What Chakra Is Malachite?

When choosing what gems and precious stones to use in your spiritual healing, it’s important that you choose the correct ones for the chakras you want to target.

What Chakra Is Malachite?

Each gem and precious stone is more closely associated with certain chakras over others and so, you can choose specific stones to help unblock or empower targeted chakras in your body.

So, it’s vital that you know which chakra each stone works best with – so what about malachite? What chakra (or chakras) can malachite be used to help heal and support? Let’s find out!

What Is Malachite?

To understand what chakras malachite works best with, you need to first understand what malachite is as a spiritual gemstone. Malachite is a gorgeous opaque green gemstone that used to be a favorite among Ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

Spiritually, malachite is regarded as a protective stone that holds strong against toxic negative energies, and also as a healing stone with feminine energy that represents harmony and wisdom.

It’s a very busy stone as it works at detoxing you of any toxicity or negativity while instilling strength, confidence, and power within you. From this, it’s very clear with which chakras malachite will work best – but if you are still unsure, then let’s talk about malachite and chakras in detail.

What Chakras Malachite Works Best With?

Like many other gems and precious stones, malachite works well with more than one chakra. It is most commonly associated with the heart chakra, but it is also strongly aligned with your throat chakra too. Read the guide below for more information!

Malachite And The Heart Chakra

The chakra malachite is most commonly associated with is the heart chakra. The heart chakra is one of the most important chakras in your body as it is responsible for supporting your cardiovascular system.

So, it not only supports a healthy heart but healthy blood flow, veins, and more. The heart is also where we feel our strongest emotions like love, hurt, anger, and joy.

Because of this, it’s easy for your heart chakra to become blocked or weaken over time, especially after experiencing emotional turmoil.

This is where malachite comes in – malachite can easily cleanse your heart chakra of any negativity, helping you relieve your emotional burdens and move on from your turmoil.

Malachite is also great for empowering your heart and giving you the strength and confidence to experience more difficult emotions to come. Malachite helps you feel stronger in your love, in your compassion, and in your forgiveness.

If you know that you are going to be dredging through some tough emotional times in the near future, malachite can help support you through those tough decisions by providing you with additional spiritual and emotional support when you need it the most.

On top of that, malachite is protective so it can help form a spiritual barrier to prevent more negativity and toxicity from dragging you down. It shields your heart chakra – the most feeling and emotional point in your body – and helps ease the emotional blows and pain.

So, it’s a great way to protect your heart chakra whenever you are stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown.

Malachite And The Throat Chakra

What Chakra Is Malachite?

Another chakra malachite works well with is the throat chakra. The throat chakra is the chakra responsible for communication and self-expression, making it an important chakra for standing up for yourself.

However, when the throat chakra becomes imbalanced or blocked, communication can become incredibly difficult – and this can be the cause of a lot of stress and strife. As a result, malachite is a great gem to use to help bring balance and strength to your throat chakra.

It can remove any negativity that is impeding your self-expression (like fear or stress) and fill it with the confidence and empowerment you need to properly share your personal thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Some even find that malachite helps support their creativity but it works best at improving your communication.

So, if you have a big speech planned, a presentation, or simply want to stand up yourself more in upsetting situations, then malachite is a great stone to keep with you and to meditate with.

How To Use Malachite To Support These Chakras?

So, malachite works best with both the heart and throat chakras – so how can you use this stone to help support these chakras when you need it the most? Malachite works great when used in jewelry.

It is gorgeous to look at and works as a great fashion material, but this also gives you the opportunity to hold the malachite right against your skin for a stronger effect. So, wear malachite in a necklace so it can be close to both your heart and throat chakras.

This is arguably the best, most effective way to use malachite as skin-to-skin contact close to your chakras makes it more efficient at dispelling negativity, forming a protective barrier, and infusing your chakras with its strong powers.

Alternatively, you can use malachite as a palming stone or add it to your meditation altar. Some people even place malachite near their pillow while they sleep so they can absorb its empowering energy throughout the night.

Final Thoughts

Malachite is an empowering stone in spirituality that is used to inspire confidence, power, and strength. It’s great for cleansing, protecting, and bringing power and balances to your soul – making it a very versatile, busy stone!

The chakras malachite works best with are the heart and throat chakras. This makes complete sense considering that malachite has such a strong influence over your emotions.

It can cleanse you of toxicity and negativity like fear or grief while promoting confidence, happiness, joy, and compassion.

Not only does malachite affect your heart chakra by making it easier for you to feel positive energies and reject negative ones, but it also strengthens your communication so you can clearly express how you feel. Overall, it’s an emotive gem that can offer you a ton of support and strength!

Andrea Daehma