What Are Crystal Grids?

Examples of sacred geometry can be seen throughout the natural world, and these precision patterns can guide and amplify the energy of crystals.

What Are Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are powerful tools for enhancing and focusing intentions, helping us to manifest our goals and dreams.

Creating a crystal grid is largely driven by intention and intuition. By focusing our energies, we can organize our crystals to enhance their natural powers (see also ‘What is the Most Powerful Crystal‘).

Discover the different ways of creating crystal grids, and how to use them for manifestation, with our guide (see also ‘What Crystals Cannot be Together‘).

What Is A Crystal Grid?

Crystal grids are a method of organizing crystals to enhance their power through grouping and sacred geometry.

The crystal grid harnesses the unique properties of each crystal, connecting them to each other, and to you.

Crystal grids are created with intention, and these intentions infuse the grid, helping to manifest our dreams and goals (see also ‘How to Manifest Someone to Dream About You‘).

Look deep into the structure of the crystal, and you’ll see how sacred geometry has created perfect and repeating forms.

This same sacred geometry can be seen in many aspects of the natural world, from the swirl in the eye of a sunflower, to the cells that make up our body.

The crystal grid uses this sacred geometry to align the crystals, and connect them to our manifestations.

Infusing A Crystal Grid With Intentions

Intentions guide and direct our manifestations (see also ‘How To Write Manifestations‘), and they are at the foundation of the crystal grid.

When we create a crystal grid, we do so with intention, and the crystals amplify this intention to assist with manifestation.

Before you start creating your crystal grid, you must consider your intentions, and what you are trying to manifest.

The energy possessed within your crystal grid will be guided by these intentions.

When you understand your intentions, write what you wish to manifest on a piece of paper. This will be used within the grid, to focus the crystals.

Your intentions and goals should be positive, and focused on yourself. Crystal grids harness a lot of power, so you may want to write multiple goals, branching from your focused intention.

Be clear and concise in your written goals.

Knowing your intentions will help you to choose the crystals, and the shape of your grid.

Before you start assembling your grid, you may want to choose crystals based on their properties, to find choices that align with your intentions.

However, you may prefer to let intuition guide you. Choose crystals that you feel speak to your intentions (see also, ‘How to Choose the Best Crystal for Your Intentions‘) through shape, color, and aura.

This is sometimes a better way to assemble a grid, as it prevents us from getting too caught up in meaning.

Sacred Geometry

Geometry and precision is all around us, and can be seen in everything from galaxies stretching across space, to the fundamental building blocks of life.

Precision patterns can be used to guide our intentions, and to focus the energies of the crystals.

If you’ve never built a crystal grid before, then you may prefer to look at some sacred geometry patterns before you start.

Images such as the flower of life use overlapping circles to create a symmetrical pattern, and can be used as a guide for your crystal grid. If you’re struggling to get started, you may want to print out a geometric template.

However, pre-made patterns don’t have to determine your choices. You may prefer to let intuition guide your hand, choosing a pattern based on what you feel compelled toward.

Creating Your Crystal Grid

Creating Your Crystal Grid

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating a crystal grid. The process has to be guided by your intentions and your intuition.

Guides such as this can help you get started, but you must allow your own spirit to ultimately make the choice.

  1. Begin by cleansing the crystals, and the space where you intend to set up the grid. There are many methods for doing this, including burning sage, and placing the crystals in moonlight (see also ‘Do Crystals Need to be in Direct Moonlight‘). Doing this will prepare your grid to focus on your intentions, providing something akin to a fresh start.
  2. Write down your intentions, and place them at the center of the grid.
  3. Choose your crystals. You may want to choose crystals based on their properties, and how they align with your intentions. Otherwise, let your intuition guide you. Don’t worry if you only have a limited selection of crystals, as you can still build a grid.
  4. Begin to arrange your shape, using either a geometrical guide, or your own intention. Remember, these instructions are only a guide. Assemble your grid based on what feels right for you.
  5. The Focus Stone. Most crystal grids use a single crystal in the center of the grid, known as the focus stone. This crystal anchors your grid, drawing the energies of the other crystals, and connecting them to your chakra. The focus stone is typically the largest on the grid, amplifying your energies into the universe.
  6. The Surrounding Stones. Creating a pattern around the focus stone are the surrounding stones. These are the modifiers of the grid, amplifying energies, drawing your intentions, and broadcasting to the universe.
  7. The Amplification Stones. The amplification stones work with the focus stone and the surrounding stones. These crystals are often quartz, and are found on the outer portions of the grid, and among the surrounding stones, These are sometimes referred to as desire stones.
  8. As you place and arrange your grid, make sure to keep your intentions in mind, and allow them to guide your hand.
  9. Finally, you must activate your grid. There are many ways to do this. Begin by stating your intentions out loud. Then, using either your hand or a wand (see also, ‘How to Use a Crystal Wand (Ultimate Guide)‘) , move from the focus stone, across the crystals of the grid. As you go, imagine yourself during a path of light around the grid.

Final Thoughts

Crystal grids focus energy and intentions to help manifest dreams, desires, and goals. They can be temporary or permanent structures, using sacred geometry to direct and accentuate the energy of your chosen crystals to bring about your intentions.

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