The Powers And Healing Properties Of Hematite

Hematite is both a beautiful crystal and an important ore of iron. It’s easily recognizable because of its distinctive silvery gray color that glows in the light. People love to use this beautiful crystal in their spellwork, or even just carry it around in their pocket for protection.

The Powers And Healing Properties Of Hematite

Either way, the magical powers and healing properties of hematite are immense, and these date back to ancient times. You can find this crystal most commonly in Brazil and South Africa, and sometimes in Lake Superior in Canada. 

To find out more about how you can use this amazing crystal to change your life, keep reading below as we take a closer look. 

What Is Hematite Made From? 

Before we jump straight in and start talking about the amazing benefits of using hematite crystals, let’s take a closer look at its composition. 

Essentially, hematite is an iron ore, as well as being considered an iron oxide crystal (see also, ‘4 Aluminum Oxide Crystals‘). It has an incredible metallic shine that makes it appear unique when compared to other opaque crystals (see also ‘15 Of The Best Metallic Crystals‘).

On the Mohs hardness scale, hematite has been deemed as a level 5-6, this means that it’s more soft rather than dense. 

A lot of people choose to use the crystal for jewelry, because when it’s polished, it takes on a radiant sheen. 

The History Of Hematite

Now that we’ve taken a look at the composition of the stone, we can begin to look at the history of the stone. For thousands of years, hematite has closely been associated with blood because of the red color that’s found inside the stone. 

This is one of the reasons why it was so widely appreciated by our ancestors. Many people would wear or carry the stone around with them, because they believed that it would protect them from any injuries that might cause bleeding. 

In addition to this, it was believed that people who were already bleeding could be treated by holding this stone against their skin. This was often the case for women experiencing difficult childbirth. This has translated all the way to modern day, and people still carry it to prevent illnesses or injuries related to blood. 

In Ancient Babylon, it was believed that hematite could cause walls made from stone to fall, so people would take it into battle believing it would grant them power over their enemies. As well as this, it was worn as a talisman by farmers, who believed that it would help their crops to grow. 

Even magicians in the Middle Ages believed that it had great power, as they’d wear the stone around their necks when they were casting spells. 

What Is The Meaning Of Hematite?

Today, hematite is still considered to be a stone that can offer its wearer great protection. It helps to connect us to the earth that it’s derived from, and therefore makes us feel incredibly secure.

Because of these grounding properties, it’s a great stone for people who suffer from anxiety, or get lost in thoughts easily and need to be brought back to earth. 

In addition, if you’re going through a difficult time where you’re struggling to speak your mind, hematite can give you the courage to do so. It’s a stone that’s very much associated with bravery and overcoming tough situations. 

Another great use for hematite is treating addictions. Many people who are trying to quit smoking will carry this stone to help them with their resolve. 

Finally, hematite is also a great option for helping people to focus, as well as directing thought in a specific way. This makes it a great choice for spellwork, as it can help to focus your energy on a goal. 

How Can Hematite Heal You?

There are a number of different ways that hematite can help to heal the body as well as the mind. As you will have discovered from reading above, the stone was often worn by people who wanted to cure themselves of blood related illnesses. 

Below, we take a look at some of the key ways that hematite can be used to heal, providing a section for mind, body, and spirit. 

Physical Healing Properties Of Hematite

First of all, let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that hematite can be used to heal the human body. As you can imagine, because of its reddish inner core, people have associated this stone with blood since ancient times. 

This makes it a great choice for people who are struggling with illnesses or injuries related to the blood. For example, somebody who is suffering from DVT might benefit from using this stone, as it can help the blood to flow more easily throughout the body. 

As well as this, people who are anemic and don’t have enough blood to function properly would benefit from carrying this stone. Any injuries that cause excessive blood flow can also be treated with this stone, as they can help to stop the bleeding. 

Many women might benefit from using hematite when they are menstruating. Many people will suffer from heavy periods that can be incredibly painful and intense. Carrying a hematite can help to ease the flow, and prevent periods from becoming uncomfortable. 

Another physical use of hematite is treating high blood pressure. The high iron content of the stone means that it can help with circulation, and regulating the flow of blood in your body. 

Mental Healing Properties Of Hematite

Some might think that the healing properties of hematite are limited to the physical realms, but this isn’t the case at all. In fact, this stone can aid a whole host of different mental illnesses. 

One of the key mental benefits associated with hematite is that it prevents you from becoming bogged down by other people’s thoughts and feelings. As we move through life, our minds can sometimes absorb the negative energy given out by others. This doesn’t even necessarily need to be verbal, as our brains are adept at observing when something is ‘off’. 

