What Does Dragon’s Blood Smell Like?

When looking at incense sticks and essential oils, you may have come across dragon’s blood. Not only does it have a really cool name, but it is deep red in color – just what you would expect it to be.

What Does Dragon’s Blood Smell Like?

It originates as a resin found within many different tropical trees. They are often referred to as dragon trees and look very unique.

The smell of dragon’s blood has earthy and musky notes, often with undertones of spice and a sweetness that is similar to that of a rose.

So, if dragon’s blood is something you are interested in knowing more about, then look no further. We have all the information that you need to know all about dragon’s blood.

What Actually Is Dragon’s Blood?

Dragon’s blood is a natural product due to it being a resin found within particular trees. The color of dragon’s blood is a deep red, which is exactly how you would expect it to look.

The species of tree that dragon’s blood is found in are tropical and known as dragon trees. Scientifically they are a part of these different groups of plants: Dracaena, Croton, Daemonorops, and Pterocarpus.

Dragon’s blood has been used for thousands upon thousands of years for various things, whether that is for health reasons, spiritual or decoration.

For example, dragon’s blood can be used within paint or as a dye to change the color of something.

It is also often used for spiritual reasons too, especially when included within incense sticks (see also ‘How to Use Incense Waterfall‘).

It is generally found within South East Asia, but you can buy dragon’s blood items anywhere in the world. Often it is used in incense sticks, or even taken as a supplement for health.

Why Does Dragon Blood Have That Name?

As we stated before, the reason dragon’s blood has its name is purely down to the fact of the color.

It is often a deep red and vibrant color, though this can vary depending on the tree it comes from.

Back in the day it was said that dragon’s blood came from both dragons and elephants.

While this is obviously not true, it makes a really interesting story when it comes to the history of dragon’s blood.

What Does Dragon’s Blood Smell Like?

What Does Dragon’s Blood Smell Like

When you first look at dragon’s blood, what do you think it smells like? You would think it has a strong, dirty and horrible smell, right?

Dragon’s blood actually smells quite earthy and musky. This is joined by sweeter notes similar to rose, as well as a spicy overtone.

This makes dragon’s blood a perfect teammate to fragrances such as clove, patchouli, orange, and cedarwood.

However, the final scent actually depends on the type of tree it came from. Because there are several which can produce the dragon’s blood resin, the scent may smell slightly different.

So, if you find that the dragon’s blood incense smells different to the essential oil, then do not panic. One has not gone bad, they are just from a different tree.

What Can You Use Dragon’s Blood For?

While dragon’s blood has had many uses in the past, these days it is primarily used as a way to treat a plethora of digestive problems, or during spiritual practice.

However, even in the past dragon’s blood was used to treat many gastrointestinal issues.

There were lots of claims of how it can cure certain issues within the body, and many still believe in the benefits today.

Even so, it was also once believed to be a miracle ingredient to cure everything.

While we now know this is not true, dragon’s blood was onced said to help speed up healing, as well as cure respiratory problems.

These days, while it is still used by people who want a natural way to help the gut work properly, it is also used for spiritual practice, as well as in natural paints, varnishes, and dyes – as well as incense.

Final Thoughts

Dragon’s blood was once thought to be from both elephants and dragons. Even though the legendary stories have now been debunked – and so have dragons – it is still an exciting thought to have.

While dragon’s blood has been used as a way to help with digestive problems for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, a lot of people also enjoy using dragon’s blood during spiritual practices.

If you are planning to use a dragon’s blood incense, then you may be interested to know what it smells like before you take the chance of purchasing some.

Fortunately, dragon’s blood actually smells quite nice. While it does have an earthy and musky overall smell, there are also notes of spice and sweetness, similar to that of a rose.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this article and will check out the other scent guides on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few quick questions about dragon’s blood:

What Does The Scent Of Dragon’s Blood Incense Smell Like?

Natural dragon’s blood smells earthy and musky. It also has a spicy and sweet overtone. When put with incense, other scents can be added such as cedarwood, patchouli and orange.

This may change the natural smell of the dragon’s blood. However, the resin of dragon’s blood may also be different depending on which tree the sap came from.

What Is The Color Of Dragon’s Blood?

Natural dragon’s blood resin taken from the sap of trees is often a deep and vibrant red. This gives it an overall unique appearance that people like.

It is also the reason for its name too – however no, it does not come from dragons!

Is Dragon’s Blood Toxic To A Dog Or Cat?

If you plan to burn an incense stick, never have your dog, cat, or pet nearby. It is never a good idea to let your pet inhale the smoke from the incense stick, whether it is dragon’s blood or not.

It can be dangerous to them, so it is best to always burn an incense stick when they are not in the room.

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