5 Ways To Use Lapis Lazuli

5 Ways To Use Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli can be categorized as a non-foliated metamorphic rock. Commonly referred to as “lapis”, the rock has a variety of minerals running throughout it with no discernible pattern.

Likewise, the crystal is typically found in marble and limestone. Lapis lazuli contains an important mineral, known as lazurite, which belongs to the sodalite group.

This mineral exists about 25% to 40% throughout the rock. Likewise, some other minerals found in the rock include sodalite, calculator, and pyrite.

Since these minerals are all visually present, they help you to quickly identify the gemstone as being lapis lazuli rock.

Since there are so many minerals present in lapis lazuli, the hardness on the Mohs scales varies considerably.

For instance, the lazurite comes in at around 5, whereas the calcite is around 3. The strongest mineral, pyrite, has a hardness of around 6.5.

With this in mind, this article will explore all the different uses for lapis lazuli to help you make an informed decision when using this crystal.

What Is Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis lazuli features a stunning celestial blue color that is considered to be a part of the semi-precious stone family. It is made up of a combination of sparkly pyrite, deep blue lazurite, cloudy white calcite, and other minerals.

The crystal also offers deep peace, protection against psychic attacks, revealing inner truth, harmony, compassion, honesty, self-expression, and self-awareness.

Thanks to its impressive healing capabilities, lapis lazuli is celebrated as The Wisdom Stone. In its classic form, it has been loved by the pharaohs of Egypt for thousands of years.

Lapis lazuli offers individuals wisdom, truth, inner peace, and spiritual wonder.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Lapis lazuli comes from the Latin word Lapis which translates to stone and the Persian word Lazhward which means blue.

Likewise, the color meaning behind lapis lazuli can be found in several languages such as Portuguese and Spanish with Azul.

Lapis lazuli is known to be mined in areas such as Sar-I Sang in Shortugai, as well as Bhirrana – the oldest site of the Indus Valley Civilization, dating back to 7570 BCE.

As such, the stone has been declared one of the oldest opaque gemstones in history – being more than 6,500 years old.

Similarly, some bible scholars believe the stone to have spiritual meaning due to its references in the Old Testament where “sapphire” is used to represent the lapis lazuli.

Moreover, the stone has been demonstrated in the finest art pieces throughout the years, especially in ancient Egypt time. That said, it has been beloved by the Chinese, Babylonians, Greeks, Minoans, and Romans alike.

Historically, lapis lazuli was used in the death mark for King Tutankhamun, where it was inlaid with carnelian and turquoise in a bright gold color.

Similarly, it was used in the cosmetics for Cleopatra and was the main subject for the writer, Marco Polo, back in 1271.

Likewise, Michelangelo even ground up the stone to create a blue paint known as ultramarine that brings the colors and robes of Mary of Nazareth to the church walls.

Lapis lazuli is made up of a ton of minerals, including diopside, calcite, pyrite, lazurite, and much more. Plus, it has been popular over the centuries thanks to its compelling energies and mystical appearance.

Faith healers typically use it since lapis lazuli is considered to have a deeper meaning and purpose over the centuries. They outlined its calming influence that empowers the senses and reveals the truth.

5 Uses For Lapis Lazuli

1. Home & Office

By opening up lapis lazuli into your home, you’re allowing the spirit of heavenly blue and gold hues to shine and permeate the atmosphere.

Plus, the stone’s ability to protect you from harmful energy is also another beneficial and lovely attribute to have in the home.

Essentially, the blue stone works by absorbing any blows, protecting your spirit from receiving any of the impacts. Likewise, it can be used to repel psychic assaults, too.

For this reason, it is an excellent stone to keep in your working environment or workspace. Likewise, if you want to get more involved in communication, keeping it here is beneficial.

Moreover, it has the ability to help you stop making mistakes through intuitive knowledge and problem-solving. Thanks to its deep wisdom, it will help you find the way and direction.

