The Meaning, Healing Properties, And Powers Of Green Calcite

There are hundreds of different crystals in the world, all of which hold different properties, powers, and meanings.  Each little crystal can bring so many benefits to your life and enrich the lives of your friends and family too. 

The Meaning, Healing Properties, And Powers Of Green Calcite

However, it is essential to fully understand the uses and powers of the crystals that you bring into your home beyond the aesthetics that they offer. 

In this article, we will look at the meaning, healing properties, and powers of the stunning green calcite crystal.  We will also look at how to cleanse and use green calcite and which other crystals can be used to make strong combinations for the best results (see also ‘10 Best Crystal Combinations For Green Aventurine‘).


The most important thing to understand about any crystal that you buy is the meaning that the stone possesses.  Green calcite is a fairly new addition to the healing crystal family, as a result of this, it can be difficult to find information about the gem in older texts and books.  

The word ‘calcite’ comes from the Greek word ‘Chalix’ and the Latin word ‘calcit’.  Both of these words mean lime which links to the source of this stone.  Most calcite is found in limestone and marble formations.  

Green calcite commonly represents the manifestation of pleasure and gladness.  This gemstone is somewhat of an oxymoron. 

It is capable of bringing you vitality and energy, while simultaneously being a bringer of calm and compassion.  This gemstone is also capable of drawing love to it and its user.

In addition to these representations, green calcite has also been associated with improved immune system function and increased mental clarity.  Green calcite is understood to be a healing gemstone, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


There are two main categories that the properties of green calcite can fall under.  There are the physical properties that make up the physical appearance of the gemstone. 

These can help you identify green calcite when you are sourcing more crystals.  There are also healing properties that pertain to the spiritual and physical benefits that the crystal offers.  These are the properties that can help you understand when and how to best use this crystal.

Physical Properties

Green calcite is a member of the calcium carbonate minerals family.  It is born of calcium solutions via the process of sedimentation. 

The stunning light green shade of this crystal comes from chlorite which gets wrapped up in the crystallization process. 

The chlorite in green calcite is often mixed quite well with the other components.  This means that it does not predominate as it would in quartz for example.  

Green calcite can form in multiple different environments and it has been known to dissolve and reform during its life.  Because of the natural forming process of this crystal, it can take many different forms and shapes. 

Some common shapes that green calcite can take include hexagonal prisms, pinacoids, scalenohedrons, and rhombohedrons.  However, the most common shapes that green calcite forms naturally are trigonal or pseudo-hexagonal.  

Green calcite forms into large shapes (see also, ‘Does the Shape of the Crustal Matter?‘) that are perfect for carving spheres and making jewelry.  The color of green calcite is often light or pale green.  This gives it a soothing and beautiful appearance to look at. 

This gemstone is opaque and features a similar aesthetic to worn sea glass.  The surface of green calcite is smooth, shiny, and often reflective.  It also features a hardness rating of 3. 

Healing Properties

Green calcite is known as a psychological healer.  It holds the power to alter the balance of your mind and your psychological tendencies for the better. 

Green calcite has been hailed for its ability to soften stiff, negative beliefs and allow the user to open their mind to different ways of thinking or beliefs that can enrich their life.

Because of this, it is often used by Reiki healers to help replace negative beliefs with positive ones. 

Green calcite is also known for its ability to form an abundance of energy that can be used to convert your goals and dreams into accomplishments. 

This makes it a very appealing crystal to people who are studying in school or who are hoping to progress through their chosen careers.  

This crystal is excellent for putting prosperity, good fortune, and abundance into the universe to help the user create the life that they want. 

It is a particularly useful crystal for generating wealth with significant intent.  The gemstone is also known for its ability to generate and attract good vibes while removing and repelling negative vibes. 

Green crystals in general are often linked to changes in pathways.  As a result, green calcite can be the perfect crystal to help you feel like you are staying on track with your goals and dreams. 

It is a particularly powerful gemstone in keeping the user focused on tasks that may be necessary but uninteresting.  This makes it a popular stone with students. 

One of the most impressive healing properties that green calcite possesses is its ability to release hidden or stuck emotions that can be causing physical illness or injury to the body. 

This makes it a particularly popular stone with spiritual healers that focus on healing the mind and the body.  It has been reported to help alleviate viral infections, circulatory systems, and heart disorders. 

It can also be useful in removing blood clots that are present in arteries in the body and relieving the symptoms of arthritis and inflamed muscles.  

