What Color Is Onyx?

What color is Onyx? The answer might surprise you.

Onyx is a gemstone from Brazil that has a variety of colors ranging from yellowish brown to deep red.

What Color Is Onyx

This stone was named after the Greek mythological character, Ogyges, who had a daughter called Onyx.

This gemstone is also known as Brazilian ruby because it originated in Brazil (see also ‘5 Beautiful Brazilian Crystals‘). In addition to its beautiful appearance, Onyx is also a very rare gemstone (see also ‘6 Beautiful Rare Gemstones‘).

What Color Exactly Is Onyx?

Onyx (see also ‘Green Onyx: Everything You Need To Know!‘) is a stone with a cool, grayish tinge. Its name derives from the Greek word “onyx,” meaning “unbreakable.” This makes sense because it is one of the hardest stones known to man.

Onyx is a type of stone that ranges from dark brown to deep blue. This hard rock is often found in large blocks, though it can also be mined as small chips.

The mineral is most commonly associated with Egyptian culture, where it was believed to protect people from evil spirits.

In Ancient Greece, onyx was thought to ward off disease, while in China, it was considered a symbol of longevity.

Today, onyx is primarily used for jewelry, art, and architecture. It is sometimes called “black jade” because of its resemblance to jadeite, another form of jade. However, unlike jadeite, onyx is harder and denser.

What Do We Need To Know About Onyx?

For thousands of years, onyx has been valued for its beauty and versatility. This gemstone has been used to make necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and sculptures.

In fact, onyx has been considered sacred since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians believed that onyx could protect against evil spirits. They also thought that wearing onyx helped people find love and success.

Today, onyx continues to hold a special place in our hearts. It has become one of the hottest trends in the world of fashion. People around the globe choose onyx jewelry because of its unique look and feel.

And while many think that onyx is just black, there are actually several different colors of onyx out there. These include white, gray, pink, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, brown, and even purple.

The history of onyx goes way back. Archaeologists believe that onyx originated in Egypt about 4,500 years ago.

However, some experts say that onyx dates back much further than that. Some claim that onyx has been found dating to over 10,000 years old.

What Was It Used For In History?

Onyx has been used for thousands of years. In ancient times, it was believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Ancient Egyptians used it for carvings and jewelry (see also ‘12 Beautiful Carving Crystals‘).

They even used it to make bowls and vases. Sardonyx, another type of onyx, was found in the art of Minoans, an island nation off the coast of Greece.

How Do We Use Onyx Today?

Onyx is one of the most versatile colors around. You can use it in many ways to bring out different aspects of your home decor.

From floors to walls, ceilings to furniture, there are endless possibilities. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate onyx into your next project.

Onyx is one of the oldest gemstones known to man. In fact, it has been used since ancient times as a stone of protection and healing.

This versatile hue is often associated with mystery, spirituality, and creativity. When mixed with complementary colors, onyx creates a muted effect.

What Are The Different Types Of Onyx Colors?


This variety of onyx has been around since ancient times. In fact, it was used to make jewelry during the Roman Empire.

Today, you can find beautiful pieces of onyx in many different colors, including black, brown, yellow, green, blue, orange, pink, purple, gray, and even white.

The most popular type of onyx is called carnelian onyx. This stone is often referred to as “red jasper.” Some people call it “carnelian,” while others refer to it as “cornelian.”

Regardless of what you want to call it, it is definitely one of the most attractive stones out there.

Cornelian onyx displays alternating light and dark red bands that are very pleasing to the eye.

They are usually found in sizes ranging from 2 inches to 4 inches. You can use this stone to decorate rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and more.

Blue Onyx

Blue Onyx

The blue onyx variety includes natural onyx gemstones that have been dyed in different shades of blue. They are sometimes banded or unbanded.

Some people believe that wearing blue onyx helps you overcome obstacles in life. Others say that it brings out your inner strength and confidence.

Blue Onyx is one of the most popular varieties of precious stones. This stone is often used to make rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, brooches, and even cufflinks.

Its name derives from the color it takes on when it is cut into facets. In addition to being a beautiful stone, blue onyx is considered to be a symbol of strength, stability, and good luck.

Black Onyx

The most common variety of onyx is called “black onyx.” It contains a uniform dark brown color throughout the entire stone.

Other colors include white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, pink, and even black.

Black onyx is one of the rarest gemstones in the world (see also, ‘The World’s Rarest Metals‘). This beautiful mineral is formed when quartz crystals are exposed to intense heat and pressure, causing them to change color. In fact, some types of onyx contain up to 90% quartz.


Niccolo onyx has a rather thin upper layer. This makes it possible to see the color of the black underlayer as grey or blue. It is suitable for use in cases where you want to emphasize the blackness of the nail polish.

Final Thoughts

Onyx is an extremely versatile stone. It is available in many different colors and styles. If you are looking for something unique, consider adding some onyx to your collection.

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