What Is Copal Incense Used For?

Copal Incense is one of the oldest ingredients used for clearing energy. In fact, it is said that using it in its incense form is one of the best ways for cleansing both spaces and crystals.

What Is Copal Incense Used For?

It has long been considered sacred in areas such as Mexico, but also in areas within Central and South America. 

If you are interested to understand what copal incense is used for, then read on to find out more. We shall also tell you more about copal itself, too. 

What Actually Is Copal And Where Can It Be Found?

Copal is found within trees due to it being resin. However, it is quite special because it is not found as a sticky sap or a hardened resin. 

The tree itself belongs to the Buresa family which can be found within South and Central America. It has long been noted as a medicinal tree in Mexico, especially to the Mayans within the south of Mexico. Even today it is a sacred tree to many. 

What Is The History Of Copal Use?

Copal incense itself is very sacred to both the people in Central and South America, but especially to those living in Mexico. Copal dates back to both the Aztec and Mayan cultures. 

Lots of copal resin were placed atop pyramids by the Aztecs and Mayans and then burned. This was done as offerings to deities and gods. The Atecs referred to copal as ‘copalli’, and it was considered to be a tree’s sacred blood. 

The Mayans also added copal to burials showing that it definitely had, and still has, some spiritual and long standing significance. They did this by using resin as a binder within ink pigments, and then writing on murals. 

Also the indigenous tribes within Americas also used copal for rituals and ceremonies. Today, copal is still seen as a medicinal ingredient. For example, people believe that copal can repel mosquitos and bugs, as well as get rid of diseases. 

What Are The Benefits Of Copal?

There are many benefits to using copal. For centuries, people have been using copal to remove energies and for health purposes.

So, let’s take a look at the benefits of using copal incense within the home:

Cleansing Energy

Just like many other incense, copal has the ability to remove negative energy from a space. This makes it useful in the home when you are looking to purify the air. Also it can be used to cleanse items too, making it very useful to use for cleansing crystals.

The woody and light scent is known to invite loving and positive energy into the space. This can create peaceful energy within the home. 

Meditation Practices

Copal is known as being a very powerful form of incense used during meditation. This is because it is linked to the crown chakra which can deepen a person’s connection to the mystical world. 

This in turn will encourage a person to have pure and deep thoughts during meditation, helping them to remove any negative thoughts and overthinking.

Copal has the ability to unite with both the earth’s ground properties and the sun’s force to remove all of the negative energies.

Copal is also believed to help strengthen a person’s auric body, which in turn will help to remove all stagnant energy. 


Copal is often used as a way to destress and remove anxiety. This is because copal has the ability to calm a person and let their body begin to wind down, especially during stressful times. 

Since ancient times, copal has been used as a way to balance emotions and to calm the nervous system. This means it can help with the likes of anxiety and stress. 

How To Use Copal Incense

What Is Copal Incense Used For?

There are many ways to use copal incense. Here are just a few of them:

Cleansing Space

Copal is often used as a way to cleanse spaces. This means that it can be used within the home as a way to remove negative energy.

To do this, all you will need to do is light the incense and let the scent and smoke fill the space. You can also use a feathered fan to allow the incense smoke to find its way into all corners of the room.

Having an incense stick lit by the front door is a great way to make sure that negative energy is not invited into the home. 

Cleansing Jewelry

If you own jewelry which has healing crystals within it, then you can use the copal incense to cleanse it. The reason to cleanse the crystal jewelry is the exact same reason for cleansing crystals in general – to remove all of that negative energy that has been built up.

To do so, you will need to hold the jewelry into the smoke of the copal incense. It may move around a bit as it adjusts to you holding it. Wait until it stops moving and then you can remove the jewelry from the smoke.

Cleansing Crystals

Just like the crystal jewelry, you will need to cleanse the healing crystals on a regular basis to remove all of the negative energy that has built up. 

To do so, you will need to light the incense and then bathe the crystal in the smoke. Move the crystal around so every single side is submerged within the smoke.

You can then remove the crystal. Each crystal should only take a few seconds to do. 


Since ancient times, copal was offered in order to reach goddess Chalchiuhtlicue and god Tlaloc, who were both related to creation and fertility. In the same way, you can light the incense in order to reach these deities if you feel like you are connected with them.

In doing so, you can take on the feelings of creation and calmness.

Final Thoughts

Copal is found within the resin of a tree which is native to areas within Central and South America. In ancient times it was used as a way to reach the gods and goddesses, but also it was believed to have medicinal properties.

Today it is used to relieve anxiety and to remove negative energy within the home. 

Andrea Daehma