What Does Eucalyptus Smell Like?

When you find it difficult to relax both your mind and body, have you ever considered that it might be the scents around your home? Eucalyptus is a scent which is often used to calm the mind and help relax the body.

What Does Eucalyptus Smell Like

Sounds perfect, but you don’t know what Eucalyptus smells like?

In this article we will help you understand the true fragrance of eucalyptus (Also check out Eucalyptus Incense) to ensure it is the scent for you. We will also discuss where it comes from and the amazing benefits of having eucalyptus within your home.

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What Does Eucalyptus Smell Like?

The woody fragrance family, which consists of notes with a strong perfume, includes eucalyptus. The oil in the eucalyptus tree’s silvery-blue leaves is what gives it its scent.

When you think of eucalyptus and think of sharp, minty, fresh with a mix of outdoors, then you would be correct.

Similar to rosemary, eucalyptus has a rather sharp camphoraceous smell which is often known to be distinct and rather medicinal in nature.

The best way to think of what eucalyptus smells like is to imagine you are trekking through a bright pine woodland across a light brook. While permeating but not overpowering your senses are the strong wood and resin tones.

It also has fruity and sweet undertones, reminiscent of a young orchard after a spring downpour.

It is minty and fresh leaving you feeling relaxed and almost at one with nature. Terpenes, the major components of eucalyptus oil, are what give it its minty flavor.

Eucalyptus is well known for its crisp, cooling, minty aroma that makes it an instant refreshment, albeit it is not as potent as peppermint.

Eucalyptus is often described as leaving you feeling relaxed, clean and energized to take on the tasks of the day.

Where Does Eucalyptus Come From?

90% of the aromatic terpene eucalyptol, which has a pleasant, minty scent, is found in eucalyptus oil.

It also has other terpenes, including cineol, pinene, and limonene, which are responsible for its lemony, camphoraceous, and woody aromas.What Does Eucalyptus Smell Like?

What Does Eucalyptus Smell Like

Eucalyptus oil can be from a tree species which is native to southeastern Australia. With over 600 types of eucalyptus tree, there are many trees which your scent could come from.

However, the most common tree species used is the Eucalyptus Globulus, or more commonly known as the Blue Gum Eucalyptus.

While the entire tree is rather beautiful with smooth, cream-coloured bark and rather incredible leaves that have a rather blue-green hue. Eucalyptus oil is found in the leaves.

Throughout the summer you will find the leaves producing a mist which mixes with the dust particles in the air and creates a bluish haze.

If you ever get the chance to visit southerneastern Australia in the summer and see a eucalyptus tree at work in nature, you will be mesmerized by the wonderful imagery it can create.

In the 19th century, eucalyptus oil production began. Eucalyptus oil was introduced to America during the California Gold Rush.

By the early 1900’s thousands of acres of eucalyptus had been planted and now America has its own growth of eucalyptus oil.

To extract the oil during this procedure, the leaves are dried, crushed, and steam distilled.

Now, however, the state of eucalyptus trees within the state of California are being questioned. They are not hospitable for the wild animals in the surrounding areas.

Although, due to being the replacement for the fall of the coast live oak tree, they are now an integral part of the ecosystem and removal could be damaging.

Spiritual Meaning Of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is revered as a holy tree by the Indigenous Australians, who see it as dividing the underworld, Earth, and heaven.

Similar to sage, eucalyptus is claimed to have a purifying and cleansing effect that eliminates any bad energy from the area where it is burned.

The plant (see also ‘What Does Ylang Ylang Smell Like?‘) can also be used to make charm bags and sachets for protection and well-being.

Eucalyptus can also symbolize inner and outer strength. The outside layers are hard and durable to protect the entire plant, while the interior layers are strong enough to keep themselves together.

This can be reflected onto oneself and be drawn upon in times of weakness and stress.

Benefits Of Eucalyptus

Whether you have a eucalyptus plant around your home or have a vial of essential oil then you can gain amazing benefits from the resin of the tree.

While its scent alone has a calming, cleansing effect on the mind and body, the oil and tree itself can have incredible effects.

The eucalyptus tree produces a viscous antibacterial resin that was once employed as an antiseptic to eradicate pathogens and prevent fungi from growing.

It was widely used by the Australian Aboriginal tribes as a component of traditional remedies for pain treatment, decongestion, and wound healing.

The aroma of eucalyptus is quite popular in aromatherapy, room diffusers, body oils, and scented candles. Its calming aroma refreshes the spirit, lifts the mood, and cures fatigue.

The scent produced from eucalyptus is great for those who suffer with anxiety or struggle to unwind and relax.

Lighting a candle or pouring a small amount of eucalyptus oil in a bath can make you feel refreshed, clear-minded and overall, less anxious.

It has also been shown to be beneficial to inhale the scent of eucalyptus to help promote a a deeper, restful sleep.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a scent to help relieve tension or want a fresher, invigorating scent around the home, eucalyptus is an amazing fragrance to have.

With an extensive history within southeastern Australia and now California, you may find it worthwhile taking a trip during the summer months to see the bluish haze produced by the eucalyptus leaves. It is truly mind blowing.

So, pour a small amount of eucalyptus oil into your bath or light a few candles around the home to experience fresher indoor air, a soothing scent and feel yourself relax into a wonderful night’s sleep.

Andrea Daehma