The Ultimate Guide To Rainbow Moonstone

Many people look to gemstones for guidance, comfort, and to feel the many benefits that they provide.

The Ultimate Guide To Rainbow Moonstone

However, different gemstones will provide different benefits, so it is good to understand the meanings, uses, and benefits of the respective gemstones so you can make an informed choice on which is best for you. 

In this article, we will provide an ultimate guide on rainbow moonstone, including what it is, its origins, the benefits it provides, and more. So, if this is of interest to you, read on for more. 

What Is Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow moonstone is a popular variant of labradorite, renowned for its adularescence – an optical phenomenon that results in stones such as moonstone.

It reflects a blue luster and glow from underneath the surface of the gemstone, which, in the case of rainbow moonstone, gives it the impression of light floating on top of water. 

Rainbow moonstone is also a type of feldspar gemstone. Around 60% of the planet’s crust is made up of feldspar gemstones, and this includes rainbow moonstones. 

Rainbow moonstone differs from other types of moonstone. For example, orthoclase moonstone has less relative density and optical properties when compared to rainbow moonstone. 

On top of this, rainbow moonstone has very prevalent inclusions, and this is particularly true for rainbow moonstone cut to a bigger size. It is said that the thinner, horizontal streaks look very similar to centipedes.

However, it is the specks in rainbow moonstone that make it so appealing, as they are what give it its beautiful rainbow shine. The more inclusions there are in rainbow moonstone, the more hues there will be. 

Rainbow moonstone usually appears white in color on the surface and reflects rainbow light as you turn it.

It has very meditative and soothing properties. Its colorful outbursts encompass its ethereal nature, and it is very well known that this gemstone can connect to all of the chakras which results in a state of serenity and harmony. 

What Is The History Of Rainbow Moonstone?

The history of rainbow moonstone goes back for centuries, over 2,000 years ago!

The Hindu culture provides one of the earliest references to the stone. According to Hindu lore, rainbow moonstone came to earth after moonbeams came to the earth and then solidified over time.

As the years passed, many people believed that rainbow moonstone became a symbol of good fortune.

Many cultures in India thought that if you held some rainbow moonstone in your mouth during a full moon, then you would be able to see your own future! 

On top of that, the Romans believed rainbow moonstone to be mystical, too.

In Ancient Rome rainbow moonstone represented everything related to the moon and the goddess Diana, from fertility to romance! They also believed that rainbow moonstone provided protection for those traveling. 

In fact, many belief systems and mythologies link rainbow moonstone to the moon, goddesses, and the idea of divine femininity. 

What Is The Meaning Of Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow moonstone is renowned for being beautiful.

However, it is also known for being strong and has a strong, calming influence over people, having the ability to bring everything back into balance and equilibrium.

Because of this, it is a gemstone that has the ability to bring a lot of joy to individuals. Many people say that to own a rainbow moonstone is to wear a rainbow in your heart. 

Like other gemstones, rainbow moonstone releases vibrations. These vibrations have the ability to balance every chakra which allows power to throw through us with ease.

Because of this, rainbow moonstone is regarded as a peaceful gemstone that is always emitting pleasant and tranquil vibes. 

Rainbow moonstone is one of the best stones to link to the human essence. It is always able to connect to the current psychological condition of whoever is wearing it. 

If you are someone who feels like they often cannot focus, then rainbow moonstone will be incredibly beneficial for you!

Rainbow moonstone is excellent at helping individuals maintain their concentration and is able to protect their surroundings from any bad energies, allowing you to feel calm and thus, focused.

People are able to feel rainbow moonstones’ ability to increase their intellectual levels, intuition, and consciousness. It does this by cleansing them of any negative thoughts. 

Finally, rainbow moonstone is a very transformative stone. Even if you have not spent a lot of time with it, you may already reap many of its wonderful benefits.

For example, carrying rainbow moonstone may open up doors for you in your job that have the potential to transform your life. This may feel like you are running totally in sync with the lunar cycle.

