100 Tiger’s Eye Affirmations – Improve Self-Confidence, Control And More Now!

Finding courage in life can be difficult sometimes, because all of us are prone to self-doubt every now and then.

100 Tiger’s Eye Affirmations - Improve Self-Confidence, Control And More Now!

However, combining a useful grounding stone like the Tiger’s Eye with a series of positive affirmations can help some of us to find the courage and confidence within, allowing us to lead more successful and determined lives. 

But what are the best Tiger’s Eye affirmations to use? And how do you use them with a Tiger’s Eye gemstone in the first place?

We’ve got the answers! In our useful guide below, we’ve got an enormous list of 100 handy Tiger’s Eyes affirmations that you can use, along with information on how to use them with your Tiger’s Eye. Read on!

What Is A Tiger’s Eye?

To begin with, it’s worth explaining just what a “Tiger’s Eye” is in the first place. 

Tiger’s Eye is a type of quartz gemstone, which has a particularly beautiful appearance. If you look at one, you’ll find that it appears silky, and its color is a beautiful blend of both brown and red.

As you can guess, it takes its name from the fact that it looks like a tiger’s eye, especially with its mix of dark and light browns. 

What Is A Tiger’s Eye Used For?

When people use a Tiger’s Eye gemstone for spiritual reasons, it can because they are hoping for a variety of different outcomes.

Improving Your Mental Clarity

Some people that use the Tiger’s Eye do so in the hope that it will give them a greater sense of focus in life, helping to improve their mental clarity.

It’s easy to become unfocused in life and stray away from the goals that we really want to be pursuing and achieving.

The Tiger’s Eye is supposed to help some people refocus their minds on those goals, as well as giving them the self-confidence to be successful and achieve them.

There are loads of different affirmations (which you’ll see below!) all about self-confidence and getting rid of the doubts that can linger in our minds, and pairing the affirmations with the Tiger’s Eye is done in an effort to reach this successful, goal-orientated life. 

Improving Root Chakras

The Tiger’s Eye is deeply connected to the root chakra, which is all to do with the foundation for life. This means that Tiger’s Eye is a grounding stone, because it could help you to feel more grounded in life. 

Feeling grounded is always important, because life can have a lot of changes and challenges, and being grounded through them all will help you to deal with them better. 

Improving Courage

Tiger’s Eye is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, crystal for improving courage. Courage is an important part of life, especially when it comes to chasing the goals we mentioned earlier.

Courage is linked to self-confidence, because it takes courage to believe in yourself and keep motivated, even when things aren’t working so well.

Improving Your Own Empowerment

Continuing the theme of self-confidence and keeping on with things even when we want to quit, the Tiger’s Eye is also used when people are looking to improve their own empowerment. 

It takes a lot of determination to continually pursue your goals and ambitions, and you need a good deal of empowerment to help you reach them.

With empowerment, you’ll be able to take more control over your life and the paths it takes, which will allow you to make the positive choice that you want and achieve the positive things that you desire.

Improving Sacral Chakras

Finally, Tiger’s Eye is also used by people because of its connection to the sacral chakra. This chakra is all to do with creativity, emotion, and sexuality.

The Tiger’s Eye is supposed to unblock this chakra, keeping it open so that you can find strength, courage, and determination in all of those matters. 

100 Tiger’s Eye Affirmations – Improve Self-Confidence, Control And More Now!

100 Tiger’s Eye Affirmations - Improve Self-Confidence, Control And More Now!

Now that we’ve looked at the kinds of things that people use the Tiger’s Eye to try and improve or achieve, it’s time to look at loads of affirmations that they might pair with the gemstone in order to get there. 

We’ve got a massive list of 100 affirmations that are used with Tiger’s Eye, and you’ll notice that they all feed into the ideas of what we’ve just been looking at.

For example, they relate to improving your self-confidence, bettering the control you have in life, opening yourself up to more creativity and emotion, and much more.

