The Meanings, Healing Properties And Uses Of Howlite

With the chaos and frenzy of everyday life, howlite is a stone that many of us reach for. Known as a magnesite stone, it is a borate gemstone that has a monoclinic structure, which makes it highly porous.

The Meanings, Healing Properties And Uses Of Howlite

Typically, when you see a howlite stone, it will be a chalky white color, but with gray veins running through it. Sometimes, you might find some pieces of howlite that are completely opaque, but this is much rarer. 

If you need a stone to calm the stresses of everyday life, howlite may just be the one for you. Keep reading below to find out more, as we take a look at the stone’s benefits. 

The History Of Howlite 

Before we jump straight in to discuss some of the benefits provided by the howlite stone, let’s take a look at the history of this calming gem. It was first discovered in 1868, by a geologist called Henry How, after which this stone was fondly named. 

This stone is very unusual in the sense that it’s been harvested in almost every country on the planet. This makes it an incredibly accessible and ubiquitous crystal for magical or healing practices (see also, ‘9 Bloodstone Healing Crystals’). 

Sometimes, people prefer to be a bit more creative when it comes to the gemstones name. It has also been called a ‘snow leopard’ crystal, which makes sense considering its stark white base and gray flecks, not to mention the ‘howl’ portion of its name, which represents the noise these creatures make (see also ‘18 Beautiful And Powerful Gray Crystals‘). 

At its source, howlite looks very much like a cauliflower, as it spikes out in irregular nodules. To find howlite in crystal form is actually very rare, and most just have the opaque appearance that we’re all familiar with. 

What Is The Meaning Of Howlite? 

If we were to give a general overview of the meaning of howlite, we would say that it is a stone of calm, peace, and serenity. Many of us struggle to make peace with ourselves, and feel that we’re unworthy of what we have. Howlite promotes compassion not only to others, but also ourselves. 

If you want to be kinder to yourself, howlite can help you to achieve this. In addition, if you’re struggling with some people in your life, and need to practice more empathy, howlite can help you to do so. 

In terms of seasons, howlite is closely related to winter, because of its striking, snowy appearance, which makes it perfect for decorating your home or altar at this time of year. 

Many people say that when they use this stone for meditation, they can actually feel their spirit being transported to the rocky mountains, in a scene of snow filled bliss. 

This stone can help you to slow down, and prepare for colder months just like the mammals in our animal kingdom. 

To find out more about the specific healing benefits of howlite, keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

The Healing Benefits Of Howlite

When it comes to the healing benefits of howlite, these are truly ubiquitous. As we mentioned briefly above, howlite is a stone that’s well known for being able to provide peace and serenity, not just in our minds, but in our bodies too. 

Below, we take a look at how this gemstone can help to heal you mentally and emotionally, physically, and spiritually. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, simply keep reading below to find out more. 

The Physical Healing Properties Of Howlite

Let’s begin by discussing the body, and how this magical gemstone can help to heal you physically. As you may have guessed from the striking, white appearance of this gemstone, howlite has very strong associations with human bones. 

Indeed, many people who experience issues such as calcium deficiencies will carry around one of these tumble stones in their pockets for an extra boost. As you can imagine, human bones are associated with so many different aspects of health, and therefore howlite can be highly beneficial to almost all of us. 

For example, if you’ve been struggling with yellowing teeth, howlite can help to whiten them. A great idea would be to purchase a gemstone infusion glass, and drink water that has howlite’s powers seeping through it. 

In addition to this, howlite can help in matters of physical beauty (see also ‘15 Powerful Crystals For Beauty‘). If you’re struggling with dull, lifeless, thin hair, howlite can help to improve its appearance. Because calcium is one of the main components for thick and beautiful hair, howlite can aid you in this regard. 

It can also help to improve the appearance of nails. Many of us dream of having thick, sturdy nails, but instead are faced with thinner ones which chip easily. If you want help in improving this, you can wear howlite jewelry on your fingers. 

In addition to this, howlite may be adept at healing more serious health conditions related to the bones, such as osteoporosis. This is a condition where the bones become brittle and prone to breakage, but carrying a howlite stone with you may be able to help. This is because it can help to balance the nutrients in your body. 

In addition to this, it also has physical healing properties that tie in with the emotional aspects of itself. Because it’s a stone that’s often used to treat disorders related to worry or panic, howlite can help to heal the physical issues most closely associated with these ailments. 

Many of us, when we’re feeling stressed or are worried about something, don’t notice the physical problems that it can create. Howlite can help to heal some of these stress related aches and pains within our bodies. 

The Emotional Healing Properties Of Howlite 

As well as helping to heal our bodies, howlite is also a fantastic choice of gemstone if you’re suffering from psychological or emotional issues. 

With all of the difficulties of modern living, howlite can help you to slow down and relax. It has strong associations with wintertime and hibernation, and this stone can help you to set aside time for your mental health. 

In addition to promoting relaxation, howlite is a great option if you struggle with issues of anger (see also ‘13 Powerful Crystals For Anger‘). If you find yourself quick to react in certain situations, carrying a howlite gemstone with you can temper your reactions. It can help us to step back from the situation, and observe things objectively. 