And, once you have completed this, you feel radiant and will be ready to move on to a new phase in life, just like the moon goes through phases. 

What Are The Healing Properties Of Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow moonstone has an abundance of healing properties. Not only do they bring a sense of calm to individuals and stop negative energy from reaching them, but they also teach people how to manage their lifestyles. 

Rainbow moonstones are often said to represent the grace of heaven and will make a person feel more at ease in their career by stopping negative energy from reaching them.

In the case of careers, carrying around rainbow moonstone will soothe aggressive individuals and permit you to have peaceful days. 

Because of its vibrations, rainbow moonstone will also increase a person’s sensitivity and this allows them to sense all of the joy that goes into their etheric system.

The vibrations of rainbow moonstone have a unique frequency that many people believe increases their telepathic powers that come out when taking part in psychological meditation. 

When you start carrying around rainbow moonstone you will begin to notice that you are experiencing more fortuitous and profound events in your life.

This is because the stone is now in your auric field, which allows it to increase the sense of destiny, resonance, and chance in your life.

Among those opportunities are opportunities that have the potential to really change your life and take it in the direction that you want. For women, in particular, this stone may enhance the ability of telepathy or being able to provide intuitive readings. 

Let’s check out the benefits of rainbow moonstone in more detail!

Rainbow Moonstone: Feelings And Emotional Healing 

Rainbow moonstone is a bright gemstone that puts out elevating vibes.

For this reason, it is a gemstone with the ability to warm the heart. If you’re seeking a meaningful, passionate relationship then rainbow moonstone may help you find the best person for that.

Alternatively, if you are already in an established, loving relationship, then rainbow moonstone will give you the ability to be fearless and firm when you need to change the dynamics of that relationship. 

Most individuals feel insecure from time to time, but rainbow moonstone will protect you from any harm that may be more likely to come your way while you are feeling insecure.

It will also help stamp out these insecurities by allowing you to feel confident. 

When it comes to feelings and emotional healing, rainbow moonstone has a solid energy that is sure to uplift you. It will help you to recognize the steps you need to take to improve any negative circumstances you may be facing.

It also allows individuals a degree of empathy, to be able to see other points of view with respect and sympathy. 

Rainbow Moonstone: The Mind

Rainbow moonstone can softly awaken your crown chakra.

It allows the amazing forces of the crown chakra, the physical environment around you, and the universe, to connect with an individual and allow them to feel restored and become more compassionate towards themselves and others. 

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Rainbow moonstone is great at relaxing the mind, and it does this by removing any anxiety or general noise that can get in between peaceful contemplation.

In other words, rainbow moonstone helps us to become totally immersed wherever we are. 

Not only that, but rainbow moonstone aids the mind by allowing us to cut any threads that are tangled up in our atmosphere because of the moods, wants, and perceptions of others.

When our minds are overworked, rainbow moonstone will redirect our thoughts by re-energizing our creativity and providing new thoughts. 

Rainbow Moonstone: The Body 

Many people are of the opinion that rainbow moonstone can help ease any eye problems, sensitivity to light in particular.

It is also said that rainbow moonstone can aid menstrual discomfort by balancing the metabolism of people who menstruate. Rainbow moonstone also works to balance the body in general, in an attempt to reduce feelings of anxiety.

Many people believe rainbow moonstone can reduce inflammation. 

On top of this, rainbow moonstone can enhance the telepathic powers of individuals who have them, and allow us all to connect to and receive guidance from the cosmos.

Through rainbow moonstone, our celestial and physical bodies become harmonized, which allows us to be able to reduce our anxiety levels and boosts our self-assurance. 

It is important to note that gemstones, while comforting in times of physical ailments, can only act as a guide, and it is always best to see a doctor if you have any questions or concerns about your health. 

Rainbow Moonstone: The Spirit

Rainbow moonstone is a powerful and complex gemstone of the spirit. It works to unite all individuals to their ultimate power and frequency as well as helping to increase their enlightenment and faith.

