a singular stone is a good choice, Amazonite’s popularity as a gemstone means that there are a whole range of incredible ways that you can adorn yourself with the blazing green-blue stone.

So if you’re looking for a stone that represents nature’s best aspects (the sea and the land) and want to recuperate yourself, then Amazonite is the stone for you. 

The natural colors of the stone means that no matter how you choose to adorn it, your Amazonite adornment is going to go well with anything, so you shouldn’t be scared to choose a form of adornment that is going to really put the stone on display. 

Some people may feel like Amazonite adornments are too feminine for them, but when simply placed on the skin in the form of a pendant, ring, or wristband, the stone is suitable to be worn by anyone. 

If you’re looking for an Amazonite adornment that is going to remain unobtrusive and out of your way whilst still wanting your wellbeing to benefit from the Amazonite, then a wristband is certainly a smart option, as you’ll be able to absorb the wellness and positive energy due to the stone’s contact with your skin even whilst you go about your day. 

It’s also possible to incorporate other stones into this jewellery provided that they agree with Amazonite.

Stones such as Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Labradorite, or even Aquamarine can be paired in conjunction with Amazonite to create an adornment that not only looks ravishing on your skin, but also helps with benefitting your mind, body, and soul. 

How To Care For Your Amazonite

It’s important that no matter how you decide to adorn your Amazonite that you keep it purified, as this is what helps to ensure that it provides you with the wellness and clarity that you need to live to the fullest potential.

Since Amazonite is great at absorbing negative energy, not cleansing it can lead to the gem becoming damaged as a result of all of the nastiness it clears from your body on a daily basis. 

In order to cleanse your gem, you just need to make sure that you keep it scrubbed in order to prevent it from garnering any nasty or negative energy, you need to make sure that you do this, especially after particularly troublesome or bad moments in your life where the stone might have had more negative energy to cleanse. 

All you need to keep your stone cleansed and healthy is to run it under a gentle stream of tepid warm water for a few moments before patting it dry in a soft paper towel, as it’s a water component, it doesn’t require much in order to be cleared.

Once cleared, you might want to consider charging it too to ensure that it doesn’t lose any of its intensity too. 

It’s also important to know that Amazonite comes in at a 6 on the hardness scale, which makes it somewhat delicate for a jewel, although it should withstand the rare bump or knock as you go about your daily business, but this doesn’t mean that you should be careless when wearing your Amazonite.

When you’re not wearing it, you should keep it in a soft fabric pouch in order to protect it from being scratched or chipped by harder materials. 

You should also be weary of using any ultrasonic cleaners on your gemstones, as they can make existing cracks worse, and even lead to gems falling out of their settings too.

Steam cleaners should also be avoided too, as they can lead to the gem blurring due to the high temperature. Using a gentle soft cloth and some tepid water should be more than enough to cleanse your Amazonite. 

Programming Amazonite

If you want to utilize your Amazonite stone for a particular reason, then you’ll need to learn how to program it in order for it to have the best chance of working.

The key factors in programming your stone are both expectation and centering, you need to make sure that your thoughts center around what you want the stone to do, and you also need to expect it to work as well. 

It might initially seem like a tedious process, but being able to program your stone is a way of being able to expand the potential of your stone and what it can be used for far beyond what you would initially expect. 

Uses Of Amazonite

As you might have noticed from reading our guide to Amazonite, it has a potential to be used for many different purposes and needs, which is partly why it is so popular.

However, here is another list of some of the amazing benefits that Amazonite can provide you with! 

  • Strengthening of the body and soul
  • Increasing connectivity between the heart, muscles, and sensory organs.
  • Quiets the mind, dispersing negative energy
  • Releases tension and pressure placed on the mind and body
  • Allows individuals to communicate better
  • Encourages individual to recognize significance of life
  • Boosts vitality of those who have been ill
  • Expands imaginative ability and capacity for thinking
  • Less stress means higher quality comprehension
  • Fortifies mental resilience against negative energy

Amazonite At Home

If you’re using Amazonite at home, then it’s great if you’re looking for a stone that is going to be defensive against the high amounts of radioactive electromagnetic floods that exist as a result of the high technology cutting edge world, all whilst remaining delicate enough for you to wear without having to be concerned about any side effects. 

Because gemstones each have their own unique frequency in which they vibrate at, and our bodies sometimes react differently to them depending on the vibration itself and ourselves as individuals, it means that wearing a gemstone can sometimes take some getting used to.

However, because of the gentle nature of Amazonite, it is unlikely that this will be an issue with this particular stone. 