As such, lapis lazuli is an extremely spiritual stone – used most effectively when it comes to dreamwork. When sleeping, place the stone under your pillow or beneath your pillow, and allow it to do its magic by casting an enchantment that shakes off insomnia and allows you to escape into the dream realm.

Likewise, you can press lapis lazuli against your skin to remove any impurities from your third eye or throat chakra space.

2. Healing

There are various ways lapis lazuli can be used for enhanced perception and healing. For instance, the most effective way is to wear lapis lazuli against the skin to maximize its healing and energy properties.

When the stone is in direct contact with the skin, the body can continue to raise vibrations and repel any psychic attacks.

3. Feng Shui

Lapis lazuli represents the element of water by signifying stillness, purity, and peace.

Hence, it is a good idea to keep the stone on the area of your body where you want to encourage meditation or prayer. For instance, in north-facing spaces.

4. Meditation

You can hold a lapis lazuli stone in your hands or keep it close to your body while meditating for a focused and calming experience.

5. Jewelry

If you’re looking to demonstrate the beauty of the gemstone, then there is no better way to do so than by wearing your lapis lazuli.

Here, lapis stones can be placed into bracelets, earrings, and necklaces – providing you with beautiful accessories and good energy all at the same time.

By welcoming the crystal into your life, you can take advantage of the insight, honesty, and wonder that it provides.

Whether you decide to illuminate your life with gemstone jewelry or use tumbled stones to create your very own altar to sit on – there are many ways to reap the benefits.

It’s not hard to see why queens and priests such as Cleopatra and King Tutankhamun favored the beautiful lapis lazuli – thanks to its lovely hue when placed in jewelry.

Moreover, this stone makes an impressive finger, necklace, or wrist accessory. Plus it has ornamental properties, too. Essentially, it is a showstopper that demands being shown off.

The gold in the stone helps to reflect the flecks of Pyrite distributed throughout the shades of blue, perfectly complementing the stone.

One of the best ways to reap the benefits of the stone is by wearing it as jewelry. Once it is in direct contact with your skin, your body is easily able to absorb the high vibrations.

Here, the crystal can transmit sparks of energy straight to the areas that need it, including the mind, body, and spirit.

Labradorite helps create well-matched mystical vibrations and howlite enables unique attunement abilities – helping you to relieve emotional imbalance and calm you from panic attacks.

Likewise, sodalite found in lapis lazuli helps improve your intuitive powers. The powers that are provided by lapis lazuli, the semiprecious stone, are demonstrated by ultramarine hues thanks to the white calcite inciting a healing flow through the individual.

You can reap many emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits from this gorgeous blue gemstone when wearing it every single day.

What Is Lapis Lazuli Used For?

Lapis lazuli has been used since ancient times and even remains in use today. Intarsia and inlay are pigments that have been used in both paintings and cosmetics thanks to this beautiful gemstone with its bright blue hues.

The color features a gorgeous contrast that makes it attractive in jewelry. As such, this is the most popular application when it comes to this gemstone.

Is Lapis Lazuli Powerful?

Lapis lazuli contains spiritual qualities that enable you to improve your psychic abilities while enhancing your senses at the same time. This powerful stone helps to boost your intuition, inner peace, and knowledge.

Lapis gemstones were seen by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol representing the night sky, while the Sumerians believed that their gods’ spirits lived in the stones.

As such, lapis lazuli has been associated with bravery, power, wisdom, nobility, truth, and knowledge from the beginning of time.

Final Thoughts

There are various ways you can use lapis lazuli to reap its benefits. Whether you keep it in your home, use it with meditation, or embed it in your jewelry to keep it close by at all times, each offers unique properties.

If you’re looking for the most direct contact with the gemstone, then keeping it close to the skin will allow the vibrations to flow throughout your body.

Hopefully, this guide has informed you about everything you need to know about lapis lazuli and its uses.

Andrea Daehma