What Does Blue Mean On A Mood Ring?

Mood rings are popular choices of jewelry for many people. The appeal is that this piece of jewelry is personalized to you, your body, your emotions, and your mood.

It can be great fun to watch the colors change as the day goes by, and the crystals can be beautiful to look at. 

What Does Blue Mean On A Mood Ring?

In most cases, the stone in the mood ring will have a thin, sealed layer of crystals that respond to temperature changes, shifting colors and tones as a result.

These crystals are then covered with either glass or a clear gem so that the colors can shine through the ring, and you can see what mood you are feeling currently.  

The various colors that mood rings can have change and shift, and each shade carries its own meaning and emotion. 

About Mood Rings

Mood rings have been around for decades. These interesting rings first became popular during the 1970s, and their popularity hasn’t really faltered since. This is because of the notion that the ring can reflect your mood and emotions.

With original mood rings, the color blue was meant to indicate that you felt happy, whereas brown or black would represent anxious feelings, and the color green would mean that you are feeling calm and relaxed. 

But, today, modern mood rings are made slightly differently, and use various chemicals to make the mood ring work.

Therefore, the colors and their meanings are slightly different. So, what does the color blue mean on a modern mood ring?

What Does Blue Mean On A Mood Ring?

Nowadays, blue can have a lot of meanings when it appears on your mood ring (see also, ‘What Does Purple Mean on a Mood Ring?‘). The majority of the time, plain, solid blue on a mood ring is meant to indicate that you feel very relaxed, peaceful, and joyful. 

As the color darkens to a very deep blue, and almost purpley it means that you are in love, or love struck. This signifies feelings of utter bliss, deep relaxation, passion, love, and that you are feeling amorous or sensual.

If the blue color becomes more aquamarine in nature, then this can symbolize that you are feeling flirtatious, more fun, and in a more positive, upbeat mood!

If your mood ring is constantly blue, or blue often, then this means that you are in a pleasant mood often. You may feel blissful, or in a giving mood, happy to be around and help others close to you. 

However, you will find that everyone is a little different, and there are various ways you can interpret a mood ring’s color.

Generally speaking, it is widely understood that blue on a mood ring signifies that the wearer is feeling neutral, calm, and at peace.

It is one of the nicest colors to see on the mood ring, because it means that you’re not feeling anxious, or angry, scared, or nervous. 

What this means is that your body is in a state of relaxation, and so your blood and body is resting at a normal temperature. You’re not too hot, or cold, and just right! 

What Does Dark And Light Blue Mean On A Mood Ring?

What Does Dark And Light Blue Mean On A Mood Ring

Depending on the shade of blue that your mood ring is displaying, it could have different meanings.

For instance, the closer the blue seems to green, so teal colors, or bluey-green colors mean that you are feeling relaxed, at peace, harmonious, and content (see also ‘8 Beautiful Teal Crystals‘).

If your ring is showing a bluey green color, then this means that you are relaxed, but also alert and awake. 

If the color is a strong blue, then this is a happy, fun color. It can also mean that you are relaxed. If you see this color on your ring, then this means that your emotions are balanced, you feel happy, peaceful and serene.

As the blue begins to get darker, this signifies that your happy mood is becoming stronger and more intense. This could be due to a love interest, or a romantic interest that is making your emotions more powerful. 

Do Mood Rings Actually Work?

Can a mood ring really tell your mood based on what your body feels like? Well, a mood ring works by gauging the body temperature, and how this fluctuates based on the wearer’s physical reaction to emotions and feelings. 

So, technically yes, mood rings do actually work, because the mood ring reflects changes within your body temperature. These fluctuations in body temperature can happen as a result of your emotions, and the ring reacts accordingly. 

In saying that, the mood ring will not predict your emotions, and the answer will not surprise you, as you will likely already know if you are feeling happy, angry or sad, despite what the mood ring tells you. 

It should also be noted that your body temperature can change due to other factors, not just the mood or when emotions are heightened. For instance, if you are experiencing very hot or cold weather, this could also impact the color of the mood ring. 


To summarize, mood rings are fun novelty items, where the color of the ring changes depending on your body temperature, which can be affected by your emotions and mood. 

Mood rings are made with crystals that change color depending on temperature fluctuations, and so we can make interpretations of our mood based on these changes.

If your mood ring is often blue, then this means that you are feeling happy, relaxed and blissful. 

The subtle changes in our body temperatures can be picked up on by the crystals in the mood ring, to give you a hint at what you may be feeling emotionally deep down inside. Not only this, but mood rings can look fantastic too. 

The ever changing color of the stone can make it the perfect everyday piece of jewelry, and you’ll enjoy checking up on your mood ring throughout the day to see what mood you are in.

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