The spiritual rhythms of rainbow moonstone and mirrored across the lives of those who own them and the frequency waves can have a significant impact on their lives. 

So, if you find yourself feeling restless, nervous, or worried, then you will find it helpful and soothing to your spirit to wear a rainbow moonstone necklace.

Wearing a rainbow moonstone so close to your skin will soothe you and eventually, will help you to feel joyful. Rainbow moonstone does this by placing people in an almost dream-like state. 

Additionally, if you want your body to feel rejuvenated to aid your spirit, then place a rainbow moonstone under your pillow during a full moon – this will aid you in falling into REM sleep. 

What Is The Best Way To Wear Rainbow Moonstone? 

You can wear rainbow moonstones in a variety of different ways – there is no wrong way to do it and it comes down to personal preference.

In addition to this, rainbow moonstones come in a variety of different cuts and designs so you will be able to find one that you love. 

Many people who wear rainbow moonstone find it very therapeutic.

It is most popular to wear this gemstone in the form of pendants, earrings, or bands, but you can also simply carry around the stone in your purse or wallet and still feel the positive impact it can bring.

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Wearing rainbow moonstone often provides the individual with spiritual defense, and when worn as a necklace, in particular, can help people to embrace any supernatural abilities they may have. 

You will find a lot of the time, rainbow moonstone is combined with peridot which not only makes for beautiful accessories but are also spiritually beneficial because they provide vitality near both the crown chakra and the third eye. 

It is a good idea to wear rainbow moonstone jewelry in the upper chakras because this is where the moonstones’ frequencies will work best.

The best rainbow moonstone accessory to wear in terms of frequencies is a rainbow moonstone ring. 

What Are The Benefits Of Bringing Rainbow Moonstone To Your Workplace?

Rainbow moonstone is a very useful gemstone to bring into the workplace. If you wear rainbow moonstone to work, then it will help you cope with any workplace worries, strains, or difficult situations.

Rainbow moonstone eases the pressure of taking risks by making sure that the act of taking a risk becomes an easy process. 

This is particularly true when you are starting a new project. This is because you will find it easier to recalibrate new objectives and continue to grow and change while you work towards a new goal. 

Rainbow moonstone also provides wearers with strength and courage in the workplace, which enables them to follow their intuition and have faith in their ideas, even when others are trying to convince them otherwise.

And, if you are indeed going to make a bad decision at work, then rainbow moonstone will protect you from making any negative, life-changing decisions. 

In regards to financial concerns, with rainbow moonstone, you will be able to have beneficial, professional relationships with others, as well as be able to better identify people you should avoid contact with.

You will also be able to identify the tools necessary to achieve your goals and meet objectives related to your investments. 

How Can You Meditate With Rainbow Moonstone?

Yes, you can meditate with rainbow moonstone! The best way to do this is by lying down with a rainbow moonstone on your forehead. This will help you to focus and you will be able to clear your mind. 

When you meditate with rainbow moonstone, it should feel fun and engaging.

It can be helpful to visualize white light emanating from the stones and while you are doing this, consider the reasons why you are meditating and what you hope to gain from it. 

How Does Rainbow Moonstone Affect People And Relationships?

Most, if not all, of us have needed relationship advice from time to time. Often, it is difficult to know which path to take when it comes to love, especially if we are already feeling conflicted physically and spiritually.

Rainbow moonstone can take these conflicted feelings and concerns and help us to get over them.

It is a stone that can blend strength, devoutness, and care, which is amazing if you want to be sure your emotional well-being is being taken care of. 

Not only that, but the healing properties of rainbow moonstone will allow people to gain direction and peace, highlighting many available options to them regarding people and relationships, as well as motivating us to trust our own worth and value.

By doing this, we are sure to find happiness and joy. 

The Crystal Therapies Of Rainbow Moonstone

By using rainbow moonstone regularly, you will learn how to be conscious of patterns in your behavior. From here, you will be able to study these patterns and learn which ones are best for you and which you should move away from.