The Meaning, Healing Properties, And Powers Of Green Calcite

Green Calcite Powers

Above, we covered the basics of the healing properties of green calcite.  However, there are some more in-depth powers that this gemstone is believed to possess.

These crystals are often used by spiritual healers, Reiki healers, and other spiritualists to help themselves and their clients achieve the best quality of life possible. Below, we will look at the different areas in which green calcite is believed to have powers. 

Emotional Healing

We briefly mentioned above that green calcite is known to emanate positive energy and quash negative vibrations.  However, the powers that this gemstone possesses are believed to be much more specific than this. 

Green calcite is thought to be useful for calming down emotions that stem from rage, wrath, tension, or resentment which can build up over time. 

By holding a small green calcite in the palm of their hand, a user can allow the loving and peaceful energies of the gemstone to calm, relax, and restore their mental and spiritual well-being.  

Regularly interacting with this gemstone allows you to attract more positive emotions to your life and spirit.  This can help you experience negative emotions less often. 

Physical Healing

Green calcite has also been known to provide some kind of physical healing or relief from physical illnesses and diseases.  It should be acknowledged that if you are struggling with any serious medical issues, you should consult a medical professional for advice and treatment. 

However, crystals can be used as complementary therapy alongside medical treatment.  Applying green calcite to joints, ligaments, or other areas of the body that are injured or suffering from a disease can help to balance the energies in the body and promote healing and relief. 

Psychological Healing

As we have mentioned before, green calcite has the ability to bring balance and equilibrium to your mind. 

Along with the balancing abilities of this crystal, the vibrations of love that emanate from green calcite allow you to expand your understanding of the world around you. 

This can help to reduce the stress that is held in your body and mind.  Green calcite has also been praised for its ability to boost your intellect and intuition.  This can help to improve your grounding and help you to find peace within yourself. 

Spiritual Healing

Many users of green calcite cite that the crystal has the ability to help them achieve a level of zen that they have been unable to achieve before. 

Gently holding a green calcite crystal in the palm of your hand and rubbing your fingertips over it can significantly increase the feelings of calm in your soul. 

This works particularly well for people who suffer from deep-seated anger, stress, hatred, or resentment.  Green calcite can help encourage your spirit to let go of the negative things that are weighing it down. 

Vibrating green calcite has also been known to help people cope with emotional fluctuations in periods of high stress. 

How To Use Green Calcite

Now that we know what green calcite can do for us and all the healing properties and powers that it possesses, we need to learn how to best use this gemstone. 

There are a few different ways that this crystal can be used to bring a positive change to our lives beyond simply holding it when we need a boost. 

Meditating With Green Calcite

If you feel that you are suffering from deep-seated, unresolved negative feelings such as resentment, fear, or anger, meditating with green calcite can be really effective. 

The natural calming effect that green calcite has, combined with the impeccable qualities that it possesses can help you achieve breakthroughs and enlightenments with your meditation practice.  

The most common times that healers suggest meditating with green calcite are dawn and dusk.  This is because they are perceived as being the most energetic times of the day with the activity from the sun and nature.  

To achieve the most effective meditation practice (see also ‘How To Meditate With Crystals‘) with green calcite crystals, you must close your eyes and clear your mind completely.  The green calcite should be placed on the ground in front of you or on your hands. 

As you take a deep breath, you should imagine the aura of the crystal emanating from the crystals and slowly surrounding you. 

The aura from the green calcite is rejuvenating.  During your meditation, focus on yourself and your heart space to allow the healing of the crystal to penetrate your spirit.  

You should aim to meditate with green calcite as often as possible to maintain a better-balanced overall headspace. 

Green Calcite At Home And Work

If you don’t really meditate much because of your busy schedule or you just don’t like it, there are other ways to get the benefits of this crystal into your daily life.  

Simply placing a green calcite crystal (see also ‘17 Powerful Green Crystals‘) in your home can help to alleviate the stresses and anxiety of your entire family.  The crystal will absorb the negative emotions in the house and keep your family happy and healthy.  

If there are lots of negative emotions in your house, you can combine the green calcite with a diopside to significantly amplify the positive emotions within your home and for your family.  

You can also use this crystal in your work setting.  Adding a small green calcite gemstone to your office at work or your home office can help you become much more positive and productive at work.  It can also be a fun way to liven up a more boring setting.  

Remember that a crystal that is absorbing the negative energy from multiple people in a household or an office should be cleansed regularly to help keep it as effective as possible. 

The Meaning, Healing Properties, And Powers Of Green Calcite

People And Relationships

For some people, one of the main goals in their life is to have more and better relationships with other people.  This is something that green calcite can help you with. 

