What Happens When You Charge Your Crystals Under the Full Moon

Every month we hear the same thing: don’t forget to leave your crystals outside during the full moon, you should recharge them.

Recharging your crystals is essential to getting all the benefits from them that you’re expecting, however, it’s not actually as simple as that.  

Why Happens When You Charge Your Crystals Under the Full Moon

Charging your crystals is important, but is the full moon the only way that you can achieve this? The answer is no, and in fact, it’s not always advisable to charge your crystals in the full moon. 

Yes, you heard that right. 

Why Not Under The Full Moon? 

A full moon is a time of incredible energy, the moon being at its most potent. However, you have to consider whether that form of energy is something that you actually want to be charging into your crystals. 

Did you know that the specifics of each full moon will change each month? Yup, the astrological associations of each month are going to have a massive impact on the kinds of energy that you’re pumping into your crystals when you leave them out in the full moon. 

As well as this, the energies can be altered by you and your own star sign as well as just generally what’s going on in your life. We also have to bear in mind that everyone feels a different way about full moons. 

Though a lot of people are energized under full moons, there are those of us who feel a lot more negatively about the time, or are simply ambivalent about it. 

Yes, there is a lot to consider regarding leaving your crystals to recharge in the light of the full moon. 

Should You Charge Crystals In The Full Moon? 

Should You Charge Crystals In The Full Moon 

What I’m trying to say here is not that you should never charge your crystals in a full moon, but simply that there is no reason to think that you have to.

You don’t even really need to charge crystals at all to begin with – they’re doing just fine without being “charged”. 

However, you absolutely can! You just need to be aware of the ways that charging them under the moon will influence the way that their energies interact with you and your Chakras. 

If you feel energized by the full moon and want to keep a hold of that feeling for longer, put them out! Soak up that full moon feeling and reflect on yourself and how maybe if you’re not charging your crystals, you’re charging yourself for the rest of the month to come. 

However, if you don’t particularly enjoy the energy of the full moon and don’t want it reflected in your crystals, you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about not putting them out. 

We all have our own habits when it comes to our crystals and how to look after them and ourselves.

After all, crystals are only effective if you’re open to their energies, and if you’re not sure or not feeling connected to them, they’re not going to be able to work properly. 


If you’re not sure that you want to put your crystals out to take in the energy of the full moon, but feel like you need to imbue them with something, then there are some alternatives that you can try. 

For example, you could put them out during a new moon and fill them with an energy of rebirth and fresh starts.

This could help to ground you and have your crystals leaving you feeling refreshed. 

Or if you’re feeling low on energy and positivity, you could leave your crystals out in the sun for a little while and allow them to soak up the solar energy instead.

You might find that this new form of energy helps energize you in ways you never thought possible. 

Final Thoughts

Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with leaving your crystals to energize through the night underneath a full moon.

However, we need to move away from this idea that this is the only way to recharge your crystals, or really even that we need to charge our crystals in the first place. 

Crystals get their energy from the Earth, and though they might fluctuate in their benefits for us, this is more to do with the ways that we’re able to receive their energy rather than the fact that their “power is running out”. 

If you don’t want to retain the energy of the full moon, for whatever reason you have, then don’t feel as though you need to in order to get the benefits. Do with your crystals whatever you wish.

Andrea Daehma