What Does Super 7 Mean In Crystals?

The Super 7 crystal, also known as the sacred stone or melody stone, is one of the rarest crystals out there.

It is made up of a total of seven minerals (obviously) and these include clear quartz, smoky quartz, goethite, cacoxenite, amethyst, lepidocrocite, and rutile.

What Does Super 7 Mean In Crystals?

With all of those minerals together, Super 7 becomes a powerful crystal that can help uncover spiritual truths. The crystal can also help an individual manifest their deepest desires and it is even said to hold healing properties.

With a total of seven minerals, the Super 7 crystal is a truly substantial stone so it is worth considering it. In this guide, we will look at what Super 7 means in crystals, including its physical properties and its healing properties. 

What Super 7 Means In Crystals

With so many minerals in one crystal put together, the Super 7 crystal has a harmonious combination that vibrates at a high frequency. The crystal is also supposed to be attuned to the very energy of Mother Earth and nature.

If you want a crystal to help you connect to the natural world, or even your own nature on earth, then find a Super 7 crystal to hold and the energy will ground you.

It may not look like one of the most brilliant crystals out there, but it could prove formidable and elevate your consciousness. 

The Super 7 crystal is said to be one of the few that does not require recharging, cleansing, or even revitalizing. Even in a tiny crystal, its real power from those seven minerals can be transformative.

That’s down to a long list of metaphysical properties and healing applications while it can also boost psychic powers. 

With the same metaphysical and therapeutic properties from each of those seven minerals, this is a substantial stone.

It helps that the Super 7 crystal has a frequency that connects humankind and then guides the individual possessing it to change to the planet’s vibratory level.

That helps an individual gain psychic abilities and psychic knowledge to assist them in choosing the right spiritual path. Those psychic abilities include telepathy, clairvoyance (Check out some Incense For Clairvoyance), channeling, and even communication with spirit guides to offer spiritual direction. 

Super 7: The Physical Properties

There may be more striking crystals in terms of appearance as it looks kinda dirty and should have several irregular purple zones.

Other crystals may have a more brilliant luster yet with seven minerals fighting for competition, it is little wonder that Super 7 can have several different colors on offer.

The overall look of a Super 7 crystal may be a deep purple appearance but also orange, dark brown, or red with its several inclusions. 

The rutile inclusion may even allow a Super 7 crystal to have a black, brown, gray, or purple shade. The specific physical characteristics can mean it can look transparent or opaque.

However it looks, the crystal can be fashioned into tumbled stones, beads, slabs, or cabochons. A Super 7 crystal should have a hardness rating of around 7, which is appropriate. 

Super 7: The Healing Properties

The Super 7 crystal is said to generate energy and relieve energy pain. This helps an individual’s physical body to deal with the taught cycle from a previous life.

Not only can the Super 7 crystal help heal previous pain but it can provide an individual with a psychic intuition. That one feature can help anyone identify where their suffering is coming from.

What Does Super 7 Mean In Crystals?

Super 7: The Metaphysical Properties

With seven minerals put together in one crystal, you can expect certain benefits from each one.

The amethyst can improve an individual’s focus, cognitive ability, and their creativity. From the clear quartz, you can expect a boost in energy while also opening the heart and mind.

The cacoxenite is also said to improve someone’s spiritual awareness and offer an improved sense of a divine purpose. 

Then there is the goethite which is said to strengthen an individual’s spiritual and physical connection.

Lepidocrocite is said to improve communication and provide an understanding between lovers while also blocking some negative energy at the same time.

The smoky quartz is said to protect an individual against any negative energy too while speeding up healing. Finally, the rutile should reduce worry and anxiety. 

In general, the Super 7 crystal is said to be a spiritual warrior which can open an individual’s soul to several new realities.

The crystal is said to help an individual find their true beauty and realize that it is the source of their divine grace.

The Super 7 crystal also encourages psychic skills that can promote healing for an individual’s well-being and that of the planet. Put bluntly, the Super 7 crystal can be one of the most effective crystals for healing.

Final Thoughts

When you get a Super 7 crystal, you should learn how to wear it properly. That may be regularly to safeguard yourself from negative energy.

Whether you decide to wear the crystal as beads or anything else, it should be worn over the heart. You can also place the crystal under your pillow while you sleep every night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Origins Of The Super 7 Crystal?

The Super 7 crystal was originally discovered in Brazil, specifically in the southeastern coastal state of Espirito Santa. Since then, the crystals have been found in Australia and Madagascar. The crystal has only been found in inclusions from amethyst deposits.

What Is The Lore Of The Super 7 Crystal?

Health folklore says that the Super 7 crystal is ideal as a balancing stone. That may make it great for treating an ailing or weak heart.

The crystal is said to aid the symptoms of hyperactivity and ADHD while specifically treating issues in the pancreas and kidneys. Folklore for the Super 7 crystal also suggests it can reverse fertility problems and help remove toxins from an individual’s body.

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