If you’ve been struggling to relax, and find a moment of peace, howlite can help to drown out all of the noise. Many of us are faced with wandering minds that are quick to jump to conclusions, or simply paint us in a negative light. Howlite can help to quieten these racing thoughts. 

Because it’s so great for healing anxiety and panic disorder, purchasing a tumblestone version of this gemstone would be beneficial. We’d recommend placing it in your pocket before you go outside, so that it’s with you throughout the day to combat any negative situations. 

Another way in which this stone can benefit you psychologically is by using it as a meditative tool. If you want the ultimate calming meditation session, then simply use this stone in your next practice. 

We’d recommend placing one howlite stone in the palm of each of your hands, and holding them whilst you focus. Many people have actually claimed to experience visions whilst holding this stone, which means that it can help you to strengthen your psychic ability. 

People have reported being transported to snowy planes, where they’re at one with the nature around them. 

If you want to strengthen your connection with nature, and slow down the bustle of your everyday life, this stone can help to provide the correct environment.

Indeed, howlite is great for these transformative journeys in our lives, where we need to physically prepare ourselves to ‘hibernate’ like the mammals of the animal kingdom. Choose howlite whenever you need a physical or mental break. 

Finally, howlite can also help to soothe negative emotions. Many of us, especially if we’re empathetic people, will experience extremes of emotion, be they sadness, anxiety, or depression. Howlite can help to heal these conditions, and bring the user peace and serenity. 

The Spiritual Healing Properties Of Howlite

Now that we’ve covered both the physical and emotional benefits of using howlite in your everyday life, we can move on to the spiritual aspects of the stone. 

One of the main spiritual benefits of howlite is that it can help to absorb negative energy. Because it’s naturally a porous stone, it can help to ‘mop’ up the negativity in your life. It helps to keep you focused on your higher purpose, and prevents negative emotions from clouding this journey. 

Because it’s connected to the crown chakra, this means that it’s highly attuned to notions of spiritual knowledge. It can help to keep us on the path to learning our true spiritual purpose, in addition to encouraging the pursuit of spiritual knowledge. 

In addition, Howlite is also associated with the third eye. This association means that it can help to fine tune our intuition. When we have keener intuition, we become more adept at avoiding negative people and situations.

If you’re somebody who needs some help in discerning people’s true emotions and motivations, this stone can help you. 

How To Use Howlite

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at how howlite can benefit your mind, body, and spirit, we can move on to discuss how to use this gemstone. Howlite can be employed in many different ways to benefit your life, both at home and at work. 

You can use this stone for wealth, love and prosperity. If you want to find out more about how howlite can help to improve your life in these aspects, keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

Howlite For Sleep

Some of you might not be aware of the fact that gemstones can actually be used for sleep, and howlite is one of the best for this. Many people suffer from sleep related disorders such as insomnia, and struggle to find the peace they need to fall asleep. 

A great tip for treating this disorder is to simply take a howlite crystal with you to your bedroom in the evening, then place it underneath your pillow. We’d recommend a small tumblestone for this, as you won’t be able to feel it under your head. 

Note the marked difference in sleeping patterns from using howlite, versus sleeping without it. 

In addition to curing insomnia, howlite can also help with other sleep related issues such as nightmares and night terrors (see also ‘The Best Healing Crystals You Can Use To Help With Nightmares And Night Terrors‘). Because nightmares are closely related to emotional issues in our waking lives, howlite can help to bring peace to our dreams. 

Helping to quieten your subconscious, howlite can be a fantastic tool for bringing pleasant dreams. As well as this, if you’re somebody who finds it difficult to battle with racing thoughts before falling asleep, howlite can help to combat this. 

It’s a stone known for its immense peace giving properties, and what better way to utilize these than using them to get a good night’s sleep? 

Howlite At Home 

As human beings, home represents our place of sanctuary and refuge after a difficult day. It’s where we recharge our batteries, ready for the following day. But what if your home doesn’t feel all that peaceful at the moment? 

If so, some well placed howlite crystals could make your home the safe haven it should be. If you want to remove the stress from your home, simply place some howlite crystals at focal points around your living area. 

You can put them anywhere you like, but make sure that you’re able to see them clearly. Each time you see these crystals scattered about, you’ll be reminded of the spiritual energies they’re granting you and your home. 

Finally, as we mentioned above, it’s always a good idea to keep a howlite crystal underneath your pillow, as this can help to give you a good night’s sleep (see also ‘15 Beautiful Crystals That Help With Sleep‘).

Howlite At The Office

Unfortunately, it often feels as though we spend more time at work than we do at home. This means that it’s incredibly important that we create a calm and peaceful environment in our office, so that we can be as productive as possible. 

We’d recommend taking a howlite crystal with you to work, and simply placing it on your desk. Because howlite is such a calm and peaceful stone, it can help to promote these feelings in your workplace. 

If you’re feeling particularly stressed at work at the moment, this stone can help to give you peace. In addition, if there are any negative workmates, this stone can help to deflect and drive their bad energies away. 