Amazonite At Work

The workplaces of today are so often filled with advanced technology and machinery such as PCs, mobile phones, x-ray equipment, microwaves, and even just wifi routers, it means that it is easier than ever to become contaminated with the electromagnetic pollution given off by such devices.

However, this is where Amazonite comes in, as it is the perfect stone to use to help rid you of this pollution. 

Whilst the frequency of some gemstones might be an issue when kept close to technology, Amazonite shouldn’t cause any problems when kept in the close vicinity of any of your devices, and will still manage to provide you with the protection that you need. 

Reflecting Using Amazonite 

When trying to quieten the mind, it can always be helpful to use a gemstone in order to aid in this process, which is why Amazonite is commonly used for those looking to reflect with a clear and open mind. 

Amazonite is great at ridding the mind of negativity and bad energy, which is essential for a proper reflection session, and it can also be a good guide for reflection if you need to follow a light through your mind to reach the end point. 

So, when the next time for reflection comes, why not trying holding a piece of Amazonite in the palm of your hand as you do so, imagining the luscious green clashing against the deep blue on the stone as you aim to reflect upon your goals, as well as the recent happenings in your life. 

Relationships And Individuals 

With Amazonite also being known as the Stone of Abundance, it should come as no surprise that Amazonite is sure to assist you by impacting your ability to form new relationships, and strengthen your existing ones too, by helping to free your mind of stress and the fear of judgement that would usually hold you back, instead you become more free and more likely to express how you really feel and who you really are. 

It’s an incredibly liberating stone for those who are usually nervous or timid, as it encourages the mind to blossom as it truly should, increasing the desire to be social with others, and therefore helping to develop the relationships in an individual’s life. 

Giving Amazonite As A Gift 

Most precious stones make great gifts for the ones you love and Amazonite is no exception, if you know someone in your life who would benefit from the incredible recuperation offered by Amazonite then don’t hesitate to spread the joy of Amazonite with them too.

In old Brazilian culture, it was believed that Amazonite was a blessed gift to give to another person, so why not maintain this tradition and give it to someone you love. 

Gifting gemstones is also a great way of mending broken relationships, or expressing love to someone who needs it most, and it is also said that giving someone else a gemstone as a gift increases your chances of finding love too, as well as having an impact on both your work and home life too, which should definitely encourage you to buy some gemstones for your loved ones as gifts! 

Amazonite And Chakras

If you weren’t already aware, chakras is the term used for the vitality places that can be found in your body, which are also sometimes referred to as Qi, or even Prana.

Throughout your body you will find several different Chakras, with each one having its own effect on specific aspects of your physical and mental states, with each point also having its own shading, and a gemstone that correlates to each point too. 

The chakras affected most by Amazonite are the heart and the throat, as these chakras tend to be of similar color to Amazonite, being a blue or greenish color.

The persuasions incorporated with these chakras include correspondence, geniusness, expertise, truth, self-acknowledgement, connectivity, and affection too, so if these are areas of your life that you feel like you need to work on, incorporating Amazonite into your life could help. 

Rose Quartz Heart Chakra

Aside from Amazonite, the stone most associated with the heart chakra is Rose Quartz, which is of course the stone of love, and the one that also looks at youthfulness, workmanship, creativity, harmony, composure, and adoration.

So if you’ve been feeling pessimistic or negative regularly in your life, then rose quartz might be able to help you.

Your love for others won’t be as full and true if you don’t first love yourself, which is why you should always seek to nurture your own heart before you do someone else’s. 

Clear Quartz Crown Chakra

For encouragement regarding the development of mindfulness and appreciation for oneself, then Clear Quartz and its connection to the crown chakra will provide you with a form of light to help guide you through troubling periods, and will also help to provide you with a different perspective on your issues, allowing you to free yourself from judgement and the perception of others to come to a deeper understanding of yourself. 

It will also help you to begin to see life with a higher amount of affection and love for the people and things within your life that make it worth living. 

Heart And Throat Chakra 

If you’re aiming to fix or amend a relationship that might be broken or struggling, then Amazonite is one of the best stones to help individuals thanks to the incredible turquoise shading that helps to reverberate with the chakras of the heart and throat, as well as helping to balance the vitality of passion inside. 

The best way to do this is simply to place your stone in an area that you frequently use to relax and unwind, as it will help to remove any of the apprehension or pressure that will affect you in a negative way when attempting to contemplate and reflect. 

Amazonite is good at this thanks to the immense vitality found inside, which helps to provide you with clarity and truth, and it also helps you to comprehend your feelings of love and adoration much better too. 

