What Does Pink Mean On A Mood Ring?

When it comes to mood rings, it can be exciting to see it change color throughout the day. However, what can be puzzling is not really knowing what the colors actually mean.

What Does Pink Mean On A Mood Ring?

Not only that, you might be wondering how a mood ring works. Can it really understand how you are feeling to determine your mood?

When the mood ring turns to pink, you might immediately associate it with love, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. 

If this is something that intrigues you, then read on to find out all you need to know about what the color pink means on a mood ring (see also, ‘What Does Purple Mean on a Mood Ring?‘).

How Does A Mood Ring Work?

You might think a mood ring is nonsense, but there is science behind how a mood ring works (see also, ‘How do Mood Rings Work?‘). It is all down to body heat. 

The thermochromic elements within the mood ring respond to your own body’s temperature. This in turn will change how the color reacts to your body. 

While there have been some changes to the science behind the mood rings since the 1970s, the overall way it works has largely stayed the exact same. However, you can now also buy mood bracelets and necklaces.

They were once really expensive, but now you can buy mood rings from a lot of different places at a bargain price of a couple of dollars.

Why Do The Colors Change On A Mood Ring?

As stated above, the colors change on a mood ring due to the body’s temperature. 

While this is great because we can use it to understand how hot or cold we are feeling, it cannot be used in any medical capacity due to having no number readings.

The colors change due to any subtle body temperature changes. This may give us a small hint as to what we may be feeling. We often become more hot and sweaty when we are feeling anxious or worried, but also stressed.

If you struggle with understanding your own emotions, then perhaps a mood ring may help you to understand them better.

While it may not be an accurate representation of what you are feeling at that very moment, they are also just a fun thing to wear.

What Do The Colors Mean On A Mood Ring?

What Does Pink Mean On A Mood Ring?

There is some fun in wearing a mood ring, and one of the exciting elements of wearing a stone that can change color is trying to figure out what it means. 

Sometimes you may find that the stone is an in-between color as it is changing, so wait until you get a full color to determine what it might mean.

Here is a chart of colors:

  • Orange – Feeling challenged, nervous, or upset
  • Pink – Very happy or curious
  • Blue – Flirtatious or pleasant
  • Green – Distressed, worried, or have mixed emotions
  • Purple – Love and passion
  • Brown – Feeling cautious
  • Black – Feeling stressed

As you can see, the brighter colors are more positive and happy (except orange) but as the colors change to dark they become more about stress and worry.

Always take note of what the mood ring says. If it is black or brown, find time to calm down or talk through your issues with a trusted person.

Hopefully it will turn to pink or blue soon enough.

What Does The Color Pink Mean On A Mood Ring?

Pink is said to be the happiest color on a mood ring. It means you are positive and doing well emotionally. There is nothing during this point of time that is making you feel upset.

However, it also has some other meanings too.

For example, pink may also mean that you are being obsessive about something or someone. So take note of exactly how you are feeling at the moment the mood ring turns pink. 

However, the mood ring turning pink could also suggest that you are currently being affectionate towards something, and feeling warm – but not in the temperature sense. 

How Does A Mood Ring Change Color?

A mood ring is actually very simple, and that is why the structure of them has barely changed in over 40 years since they were first made.

The ring itself is full of liquid crystals which are sensitive to heat. They rearrange at a molecular level when the temperature against the ring either increases or decreases.

This in turn makes the mood ring change its color. However, our temperature changes for a number of different reasons, so you may not get an accurate reading of a person’s mood.

The liquid crystals are protected by another layer, and are often attached to a band which is placed on the finger as a ring. 

Final Thoughts

Wearing a mood ring is a fun way to learn about your own emotions. While it shouldn’t be used as a way to fact check how we feel, it can be a good indicator of how we might be feeling.

Plus, wearing a mood ring (see also, ‘What Does Blue Mean on a Mood Ring?‘) is just fun, and they look good too. 

A mood ring changes color due to how hot or cold your body temperature is. So if you are feeling stressed and hot, then you may find that your ring is black in color.

If you are happy and full of beans, then the ring may be pink in color. However, it may also suggest that you are being obsessive, or perhaps just affectionate towards somebody.

However, do keep in mind that you shouldn’t get your mood ring wet. It might not be as waterproof as you think, meaning the heat sensitive liquid crystals will become ruined. Once they do, your mood ring is likely to stay black in color.

You may also want to keep your mood ring away from very cold and very hot temperatures too, as this can also damage the liquid crystals. 

For these reasons alone, always take special care of your mood ring and enjoy wearing it. If it turns pink, then it is nice to know you are happy!

Andrea Daehma