What Are Bloodstones?

Bloodstones are characterized by their color. Often a bloodstone will look as if it has tiny spots of blood splattered upon its green base. 

They have been a popular type of stone for thousands upon thousands of years all due to their unique look, as well as the healing properties they have.

What Are Bloodstones?

A lot of people use such a stone to help clear away negative energy. If you are curious about bloodstones, then read on to find out more about them. 

What Do Bloodstones Look Like?

Bloodstones are known to be dark green in appearance with red or brown spots splattered over the surface. This is due to impurities that happen within the iron oxide.

Because people started to refer to the red and brown spots as blood splatterings, the stone became known as a bloodstone.

You may also hear bloodstones being referred to as a heliotrope too, which is from the Greek word helio which means ‘sun’, and the word tropos which means ‘toward the sun’. 

This is because people have referenced the stone being a similar color to heliotrope plants which are said to face the sun.

The green color isn’t always as solid as you might think. It may have streaks of yellow or blue within it too. This is because the color of bloodstones is due to chlorite minerals or amphibole being found within the green colored chalcedony.

Chalcedony is a type of cryptocrystalline which is a type of silica. This ‘silica’ is formed from quartz and moganite.

When it comes to the feel of the stone it is hard. On the Mohs scale it often is rated a 6.5 to a 7. This makes it a brilliant and robust stone to wear as a jewelry piece.

The best thing about bloodstones however, is that each one is completely unique.

One bloodstone will never have the same patterns and markings as another. 

What Are Bloodstones Used For?

Bloodstones are used for a variety of reasons. It is often carried around to block negative energy and to unblock chakras to allow harmony and flow.

It can also help to encourage wisdom and to protect, as well as heal. It truly is an incredible stone that can sooth a person spiritually.


Bloodstones are known to be rich in iron. For this reason they are related to the circulation system within the body, and all things to do with blood.

This means the stone can help to boost your immune system, as well as help with anything to do with blood and trauma. 

Because of this, the bloodstone is often used when a woman is going through childbirth. It helps not only the expectant mother, but also the child through this challenging time. 

It can also help with a female’s menstrual problems, such as dealing with PMS and hormones, as well as making sure the cycle is balanced throughout the month.


Because bloodstone was historically a stone given to those fighting and warriors, it is said to help build strength, resilience and courage.

The stone itself can help a person to feel strong within their own skin, as well as making them feel very safe. 

Bloodstone is certainly useful for those who have been through a difficult time and need to build back their strength, confidence and having extra resilience when it comes to emotions.

The stone itself can bring positivity to your life, ensuring that a person moves into a better direction.


Bloodstones are important when it comes to lower chakras. For example, they can help you when you need to feel grounded and very secure with where you are at in life.

One of the most important areas the bloodstone focuses on is the root chakra. It is the chakra that makes us feel the most safe – we are rooted and grounded and content with where we are.

Bloodstones can strengthen a person’s own relationship with their root chakra. However, it also is linked with the heart chakra too.

This is where a person can feel both compassion and trust, and the ability to be open to others. Bloodstones can stop these two chakras from being blocked, and help you to be more positive about what is around you. 

How Can You Use Bloodstones?

How Can You Use Bloodstones?

To make the most of bloodstones, they can be worn as jewelry, placed around the home, or carried around with you.

Doing so can help you to welcome courage, positivity, strength, and balance into your life. However, you may want to consider why you are using it.

For example, having bloodstone within the home can help to protect it from negative energy. 

Where Are Bloodstones Found?

Bloodstones are often found within India, however there are other places where they may be sourced too.

For example, Madagascar, USA, Scotland, Australia, Russia, Central areas of Europe, Brazil, and Czech Republic.

This makes bloodstones quite a common stone to find. The supply of the stone is in abundance, meaning it is not expensive and that there are no current risks of running out.

Are Bloodstones Called Jasper?

Some people refer to bloodstones as a ‘fancy jasper’ (see also ‘What Does Red Jasper Do?‘). In fact, it was once known as being the most beautifullest jasper stone that ever was.

In reality, the bloodstone is not a jasper stone at all. While it has the look of a jasper stone, they have differences.

For example the spots and the overall color. These make both a bloodstone and jasper stone different from one another. 

However, this is often disputed!

Final Thoughts

Bloodstones are wonderful looking stones that often appear dark green with red and brown splatters that resemble blood.

They can be used to block negative energy and to protect the home, as well as help balance hormones, give a person courage and confidence, and to provide the wearer with inner strength.

It is a wonderful stone to seek out if you are about to go through childbirth, or have been through a challenging time.

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