  1. I have proper focus
  2. I have control in my life
  3. I have a positive attitude
  4. I have strength
  5. I both respect and love who I am
  6. I have courage 
  7. I welcome changes
  8. I embrace challenges
  9. I allow the universe to guide my path
  10. I feel happy and I feel healthy
  11. I am a person that is both confident and strong
  12. I’ve got this – I know I can do it!
  13. I deliberately focus on what personally matters
  14. I have no fear
  15. I feel relaxed 
  16. Positive energy surrounds and comes to me
  17. I decide my emotions, they don’t control me
  18. I decide that this will be a great day
  19. I acknowledge and appreciate all of the good things that are in my life
  20. I embrace new opportunities with each new day
  21. I am responsible for my own actions
  22. I am the master and commander of my life
  23. I won’t be distracted from my chosen path
  24. I always follow-through – I do what I say!
  25. I control all of my actions
  26. I am in complete charge of my life
  27. I focus my thoughts in order to reach my goals
  28. I will do whatever I need to reach success and my goals
  29. I focus my actions in order to reach my goals
  30. I don’t give up – ever
  31. I believe that I’m able to reach my best potential
  32. I love all of me
  33. I am breaking my bad habits today
  34. My willpower improves daily
  35. My willpower is impressive and strong
  36. I am the best that I can be
  37. I deserve both love and happiness
  38. I have success in life
  39. I continue – I am always moving forward
  40. I control all parts of my life
  41. I track my goals carefully
  42. I am true to who I am
  43. This is me, this is how I win. I’m a winner!
  44. I have great self-discipline 
  45. I have great self-control
  46. I have endless willpower and determination
  47. Nothing is able to stop me from achieving my ambition and goals
  48. Every day my willpower and determination are improving
  49. I choose to keep on the path that I chose for myself
  50. I have the discipline necessary to achieve my goals
  51. I believe in me
  52. I deserve everything that I want
  53. I love myself without limits
  54. I honor myself every day
  55. My life is wonderful
  56. My life is full of happiness
  57. I am grateful for the great things in my life
  58. I am very brave
  59. I am the architect of all that I do
  60. I am not scared to conquer my fears
  61. I have discipline
  62. I have a will of iron
  63. I make goals, I stick to them, and I achieve them
  64. I dedicate myself to continual success
  65. I am naturally determined
  66. I work had and focus hard
  67. I have success in my life
  68. I am responsible for all of my actions
  69. I persevere and follow through with things
  70. I only do what I am supposed to 
  71. I am very calm
  72. I am very grounded
  73. I am very bold
  74. I believe that I can achieve what I set my mind to
  75. I am very centered
  76. All of my actions help get me closer to achieving my goals
  77. I am not defined by self-doubt, it isn’t me
  78. My life is on the right path 
  79. I can easily express my thoughts and opinions
  80. I never worry
  81. I have no fear
  82. I am capable of standing up for myself
  83. I can easily come up with solutions
  84. Change doesn’t worry me
  85. I am capable of doing anything I want
  86. I stand up for my beliefs
  87. Positive people surround me and my life – they believe in me
  88. I do not let negative beliefs stop my success
  89. I always make the best choice that will benefit me most
  90. I always keep positive, even in the face of things
  91. I center my energy on what I’m best at
  92. I have value
  93. I know how to stay in the game
  94. I have courage
  95. I keep strong
  96. I am unstoppable
  97. All challenges are ways to improve myself
  98. I am proud of me
  99. My actions create positive outcomes
  100. My life is lived bravely

How Do You Use These Affirmations With The Tiger’s Eye?

Now that we’ve looked at the massive list of affirmations that work with the Tiger’s Eye gemstone and can be used with it, it’s worth looking at how you can actually use the two together.

This will only take a few steps, but once you get the hang of doing it with one affirmation and manifestation, you’ll be able to use it with any others easily.

Step One: What Are You Manifesting?

The first step is to decide on what you’re manifesting. This is a question of what you want the Tiger’s Eye and the affirmations to try and help you to achieve. 

As you’ll have seen from the list of affirmations, the Tiger’s Eye is most commonly used for manifesting things like courage, willpower, self-confidence, and control.

As a result, it’s best to be trying to manifest one of these things with the Tiger’s Eye.

If you’re struggling to decide which one, think about the things in life that you want to achieve, and then see what one relates to those concepts. Writing manifestations on paper makes them more tangible, too.

Make sure that you’ve got a clear idea of what you’re manifesting, because this will make the process much easier. 

Step Two: Cleansing The Tiger’s Eye

Once you’ve settled on a manifestation, you need to cleanse the crystal of your Tiger’s Eye. You can do this by using saltwater or freshwater, or you can even use moonlight.

The point of cleaning a spiritual stone like the Tiger’s Eye is that it removes any negative energies that have become attached to it.

This will make the Tiger’s Eye more effective at working with your affirmations and manifesting what you want, because it won’t be muddied or ruined by negative energies. 

Step Three: Finding The Right Setting

It’s important that you work with the Tiger’s Eye and your affirmations in the right setting.

Since you will be focusing on positive thoughts and focusing on your manifestation, it’s important to have a setting that encourages this. 

In other words, you want a place where you feel comfortable, and it’s quiet and peaceful. You don’t want to be surrounded by other people, it could distract or influence your session.

Before you begin manifesting, you’ll also want to free your mind of any negative feelings or thoughts. Positive thoughts are going to be key when using the Tiger’s Eye. 

Step Four: Using The Tiger’s Eye With Your Chosen Affirmation

Finally, it’s time to use the Tiger’s Eye and your affirmation in an effort to manifest what you want.

By now, you should have selected a definite manifestation and corresponding affirmation, cleansed the Tiger’s Eye so that it’s free of negative energy, and found a quiet place where you can focus and free your mind. 

First, hold the Tiger’s Eye in your left hand, then close your eyes and breathe deeply three times. 

After that, speak your affirmation and repeat it several times. While you’re speaking and repeating, visualize what you’re trying to manifest.

Follow this by picturing the Tiger’s Eye crystal absorbing those intentions. 

And that’s it!

Final Thoughts

A Tiger’s Eye is a spiritual stone that is used for manifesting things to do with self-confidence, willpower, and control. To use it, follow our steps and use our affirmations list.

Andrea Daehma