Whether you meditate with the crystal, have it in your home, or even wear it, being exposed to green calcite can help you to become more open-minded (to learn more about the best Meditation Crystals, read here). 

This can make you more open to the thoughts and ideologies of other people which can help you to form better relationships.  

Having this gemstone with you can also make social events easier and allow you to make more connections with other people. 

The green calcite can work to remove your negative feelings and anxiety about such events, allowing you to be more relaxed and open to new connections.  

Green Calcite And Chakras

The green calcite crystal is strongly linked to your Heart Chakra.  This means that it can have an effect on any strong emotions that you feel from the heart, whether they are positive or negative.  

Using a green calcite crystal to help cleanse and align your Heart Chakra can bring you immense feelings of calm and serenity. 

In addition to being great for your Heart Chakra, green calcite is also useful for body layouts. 

You can form a better connection between you and your Chakras and energy channels by placing this crystal on your Heart Chakra during the practice.  

This crystal is known as a Heart Chakra Healer which means that it can help cleanse and heal your Heart Chakra from any negative emotions that you might be feeling. 

Its powers are so strong that it has even been linked to healing physical components of the heart such as the lymphatic system, the lungs, and even in breast tissue for women. 

Green Calcite Therapies

There are also some therapies that can be conducted with green calcite.  The therapies that are performed with this powerful gemstone will leave you feeling like a brand new person, freed from your anxieties and stresses. 

People who have tried these therapies attest that they are incredibly useful to allow you to forgive yourself for the negative emotions that you have allowed to build up. 

These therapies can also be useful as complementary therapy alongside medical treatment for physical medical issues.

It can be a great way to remove any extra stress that has built up in your body to allow your medical treatments to be more effective.  

There are plenty of spiritual healers that will provide you with comprehensive green calcite therapy that can help bring you to a more serene place mentally and physically. 

These therapies can be a great introduction to the powers of green calcite if you have never used it before. 

Where To Buy Green Calcite

There are a few places from which you can purchase green calcite in various sizes and shapes.  The easiest places to obtain green calcite are Amazon or Etsy. 

Because these marketplaces are both global, you will be able to access a huge number of suppliers to find the perfect green calcite for you.  

If you are less concerned about the aesthetics of your green calcite crystal, you can source them from a local crystal store.  This is a great way to support a local, small business and to form connections with like-minded people.  

Where Does Green Calcite Come From?

Green calcite was first discovered by the Egyptians.  It is also abundantly sourced from the river Achates, now known as Cirillo, on the island of Sicily. 

Green calcite has since been discovered in almost every nation.  Despite its widespread availability, it is still relatively rare and can be found in either small or large deposits.  

There are large amounts of green calcite in Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Arizona, Africa, China, Australia, and India. 

This gemstone doesn’t form in crystal, rather it takes a colossal form, which mostly comes from Mexico.  The deposits that are found in Australia and Canada have a stunning emerald green color. 

What Is Green Calcite Worth?

Calcite itself is abundant across the planet and is not particularly valuable.  However, green calcite is somewhat rare.  Although it can be found around the world, there are certain forms that green calcite takes that make it rare and more valuable.  

The rhombohedron form, for example, is one of the rarest forms of green calcite which makes it one of the most valuable forms.  Other forms are more common and therefore do not have as much intrinsic value.  

Green calcite that has been cut is also more expensive.  This is not due to the rarity of the piece, but rather because of the effort required to cut the crystal. 

Green calcite is incredibly difficult to cut thanks to the perfect cleavage in three ways that the gemstone possesses.  The cost of a cut stone is based on the labor required to cut it.  

Small pieces of green calcite are affordable for most users of crystals.  However, it is important to remember that it is best to purchase crystals based on size rather than carat weight. 

Green calcite can be smaller than a diamond in terms of carat weight which isn’t ideal. 

The Meaning, Healing Properties, And Powers Of Green Calcite

Wearing Green Calcite

The benefits that green calcite can offer you are able to enrich almost all aspects of your daily life.  It can bring calm and help you move through the world with a more open mind. 

Therefore, it makes sense to wear green calcite or have it somewhere on your person at all times. 

One of the easiest ways to wear green calcite is by purchasing jewelry that incorporates the crystal into a pendant or bracelet.

Because green calcite is prone to the effects of daily wear and tear, most jewelers don’t recommend it for daily wear jewelry.  However, there are plenty of pendants that can be created that protect the crystal from damage. 