The energies of rainbow moonstone will be able to help you in various ways aside from this, especially if you are going through any uncertainty or instability in life.

Rainbow moonstone will be able to help you to identify factors in your life that are necessary for gaining the life that you want. 

How Does Rainbow Moonstone Affect The Chakras?

Rainbow moonstone can work effectively on the stellar gateway chakra, unlike other types of moonstone. This chakra is the way our souls can access the cosmic world.

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The life energy we get from the cosmic world has the ability to pass through every one of our chakras which in turn, helps all of our chakras to heal.

With this rejuvenated sense of life, you will be more likely to find out life’s purpose or be reminded of it if you have already found it. 

The Shapes And Forms Of Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone comes in many different shapes and forms. It is typically used as jewelry and has been used this way for many centuries.

Early Spartans in particular loved rainbow moonstone and would use these stones in Art Nouveau jewelry. 

Rainbow moonstones grew to new heights in the 1960s thanks to the popular postmodern philosophical era of the time. 

Rainbow moonstones are usually carved into a cabochon shape to enhance their adularescence. 

The Crystal Combinations Of Rainbow Moonstone 

When you want to use a gemstone to relax, we recommend combining rainbow moonstone with either onyx, turquoise, moldavite, or kyanite. All of these gemstones encourage the user to chase dreams that will reflect their actual life goals.

When paired with rainbow moonstone, these stones can make anyone vocalize themselves and their desires. 

As previously mentioned, pairing rainbow moonstone with peridot will increase the resonance of these frequencies. 

Combining rainbow moonstone with rose quartz will help people experience more devotion and empathy.

Rainbow Moonstone: Birthstone And Connection To The Zodiac

Rainbow moonstone is a gemstone perfect for those born in June. More specially, it is perfect for those born under the Cancer astrological sign. 

Cancerians are typically compassionate and wise, and rainbow moonstone will help to bring out these traits.

Rainbow moonstone will also emphasize a Cancerian’s inherent cautiousness and devotion to a variety of interests and people. 

Cancerians are also known for their sensibility, but this can sometimes manifest as emotional instability or timidity, which can cause insecurity in Cancerians.

Rainbow moonstone will be able to assist in taking these inclinations and bringing them to harmony, thereby reducing them and installing confidence in Cancerians. 

What Is The Best Way To Cleanse And Care For Rainbow Moonstone?

Like many other gemstones, rainbow moonstone will need to be cleaned on a regular basis because it absorbs a lot of negative energy, both from your aura and your environment.

So, to clean rainbow moonstone, it is best to place it under running water for just a few minutes. It is best not to leave it soak in water, as this can cause long-term damage.

It is not advised to use salt water at all to clean your rainbow moonstone, since this will damage its appearance and make it more prone to breakage. 

What Is The Best Way To Program Rainbow Moonstone?

A great way of ensuring you achieve your goals is to program your gemstones. If you want to program your rainbow moonstone, then you need to place it in your hands and consider your intentions.

You may find it helpful to close your eyes here. Now, visualize your goals and visualize yourself achieving these goals. 

Once you are finished, open your eyes and release all the energy you have built up from your intentions into the rainbow moonstone. 

Alternatively, there may be times when you want to program your rainbow moonstone so it connects to the goddess and divine feminine energy. 

The best way to do this is the same as before. Place the rainbow moonstone in your palm and picture the goddess energy and divine feminine going into the moonstone.

Then, picture yourself becoming connected to these energies. Once you are satisfied you have done this, you can release the energy you have built up into the crystal, and this may help you to find harmony, tranquility, and peace in your life. 

Final Thoughts 

Rainbow moonstone is a powerful gemstone for bringing a sense of calm into your life. It is known for bringing everything back into balance and harmony.

Rainbow moonstone can connect to your stellar gateway chakra and this powers all of your other chakras.

Rainbow moonstone allows you to access the goddess and divine feminine energy on top of this, which further aids you in finding peace, harmony, and tranquility in your life.

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