Hematite can help to block this negative energy, and only filter in emotions that are positive. It’s almost like wearing a protective barrier against bad vibes. 

It can also prevent you from feeling negative yourself, as it makes sure that you’re always feeling confident and sure of yourself. This is great for people who struggle with self esteem, because the stone can help to give you a sense of security and assuredness in yourself. 

If you have a confrontation impending with someone, wearing hematite jewelry can help you to argue your point with assurance and clarity. Because it’s associated with the earth, it keeps the conversation grounded and productive. 

It also helps with memory and focus, so if you have a big test coming up that you need to remember lots of information for, carrying this stone is beneficial. On a larger scale, people who suffer from serious conditions such as dementia might benefit from wearing hematite jewelry. 

Because of its strong associations with the earth, people might find wearing hematite helpful whilst meditating. It can help you to feel grounded and focused, qualities that are important for this kind of work. You’ll notice the difference immediately if you’ve never used this stone before in your practice. 

As we mentioned briefly above, hematite can also help with additions, both on a smaller and larger scale. If you struggle with overeating, for example, and you’re trying to lose some extra weight, hematite can help to curb these cravings. 

Spiritual Healing Properties Of Hematite

As well as having mental and physical healing properties, hematite can help to heal the soul too. 

This incredibly versatile crystal is great when it comes to creating high vibrations. As we mentioned before, wearing hematite can help you to cultivate a positive atmosphere for yourself, because it wards off negativity. 

As well as this, it can also create a positive atmosphere for manifesting goals. Because it helps to instill confidence and self assurance, using this stone can help to create the perfect base for manifestation work. You can use it to give yourself belief that you’re on your way to achieving your desires. 

As we mentioned above, it’s also great for improving clarity and focus during meditation, so placing it in the palm of your hand can help prevent your brain from wandering. 

When it comes to the chakras, hematite is most closely associated with the root chakra. This means that it can help us to make big decisions that might otherwise be difficult. This is because it aligns us with our own souls and our deepest desires. 

Finally, hematie has the perfect yin yang balance, and so can help the physical and spiritual nervous system to align. 

Hematite Zodiac 

It’s also beneficial to take a look at the astrological sign that is most closely associated with the stone, as it can help to tell us more about its properties. 

Hematite is most closely associated with Aquarius, but is also somewhat associated with Aries too. Aquarius is known for being incredibly self reliant, advanced, and optimistic individuals. 

They are also known for being highly intellectual, which makes complete sense considering hematite is a great tool for revision. Aquarius also aren’t afraid of confrontation, and are very sure of themselves, which is also reflected by the grounding qualities of this stone. 

Aquarius are also known for being full of ideas and inspiration, so if you need help in making decisions, holding the stone can help you to come to some conclusions (see also ‘13 Beautiful Aquarius Crystals And Stones‘). 

Aquarius individuals (see also ‘The Birthstones Of Aquarius‘), because of their open mindedness, often suffer from absorbing negative energy from others. This means that their nervous system is in overdrive. It’s no wonder then, that this stone is beneficial for such purposes. Hematite can help to protect Aquaris from anxiety and negativity. 

Finally, as we mentioned above, people with the Aries astrological sign might also benefit from carrying it around. Because of the Aries association with fire, this means that the stone can help them to feel more grounded in heated moments, and not get carried away. 

Although the hematite stone can help you to engage in healthy discussion and debate, this doesn’t mean that it will cause arguments of any kind. Instead, it encourages you to speak calmly and from the heart. 

How Can I Tell If My Hematite Is Real? 

There are a few different ways to check whether or not your hematite is real. First and foremost, we’d always recommend purchasing your crystals from a reputable source.

Sadly, even if your crystals are real, purchasing them cheaply might mean that they’ve come from a mining source that treats their workers incredibly poorly. 

One of the key ways of determining whether or not your hematite is real is through touch. If it feels very weighty in your hands, this is a good sign, as the stone tends to be on the heavier side. It’s also very cool in your hands at first, but warms up incredibly quickly. 

Another incredibly easy way to tell whether or not your hematite is real is by conducting a ‘scratch’ test. You’ll require an abrasive material, such as sandpaper, that you can use to scratch the surface of the stone. Be careful not to scratch it too hard, as you might damage your stone. 

Instead, gently rub it against a portion of the surface, and as you do so, you should see a reddish quality appear on the sandpaper. This is the iron core of the stone that ‘bleeds’ when it’s rubbed against something abrasive.

Interestingly, ancient people would use this stone to create drawings on the wall, because it would emit this reddish quality when rubbed. 

Another thing that you could do is the ‘magnet’ test. Recently, there has been a lot of fake hematite jewelry in circulation, and the material that is used in this is magnetic in nature.

