What Does Sodalite Do?

If you have never heard of Sodalite before, you are missing out and should take a moment to learn appropriately about this really awesome gemstone. 

It is unique, with beautiful patterns, mirroring the aesthetic of a beautiful deep blue sea. Alongside this, it has some epic properties, and if you collect crystals you should get your hands on one of these soon, as it is the ideal addition to a collection. 

What Does Sodalite Do?

It is especially useful if you are looking to gain more clarity and better emotional balance.

So, what exactly does Sodalite do? Let’s take a full look at this gemstone and enlighten you.

What Is Sodalite?

Sodalite is one of the most unique and fascinating blue gemstones we have ever seen. This stone occurs as a stone but also in crystal form as well. This stone is a mineral known as tectosilicate, and it gains its name from the very high sodium content found inside the crystal.

It was first known in Greenland in 1811, but then it actually became much more popular in Canada in 1981, and started getting more so after then. This was around the time that stones started getting used in ornaments more and more and more. 

Its color can also be easily mixed up with lapis lazuli (see also, ‘What is Lapis Lazuli Used for?), this is because both of these stones can actually be very alike in both their color and in their texture. However, they are different, but learning to spot the differences is not an easy feat.

What Is The Meaning Behind Sodalite?

Sodalite is actually closely associated with the Zodiac Sagittarius, and its planetary association is with the moon. When it comes to the elements it is often paired with air and water due to the outstanding hue that comes from its deep blue color. 

When considering its metaphysical properties, it primarily has the ability to give you the power to communicate with extra effectiveness. It also allows you to speak with more clarity and truth about your emotions. 

Sodalite can also help you to better follow your intuition and gives you the ability to be objective while enhancing your rational thinking. 

If you suffer from panic attacks, Sodalite is said to help in the reduction of panic attacks. In a way, it may also be able to aid those who suffer from anxiety as it is said to be able to enhance the ability to better express oneself.

Sodalite’s Benefits & Healing Properties

From our first mention of healing properties, we expect that you were curious, so let’s talk about this. Part of Sodalite’s meaning is its properties in healing.

For those who are often low, and perhaps suffer from colds and the flu regularly, Sodalite can be a great gemstone to keep nearby.

There are a great deal of healing properties that are often associated with using Sodalite. 

Sodalite tends to focus on emotional balance, logic, clarity, and intuition. 

This means that Sodalite is most often used to help in the healing of emotional pain and distress and can provide users with a way to better work through their emotional problems by logic and finding balance. 

It helps those healers who want better perception and who are seeking out the truth. Sodalite is also said to enhance intelligence, which can aid those of us working through difficult situations, and help us heal to grow and find better solutions. 

Sodalite is also said to be able to help with insomnia and help in reducing fevers. 

Some people believe that Sodalite may also be able to help in the reduction of blood pressure, and that it may be able to help boost up your immune system too. The gemstone focuses its abilities on your throat and your larynx. 

What Does Sodalite Do?

This would mean that if you were to wear a Sodalite necklace, it would lie closest to the parts of your body on which it has the greatest effect. 

There have been those who have found that it can help in weight loss journeys, and can help to reduce issues relative to water retention. 

Sodalite might be a good stone for those with a calcium deficiency to turn to as well. 

There have also been studies conducted that have come to the conclusion that placing Sodalite on your desk or near your PC could actually help to protect you from electromagnetic pollution. 

This is because it is known that both cell phones and computers tend to output this radiation type.

Using Sodalite For Your Chakras 

If perhaps you are spending more time working on your chakras, you can also link Sodalite to your chakras, or more specifically, to your throat chakra, or to your third eye chakra. 

Sodalite has a vibration number of 4. 

Sodalite is known to help with treating areas of the human body, including the vocal cords, and throat, and can aid in digestive disorders. It can also help to balance out metabolism as well. 

When using Sodalite, in your home you should keep this stone in the place where you tend to meditate.

Otherwise, you would want to keep it in your bedroom, as this is where we typically spend a majority of our time, and therefore, this is where we will usually accumulate the most of our energy.

Using Sodalite

One of our favorite ways to use Sodalite is in meditation, allowing your focus to remain primarily on the energy it outputs. 

As you focus on the wisdom the stone contains, you can feel your inner body focus. 


Sodalite is known as being the stone of healing and clarity. It can help to bring you wisdom and gain clarity in times of hardship, however, it is also able to help you heal when you are going through a tough emotional time. 

These stones are often mistaken for lapis lazuli, but they are not the same stone.

Andrea Daehma