What Are Sunstones?

Sunstones are beautiful stones which cause the light to refract in different ways depending on which angle you are looking at them. 

They are often colored brown, gold, orange or red, and have a translucent overall appearance. They also include the likes of goethite (see also, ‘What Does Super 7 Mean in Crystals?‘) and hematite, making them a variety of feldspar. 

What Are Sunstones?

Other stones in this group include amazonite and the labradorite.

Sunstones focus on areas to do with joy, healing and abundance. If you are curious to know more about sunstones, then read on.

What Do Sunstones Look Like?

Also known as goldstone and aventurine feldspar, sunstones are beautiful looking stones. They are often found in the colors red, gold, orange, or brown, and have a translucent overall look.

Not only that, the most beautiful thing about these stones is that the color changes depending on the angle you are viewing the stone from. It has an iridescent shine that sparkles. 

The reason this stone looks the way it does is because it includes both goethite and hematite. 

Where Are Sunstones Found?

Sunstones are often sourced from places such as Sweden, Southern Norway, South Australia, and the USA. However, they can also possibly be found within Russia, India, Greece and Canada.

They were actually first found in Fjord, Norway. It is said that the vikings used sunstones similar to a compass to help them travel across land and sea. 

Even the Native Americans used sunstones as a way to help heal those who became wounded – for example a warrior. 

The Greeks believed that sunstones came from Helios, the sun God. They thought the sunstones were warm and healing. 

What Are The Properties Of A Sunstone?

What Are The Properties Of A Sunstone?

Sunstones are naturally bright, which often brings positivity just by its beautiful appearance. 

While this wonderful stone is full of vitality and positive vibes, it does have some focused properties that you may want to understand.

For example it can help to heal sickness, as well as remove negative energy and bring some lightness to a dark day.


Sunstones are said to have a lot of healing properties, especially when it comes to the digestive system and the joints.

Because they have been used for thousands of years to treat ailments, sunstones are best for healing those who are suffering with painful joints and rheumatism, as well as fever and cramps.

Sunstones are also used for treating digestive issues, and anything to do with the metabolism. 

However, you don’t need to be physically sick to benefit from using a sunstone. It is also often used as a way to treat SAD (seasonal affective disorder). 

So if you are the kind of person who hates the dark, winter days, then a sunstone may be all you need to brighten up your mood.


As stated above, sunstones are great for dealing with seasonal affective disorder. For this reason, a sunstone is bound to brighten up your emotions and moods.

However, there is more to this stone than dealing with SAD.

Sunstones are great for helping you to remove codependency habits that you may have. It can also help you to understand boundaries, and help you to speak out honestly.

This then promotes self-worth, and helps you to understand and embrace your worth. This will help to remove negative vibes, and instead for optimism and positivity to thrive.

However, it also helps to balance your overall mind-set.

This means that you will not be left with rose-tinted glasses, and instead understand that reality can be positive. And that having different emotions is natural and normal to experience – and that includes sadness.

However, sunstones help people to root themselves with confidence, worthiness, and that while life may throw challenges at you when you least expect it, you will come out the otherside. 


Sunstones are all about positivity and removing any negative energy that you may have around you. 

The great thing about the sunstone is that it has the same cycles of color as the sacral chakra (see also ‘How To Heal Sacral Chakra‘). This area is where your inner chi is, which is very unique to you.

In this part of you sits your pleasure and sensuality – the things you feel as you navigate the world and your life. 

When this chakra is open, it means that a person can communicate fully. Because sunstones are also connected to the heart chakra, it helps a person to receive and give love. 

It can also help to form and experience healthy relationships and different bonds. However, these bonds will bring positivity and the energy we need within our lives.

How Can You Use Sunstones?

Just like with other stones, you can wear or place crystals around the home to feel its effects. One good way is by wearing sunstone as an item of jewelry. 

It will bring positive energy and benefits to you on a daily basis. You can also create a gemstone altar in the home which will brighten up the area, but also bring positivity into the home.

Placing sunstone within an office is a fantastic way to seek clarity as you work. If you are sick, then wearing sunstones is a great way to feel the effects of their healing.

What Stones Can You Pair Sunstones With?

Sunstones are a great stone to pair with others to boost its ability to bring you extra positivity and healing.

You can pair sunstones with amber, yellow apatite and fire agate

Final Thoughts

Sunstones not only look beautiful, but they have many positive properties that can benefit your day-to-day life.

From helping you to heal if you are suffering with painful joints or digestive problems, to bringing some positive energy to your everyday life.

They can also be used as a way to bring clarity to your working day, or as a way to promote your own self-worth when you are feeling worthless and unconfident.

Sunstones can also be used as a way to treat seasonal affective disorder too, as they can bring some brightness to your day.

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