The Most Significant Metaphysical Properties Of Selenite

Selenite has long been thought to have mighty healing properties in many cultures. Many people think of selenite as one of the most significant stones in the toolset of an energy worker.

The Most Significant Metaphysical Properties Of Selenite

It is a crystal that is thought to have metaphysical properties that may offer security and keep improving one’s feeling of wellness, as well as the ability to clear undesired vibes from one’s surroundings.

But let’s have a look at what the major metaphysical properties of this crystal are and how they can help you change your life!

What Is Selenite?

Selenite is a solidified form of gypsum that is typically found as a transparent, multi-faceted gem. It is created when sulfate and calcium-rich saltwater dries up and has a Mohs hardness of 2.

Selenite got its name from the similarity of its color with the color of the moon, as in the Greek language, ‘selini’ means ‘moon.’

Several people believe that selenite is a mighty healing stone with numerous advantages, but there are no science-based facts to substantiate this.

Even so, there is scientific proof that selenium, the trace element version of selenite, has numerous health advantages. And, in case you didn’t know what a trace element is, we’re referring to a chemical substance that is found in minute amounts in lifeforms.

What Are The Metaphysical Properties Of Selenite?

A few of the primary supposed metaphysical therapeutic properties of a selenite crystal are as follows:

It Promotes Peacefulness And Calmness

Selenite is a gemstone with a very good resonance frequency. In fact, its vibrations are so potent that it is ranked among the most potent crystals in the world because of its high frequency.

It Provides Clarity

Chakras are believed to be energy centers in your body associated with psycho-emotional functions, and selenite can affect these energy centers and remove blockages, thus providing clarity of mind and soul.

The power of selenite is one of calmness and serenity, which makes it a great crystal for restoring order and stability in all types of scenarios.

It Makes You Feel Positive

The healing properties of gypsum selenite help balance and stabilize your emotional health. It stimulates emotional healing and health in your life.

Selenite is also thought to boost good thoughts, and it can also be employed to re-energize yourself, your environment, and your other crystals.

It Helps You Relax

Selenite can also help your body and mind relax, calm down, and soothe thanks to its strong vibrations that can alleviate the pain you feel.

It Promotes Spiritual Advancement

Working with nothing but your star chakra, selenite can show you the way and help you advance spiritually by discovering your higher self.

It Improves Your Mental Clarity And Intelligence

Selenite is the greatest vibrational crystal, allowing you to focus on your thoughts without distractions, as well as remove all the blockages inside your head.

It Gives An Opportunity To Have A Better Approach To Life

Selenite’s body consists of the same metals and energy that the universe and nature are constructed with, which means that the selenite can help you to become ‘one’ with them.

Moreover, it helps people develop their psychic ability to allow them to see the beauty of the physical and metaphysical world.

It Creates A Meditative Atmosphere

It Creates A Meditative Atmosphere

The therapeutic properties of selenite also help to create the ideal zen atmosphere. It allows access to the magical realm.

How To Create An Ideal Meditation Atmosphere

With the lights in the room off, you can light up some aromatic cones and sit down in a meditation position. Once you feel like you are cozy and comfortable, take a selenite crystal and hold it with your dominant hand or use two and hold them in both hands.

Experience a real optimistic radiance enveloping you, purifying your soul of all negative thoughts.

It Relieves Stress And Anxiety Αnd Helps You Fight Depression

These higher vibrational crystals use their powerful vibrations to absorb unrest, anxiousness, strain, and tension from your body.

Note: Rainbow fluorite crystal soothes, relaxes, and supports inner happiness by working with the higher chakra system and secret divine powers.

It Increases Sense Of Teamwork In Order To Reach A Common Goal

Selenite crystals promote strong vision as well as self-belief in one’s character, in addition to a feeling of togetherness among teammates.

Use the properties of selenite to bring unity to your team!

It Promotes Truth, Sincerity, And To Trust Your Guts

When you’re dealing with personal flaws and disharmony in your life, wear a selenite gem on your head. Everything will begin to fall into place once again. 

Having a selenite in your bag or pocket also encourages truthfulness, honesty, and moral development.

The Bottom Line

Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals and, as you can see from its metaphysical properties listed above, it can help you change your life for the better.

So, if you do trust the power of crystals and their healing properties, take advantage of the magical properties of selenite to bring balance to your life!

Andrea Daehma