A popular pendant that is used with crystals is a wire spiral (see also ‘How To Wire Wrap Crystals‘) that can encase the crystal and protect it from wear and tear.  This can allow you to wear your green calcite and benefit from its powers all day. 

How To Cleanse Green Calcite

We mentioned above the importance of cleansing your green calcite from time to time to keep it effective and powerful. 

If you wear your green calcite every day or have it placed in your home or work environment absorbing negative energy from multiple people, cleansing is super important.  

Before you start cleansing your green calcite, or any crystal, you should make sure to remove all jewelry from your body. 

Using warm water will be enough to cleanse the crystal of negative energies and blockages.  Soak the crystal in warm water to cleanse it.  You can gently move the crystal through the water to remove any stubborn energies.  

Simply take a soft cloth and gently dry the crystal.  Your green calcite crystal will be restored to its full healing potential now. 

You can also use a mild soap solution if you feel that your crystal is extremely blocked, just remember to remove all soapy residue from the crystal.  

To charge your green calcite, you should bury the crystal in the soil from the earth and remove them every full moon (see also, ‘15 Crystals for New Moon‘).  This will help to restore the power of your crystal. 

You can also place your crystal in a bowl with a cleansing solution to soak and place the bowl outside in the moonlight.  The moonlight will also charge your crystal.  

Green Calcite Vs Green Fluorite

A common mistake that is made, especially by people who are new to crystals, is confusing green calcite and green fluorite (Also check out Lavender Fluorite). 

This confusion happens because both of these gemstones feature a similar green color to an untrained eye.  However, both of these gemstones have different appearances and behaviors. 

One of the main differences between these two materials is that green fluorite is a semi-precious mineral and green calcite is a common mineral.  

Green fluorite forms symmetrically in an isometric pattern, while green calcite forms asymmetrically in a trigonal hexagonal pattern. 

Fluorite is also a stronger material than calcite with a rating of 4.  This semi-precious mineral is also significantly shinier than green calcite which has a more misty appearance to it. 

Strong Combinations With Green Calcite

Green calcite has some strong and beneficial properties that make it perfect for use by itself.  However, it can also be used in combination with other stones to create different and more powerful benefits.  This can be great during spiritual healing practices and meditations.  

Green Calcite And Diopside

One of the most popular combinations is green calcite and diopside.  This combination is often used in work or office settings as an attempt to boost productivity and morale within the setting.  

The green calcite in this combination provides calmness and helps to remove negative emotions.  The diopside brings stimulation which can help to boost motivation and productivity (see also ‘9 Beautiful Crystals For Energy And Motivation‘). 

This combination helps to create a pleasant and highly productive work environment that allows everyone to produce their best work.  

This can also be a useful combination at home to keep everyone calm, positive, and willing to work well together to keep the house an inviting and welcoming environment, 

Green Calcite, Fluorite, And Rose Quartz

This is a slightly more interesting combination of crystals, but the different properties of these crystals create a perfect combination of powers to enhance your quality of life. 

The main purpose of crystals that combine these three gemstones is to provide you with the best night’s sleep you have ever had.  

Green fluorite and green calcite both contain calming elements that can help your body and mind relax fully to be able to achieve a night of fully restful and restorative sleep. 

The rose quartz in this combination will help surround your body and fill your mind with love which can help protect you from negative thoughts and dreams.  This combination will allow you to fully reset and restore your body overnight.  

Green Calcite Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Green calcite is not officially a birthstone, however, it can be attributed to people who are born under the cancer sign.  This means that people born in late June and early July could use this gemstone as their birthstone (see also, ‘Agate Birthstone: Month, Meaning, Cultural Significance, & More‘).

Green calcite has been attributed to those born under the Cancer sign due to their tendency to be highly emotional and temperamental. 

Using green calcite as their birthstone can help cancer signs to calm their energy and allow them to manage their emotions more easily.  

Green Calcite Energy Color

The green color of this crystal is strongly linked to feelings of calmness as we have mentioned above.  However, the green energy color (see also, ‘7 Amber Colored Crystals‘) of this crystal also resonates with other powers and emotions. 

The green of this calcite is also strongly linked to the processes of healing and recovery.  This makes it a super popular crystal with spiritual healers. 

The fact that the green color that makes green calcite so attractive from an aesthetic point of view is naturally occurring makes this crystal energy even more powerful.  

Final Thoughts

There are so many healing properties and powers of green calcite that make it a super versatile and useful crystal.  Green calcite can help bring a calmer and more positive energy to your life through meditation, healing practices, and the simple presence of the gemstone. 

Andrea Daehma