Howlite For Love

Are you struggling in areas of love or relationships? If so, howlite can help to bring you a little bit of luck. 

Many of us find it difficult to be vulnerable and express the way that we’re truly feeling, howlite can help in this regard. If you have somebody who you’ve had a crush on for a long time, but you’re too afraid to tell them, howlite can help to give you the courage you need. 

Because it’s adept at quelling strong, negative emotions such as fear, howlite can help you to express the innermost desires of your heart. 

Howlite can also help you to appear more attractive in the eyes of potential suitors, because it drives away deficiencies. When you wear or carry howlite with you, it can help you to be your best self, and only demonstrate positive emotions. This can make you seem very appealing to those around you. 

Indeed, the good vibes you’re giving off will attract positive people to surround you. 

It can also teach you to be patient, and to accept the good and the bad. Many of us are desperate to find our perfect match, and get impatient when anything other than perfect shows up. But, this stone teaches you to appreciate every experience on the journey. 

If you’re already in a relationship, and are wondering if howlite can help with some potential problems you and your partner are having, the answer is yes, this stone can help. 

Often when we’re in partnerships, it’s difficult not to allow negative emotions to take over in the heat of the moment. When we argue, some of us will become very angry and shout, which is counterproductive. 

Howlite can help massively in this regard, as it can help to temper negative emotions, and keep you level headed. This will lead to an overall decline in the number of heated arguments you and your partner have. 

In addition to tempering strong emotions, howlite can help with communication issues. Perhaps there’s a problem in your relationship that you’ve been too afraid to confront your partner with? 

If this is the case, then howlite can help to give you the courage to do so. Simply place one of these stones in your pocket before you plan to speak with your partner, and watch yourself as you speak clearly and calmly, articulating the issue at hand without fear. 

Howlite For Wealth

Another area that you can use howlite for is wealth and prosperity. When we’re trying to attract money into our lives through manifestation, there are often some negative associations which block our cash flow. 

Howlite can help to drown out these negative thoughts, and simply allow you to focus on your goals. 

It can also help you to reach high minded ideas that would be otherwise inaccessible if you were only looking at the problems. Howlite can free up your creativity, and allow you to focus on solutions rather than problems. 

Wearing Howlite As Jewelry

Another great idea for using the immense healing properties of howlite in your life, is to simply wear it as jewelry. When it comes to howlite jewelry, there are lots of options out there. Because it’s such a light stone, it’s incredibly neutral and goes with most color schemes. 

You can purchase howlite bracelets, which are incredibly effective because they allow the stone to rest next to your pulse. With each beat of your pulse, the calming and soothing properties of the howlite are allowed to course throughout your body. 

The same goes for howlite necklaces, which are amazing when they rest next to your chest. By having that skin to skin contact with the stone, it can be easily absorbed by your body, allowing you to carry the peaceful energies with you all day. 

How To Cleanse Howlite

We’re sure that one of the key things you’ll be eager to find out about this gemstone is the best way to clean it. When it comes to cleaning howlite, many of you will be pleased to find that it’s actually an incredibly easy process. 

When it comes to physically cleaning your stone, so that it looks spick and span, all you need to do is hold it under some running water, allow it to course over your stone. 

In addition to this, you can also cleanse your stone simply by placing it in a bowl filled with rice, this will sap out any of the negative energies it’s accumulated. 

Because howlite is so great at removing negative energies from our lives, this means that our stones sometimes get blocked with these negativities. That’s why it’s so important to spiritually cleanse our crystals from time to time, so they can continue doing their job. 

There are a few different ways that you can cleanse your crystals in a spiritual manner, one of which includes the use of moon water. 

If you’re not familiar with what moon water consists of, it’s simply water that’s been cleansed in the light of a full moon. In order to make your own moon water, place a clear glass on a windowsill where it can absorb the energies of the moonlight, and then leave it overnight. 

After you’ve done this, you can make a crystal bath, where you place your crystals in the moon water, and allow them to be purified by the moon water. 

Although howlite is completely water safe, not all crystals are, so make sure that the one you’re bathing is non toxic. 

Another, even simpler way of cleansing your howlite, is to use a sage stick. Sage sticks have amazing cleansing powers, and can help to rid your gemstone of any unwanted energies.

Simply light it, and allow the smoke to travel and mingle with your crystal. Any blocked up negative energies will simply float away. 

The Zodiac Associated With Howlite

When it comes to zodiac signs, the one most closely associated with howlite is the Gemini. Those who are familiar with the different signs will know that Geminis are highly sensitive and emotional. 

This makes howlite a great stone for this sign, as it helps to balance and temper strong emotions. Geminis are also great lovers of communication, something that howlite is great at aiding. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, howlite is a stone that is strongly associated with feelings of calm and peace. It can help with all sorts of emotional issues, such as anxiety and depression, as well as physical ailments, particularly ones to do with the bones, such as osteoporosis. 

If you want to employ the energies of howlite in your life, place some stones around your home to create a calm and soothing environment (see also ‘13 Powerful Calming Crystals‘).

Andrea Daehma