If you’re constantly in a state of dread then Amazonite can be beneficial too, and if a particular decision is affecting your mental state and the choice you plan on making, then using Amazonite is good at helping to resolve this by removing the dread and allowing you to make the decision without overthinking about what the outcome might involve. 

Can Amazonite Unblock Chakras? 

Blocked chakras can lead to the build up of negative energy and pent up bad emotions, as the flow of energy throughout your body will be disrupted, thankfully, some gemstones are able to help clear and unblock your chakras, allowing the energy to flow through your body properly again. 

Amazonite is one of these gemstones, and simply placing your Amazonite stone over either your heart or your neck will help to unblock the chakras, meaning that your throat or heart chakras will be able to become unblocked and realign themselves. 

You might not even recognize that your chakras have been blocked at first. Indications that your heart chakra might be blocked or out of alignment includes negative feelings, such as resentment, jealousy, possessiveness, excessive desire, being increasingly critical, as well as the fear of responsibility. 

Alternatively, a blocked throat chakra can usually be indicated by a dry or irritated throat, a throbbing sensation in the neck or jaw, or a migraine type pain found towards the rear of the head, if you feel one or more of these pains, then you should definitely go about trying to unblock your throat chakra. 

Beauty Products And Amazonite 

Although it might surprise those who aren’t familiar with the multitude of ways that stones can be used, it’s not uncommon for Amazonite to be found in a variety of different healthy and beauty products too thanks to its incredible benefits, such as its lucidity, ability to disperse stress, increase confidence and self assurance, and promote emotional stability.

Amazonite is often combined with products such as orange oils and spearmint, which help to provide a crisp combination of sensations that supplement the Amazonite perfectly, and this is often found used with cocoa or shea margarines for the best product possible, and it will certainly leave your skin glowing too!  

Is There Fake Amazonite?

Unlike some of the more popular gemstones and crystals out there, Amazonite is a stone that very rarely goes through any additional manufacturing or manipulation processes, so if you do see Amazonite up for sale, then it should be the real deal. 

It is possible to find cheaper developed versions of the stone that have been created to imitate the incredible shades and hues found on the real Amazonite, so if you’re ever unsure whether the Amazonite you’re planning to purchase is real or not, simply ask the retailer about the origins of the stones they are selling, and it should soon become apparent whether or not the stone is real. 

The largest indicator as to whether or not the stone is real is the price, as Amazonite is not typically a cheap stone, so finding the stone for too low of a price is an indicator that the stone is not real at all. 

Forms And Shapes Of Amazonite 

There are a load of different forms of Amazonite available, so you might find it in different shapes and sizes when it comes to purchasing it from different stores.

Some Amazonite specimens are sometimes joined together by long gems of smoky quartz, and the larger versions of these specimens will sometimes sell for hundreds of dollars too due to their lucrative appearance. 

Amazonite often occurs alongside other minerals, precious stones and gems such as quartz, albite feldspar, cleavelandite and schorl tourmaline too, so don’t be surprised if the specimen you purchase happens to be attached to some other interesting specimens too! 

Cost Of Amazonite 

There are a lot of different factors that ultimately affects the cost of Amazonite, and the most prominent of all of these is its amazing shade, and with Amazonite so often having extremely brilliant blue and green shading, as well as numerous colored pale streaks running through it, the ones with brighter and bolder colors are also more favored by collectors. 

The cut of the stone is also incredibly important, and the most favored cuts include ones that help to display the waxy and radiant nature of the stone, or a rose slice to help show off some of the shading and sparkle found throughout the stone. 

The size of the stone of course plays an important part of what Amazonite will cost too, and larger examples will prove to be much more expensive when searching for the right specimen.

Whether you want to opt for a large stone or not depends entirely upon whether or not you’re aiming to adorn yourself with the Amazonite in some way. 

Amazonite: Final Verdict 

Overall, it’s hard not to be enchanted by this stone even from initial glances, with its super unique coloration and bold shape and sparkle, this stone is sort after by people for both its looks and its incredible healing properties and benefits, all of which make it one of the most sought after stones, even though it has no place or relationship with the zodiac signs or the birth charts either. 

Amazonite is all about equalization, stress reduction, as well as encouraging and increasing confidence, self-esteem, communication, and vitality, as well as being able to connect and cleanse with the chakras of the heart and throat, providing you with the ability to have a new perspective on life that is balanced and free of any external judgement or pressure. 

So, if you’re looking for a stone that is going to have a dramatic effect on the wellness of your life and wellbeing, then you should definitely try Amazonite, whether you adorn it or keep it in your space! 

Andrea Daehma