If you want to test whether your jewelry is real or not, simply place it against a magnetic surface and see if it sticks. If it doesn’t attach itself to the surface, it’s the real deal. 

It’s important to always make sure that you’re purchasing real hematite instead of a fake piece, as it won’t have the same magical properties. 

How To Use Hematite

Now that you know a bit more about hematite jewelry, and how to identify it, we can move on to discuss how to use this stone. There are many different ways you can utilize the powers of hematite in your everyday life, and we take a look at some below. 

To find some inspiration, simply keep reading. 

Hematite At The Office 

Most of us will spend more time in our workplace than we do at home, so it makes sense to take some of your crystals with you (see also ’13 Beautiful Crystals For Workplace’). Hematite is known for having heaps of positive energy, so if you want to emit that in the workplace, simply sit one next to you at your desk. 

As we mentioned before, hematite has lots of grounding energy, so if you’re feeling stressed at work, touching it can help to keep your emotions leveled. In addition, if you’re struggling to concentrate at work, this crystal can help to keep you focused on the task at hand. 

It’s usually a very inexpensive stone too, so you can use it to decorate all the different areas surrounding your place of work. For example, you could put some in your conference room, as well as in reception, and this will help to spread positivity to different areas. 

Hematite For Relationships

Hematite can also be used within the context of relationships, and can be highly beneficial in this sense. If you’ve had an issue that you need to confront with your partner, holding this stone in your hand can help you to do so with ease and grace. 

Many people struggle to initiate discussions without bringing excessive emotions into the mix, and this can cause a lot of heated arguments. Because hematite is so grounding, it can help to keep unwanted emotions at bay, and instead focus you on the conversation at hand. 

In addition, if you’re somebody who is anxious and worries a lot in a relationship about what your partner thinks of you, this stone can help. Hematite is a stone that encourages rational thinking, and can therefore help you to see things from a clear and unbiased perspective. 

Because it has such strong associations with positivity, hematite can keep your relationship cheerful and bright, and encourage you to undertake new adventures together.

Hematite is an incredibly happy stone, and if you need to bring a little humor or lightheartedness to your relationship, this stone can help you achieve that. 

Hematite For Meditation

Another great way you can use hematite is for meditative purposes. Once you hold a hematite stone in your hand, you’ll notice the immense benefits that it grants you in terms of concentration. 

It’s especially good to use in meditation when your mind is racing, or you’ve got an issue that’s taking up all of your focus. Many people will engage in meditation after experiencing panic attacks or difficult situations, but find it difficult to calm their minds. 

Hematite is such a powerful grounding tool, that it can help to drive those thoughts and anxieties away. In order to effectively use this tool for meditation, simply place one on each of your palms, and focus on their weight connecting you to the earth as you quieten your mind. 

Some people have actually noted that they get a far more vivid and intense meditation session whilst using hematite. Some people will even receive visions. This might seem startling at first, but the grounding properties of the hematite can help you to stay focused and calm. 

Hematite In Your Home

One of the easiest ways to use hematite is to simply place it in focal points within your home. You can use it to help your home feel safer and more secure, as well as bringing some positivity in. 

It can actually be used to cleanse your home from negative emotions, so if you’ve been going through a particularly tough time, chances are your home is infused with that energy.

We’d recommend doing some smoke cleansing first with sage, then placing your crystals at strategic points where they’re visible so that you can renew the energy. 

If you don’t have any sage to cleanse your home first, you can simply do so with some moon water. Moon water is simply regular tap water that’s absorbed the energy from a full moon.

You can place a glass on your windowsill overnight so it can take on the energy. Sprinkle it around your home afterward to purify it. 

If you want to protect your home from intruders, placing a hematite crystal near the front entrance of your home can ward off negative energy.  Because hematite has such strong, protective energy, it’s great for using in spellwork, and keeping unwanted spirits away. 

Hematite For Sleep 

Another super positive benefit of hematite crystals is that they can help you get a better night’s sleep. As we mentioned, they help to protect against negative energy, and so if you’re somebody who struggles with nightmares or sleep paralysis, placing a hematite under your pillow can help you to overcome this. 

It can actually help to promote healthy sleep in general, and placing it under your pillow can help you to overcome issues with insomnia. 

Hematite For Divination

As we mentioned towards the beginning of this article, hematite used to be used by magicians to strengthen their magical bond. If you need some help in your spellwork, hematite can aid you in achieving your goals. 

One way that hematite can be used is for divination purposes. All you require is your stone, along with one candle. After you’ve lit the candle, keep a question in your mind that you want answered.

