What Is Abalone And Why Is It So Special?

Abalone is unlike any other gem as you can find it in the ocean and not under some rocks or on the ground.

What Is Abalone And Why Is It So Special

It is an organic substance with lengths ranging from 20 to 200 millimeters or up to 300 millimeters, that aside from being consumed as meat, abalone shells are utilized in a wide range of shamanic ritual practices all over the world.

But what is it exactly, and what is this that has made it so special?

What Is Abalone?

Abalone is a shell of the class Gastropoda, genus Haliotis. This shell is nacreous, that is, on its inner surface, it excretes pearl (see also, ‘What Does the Bible Say About Pearls?‘).

The layers of nacre that secrete these shells show a variety in coloration, unlike the shells that produce pearls, which secrete pearls in one shade.

Abalone displays shades of blue, gray, and green, and a characteristic intense iridescence and it is used for jewelry and decorations, such as buttons, frets on guitars, etc.

It can also be found under the name “Paua shell” because that is what it is called in the Maori language of Australia.

The abalone shells that have a white or beige shade (see also, ‘5 Beige Crystals‘) of pearl-like coating are called “mother-of-pearl”. In other words, abalone is the colored variety of that pearlescence.

The abalone, like the pearls and mother-of-pearls traded in the market, is cultivated, and the main growing countries are Australia in the Tasmania region, California, New Zealand, China, and South Africa.

Which Zodiac Signs Have Abalone As Their Birthstone?

Cancer and Pisces are the two zodiac signs that have abalone as their birthstone. Wearing or touching the abalone shell brings people who belong to the sign of Cancer wellness and assertiveness.

Abalone shells can also enable them to get rid of grumpiness and oversensitivity to everything that surrounds them. Similar to Cancer people, Pisces’ wisdom and compassion maximize once they wear their abalone jewelry.

As a Pisces, wearing abalone will redefine your misery and pessimism and turn them into optimism and hopefulness. It will make you feel energized and strong.

What’s The Ruling Planet Of Abalone?

The moon is the celestial body that rules over the abalone shell, with the iridescent colors of the abalone being prompted by it.

The moon guards and rejuvenates people as the ruling planet of vigor and resilience. It also fuels the abalone gem with beauty and love while at the same time enhancing its cleansing energy.

If you practice meditation while wearing abalone on a moon-filled night, the moon will sanctify you. If you apply an abalone tonic to your body, your skin conditions and abnormalities will simply vanish.

Abalone And Metaphysics

An abalone shell is not a soothing gemstone or jewel. It is a mollusk’s shell. It is praised as it has a long tradition of being utilized as a curing element in historical records and folk tales.

According to them, abalone shells were thought to be a blessing from the ocean that could help people with reproduction and be relaxing for overly energetic individuals.

Not only that but these shells are also very receptive to people’s energies because they reflect the ocean’s water together with the deep blue sky.

In fact, it is believed that the reason why abalone shells frequently crack is that human conflicts and tension are too much for them!

What Are The Physiological Impacts Of Abalone Shells?

Abalone shells are excellent for water retention in the body. They stimulate the chakra system and aid in achieving overall harmony, while they can also help with serious or cancerous illnesses.

They are also great for pregnant women because they help babies that are still in their wombs relax. They are also beneficial for anyone who lacks sexual potency, regardless of their gender, while they can also prevent our bodies from exhaustion and low blood pressure.

For old people, utilizing elixirs made from abalone shells can help restore their vision and hearing. Finally, abalone shells are great for preventing sunburns and neural damage.

What Are The Spiritual And Emotional Effects Of Abalone Shells?

Abalone shells are also perfect for those attempting to enter the spiritual world and gain greater powers. They are regarded as spiritual shells that offer the ability to communicate with higher energies.

Moreover, they can assist you in visualizing your aspirations and seeking enlightenment, and they can completely transform you through lucid dreaming and karmic therapeutic interventions.

When it comes to emotions, abalone can support you in filling the gaps and solving your personal, intrinsic problems. It has anti-depression qualities and can minimize any anxiety attack that comes your way.

The Bottom Line

Abalone is a special shell that is worth buying and keeping at home or even wearing on you. So, if you see an abalone ring you like, don’t think twice before getting it!

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