Keep focusing on this question, and then hold your hematite closer to the candle’s light. See how the lights flicker on the surface, and allow its reflections to answer your question. 

Because it can help with focus and clarity, it can help to ward off any intrusive thoughts during spellwork. It’s closely associated with masculine energy, so can be placed near this section of your altar. 

Hematite For Money

You can also use hematite to accumulate wealth. Because hematite is associated with the earth and all things green, carrying a hematite stone around with you can be very helpful. When you visualize your goals, hold the stone in the palm of your hands to help with focus. 

Just like the crops that farmers would seek help with in ancient times, your wealth will grow abundantly with the help of hematite. 

How To Care For Your Hematite 

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the different areas that hematite can help you with, we can move on to discuss its care. 

Many crystals are cleaned using water, but you should under no circumstances do this with hematite. It can severely damage the stone, and cause the beautiful colors to run. Because of the iron oxide content, this means that it can even rust and corrode. 

It’s important to always keep your hematite in a dry, safe place where it won’t be exposed to any moisture. In order to clean your hematite, you can simply polish it now and again to keep it looking fresh. 

Make sure that if you’re wearing hematite jewelry, that you take it off when you go swimming. It’s best not to wear it if you’re doing any kind of strenuous physical activity either. Plus, taking your crystal based jewelry off once in a while gives it a chance to recharge. 

If you want to magically cleanse your crystal, we obviously wouldn’t recommend doing so with moon water for obvious purposes. Instead, if you want to cleanse your crystal, you can rub it with a small toothbrush to unclog any energy.

Make sure that you do this very gently, and with a brush that isn’t too rough, as it could damage the appearance of your stone. 

You can also simply cleanse it by using sage. This goes for all of your crystals. Light a sage stick, then weave the smoke through your crystals to cleanse them. 

Wearing Hematite 

Many people will choose to wear hematite as jewelry. This means that they can carry the positive energy emitted by the stone with them throughout the day. 

Wearing hematite can be highly beneficial, because you’re actually getting skin to skin contact with the stone, rather than simply having it next to you on a desk. One of the best ways to wear hematite is as a bracelet. 

Because the bracelet is close to your pulse, the calm and grounded energy emitted by the stone can course through your body. Not only will it help prevent you from feeling anxious, but it can also help to give you more confidence simply from wearing it. 

For similar purposes, wearing a hematite necklace close to your heart can also help you to feel more grounded and centered too. 

Different Forms Of Hematite

There are actually lots of different variations of hermite on the market. Just like other crystals, you can purchase this stone in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Each of these have their own unique spiritual benefits, which we’ll take a closer look at below. 


One of the main shapes associated with hermite are point crystals. These come in long, rounded pieces of hematite that finish off with a peak at the top. These are great for clarity and focus, as well as for manifestation work. 

The reason why they’re so great for manifestation is because we imagine their peak as our end goal, and it helps to direct the energy that you’re giving to the stone. 


Another popular form of hematite are tumblestones. You’ll see these in lots of new age stores, and they’re a great way to introduce this crystal into your life. Tumblestones are fantastic simply because they’re so versatile in terms of use. 

Because they’re so small, you can simply place the hematite in your pocket, and take the energy with you throughout the day. Tumblestones are also small enough to be placed in the palms of your hands whilst you’re meditating. 

As well as this, you can also put them safely under your pillow to promote a better night’s sleep, without being able to feel it there at all. 

Hematite Water 

As we mentioned before, you can’t put hematite in water, as it could damage your stone and cause it to corrode. There are special bottles that you can purchase, however, called gemstone water bottles. They keep your stones safely at the bottom of the bottle, untouched by the water. 

When you drink this water, you’ll literally be physically consuming all of the energy given off by the crystals. This makes it a great choice if you’re feeling particularly anxious, as you can simply take a sip from this water bottle, and feel the energy coursing through your body, and calming you down in the process. 

Is Hematite Expensive? 

Hematite is not considered to be an expensive crystal, in fact, it’s one of the cheapest on the market. This means that you can purchase several pieces, and put them in lots of different locations. 

The price is usually dependent on how much your hematite weighs, and whether or not it’s shaped in a special format. For example, purchasing hematite peaks or globes will be more expensive than buying it raw. 

Hematite jewelry is also relatively cheap most of the time, but you can find more expensive varieties too. This is usually dependent on the material surrounding your jewelry, such as gold.

Sometimes however, you can get some special pieces of hematite that have intricate lines or patterns inside them. Because they’re more unusual, people will pay more for them. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, hematite is a great stone for people who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. The crystal is associated closely with the earth, and so carrying around a hematite tumblestone can help to calm you down. As well as this, it has strong protective qualities too.

Andrea Daehma