What Is Lavender Incense Used For?

Lavender is a scent that is often used for many different things. This has been the way since ancient times when the Romans placed lavender in both their mattresses and bathtubs.

What Is Lavender Incense Used For?

Even the Victorians used lavender as a way to keep bugs at bay in the likes of wardrobes and drawers. 

Today, we still use lavender for many different reasons – including keeping moths away from clothing. Whether it is in skincare, to help us sleep, or for its spiritual benefits, lavender is still widely used in today’s modern world.

If you have never seen lavender, then you will most certainly recognize its calming scent. There is a reason it has been used in ancient medicines and alchemy. It has tranquil and pure energy – even just through its scent – thus it helps people to feel serene and calm.

If you are interested to know more about what lavender incense is used for in a spiritual sense, then read on to find out all you need to know. 

Lavender Can Be Used To Cleanse And Remove Negative Energy

Lavender is often used to cleanse, whether that is holy items, or specific rooms – among so much more. This is because lavender is said to be able to remove negative energy and replace it with positivity. 

Lavender can purify the air and in doing so, it can help you to heal. It may also help you to clear your mind if it is overflowing with thoughts, as well as help you to have a restful sleep.

Lavender is very calming, and is often used as a way to help bring peace to a room. By burning a lavender incense, you can fill the space with positivity. Just remember to open the windows to let both the smoke and negative vibes out.

Lavender Can Help You To Have A Good Night’s Sleep

Speaking of sleep, the scent of lavender is known to help you have a restful night’s sleep. It is believed to reduce the function of the nervous system to help you relax and fall to sleep.

This is the reason why lavender is used in many calming products to use before bedtime.

If you are used to taking over the counter medication to help you sleep at night, why not try lavender instead? It is a natural and calming way to help yourself fall to sleep.

All you will need to do is burn a lavender incense stick an hour or two before bed. The room will be filled with a wonderful calming aroma. 

Lavender Can Help Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Due to the calming ability of the lavender fragrance, it can help you to feel relaxed, calm, and clear your mind of worrying thoughts. It can also encourage you to think more clearly in times of stress and anxiety.

This can also aid in getting a good night’s sleep too (see above). If you have a lot on your mind right now which is resulting in you feeling very stressed, then smelling the lavender fragrance may help you to function better and more calmly.

Whenever you are feeling anxious, take a moment to smell lavender. You will begin to feel much calmer, especially if you take the time out to do this regularly. 

Also, you may want to burn a lavender incense stick during yoga or meditation. Doing so can help to open the crown chakra (Sahasrara). It can push you to feel creative and powerful. You will also feel uplifted with extra positive energy.

Lavender Strikes A Connection With Femininity

What Is Lavender Incense Used For?

Lavender is known as a herb that has a connection to security and tenderness brought on by the strength of femininity. This is because it is associated with the likes of Venus, Aphrodite and Hera.

Lavender is thought to help heal any past scars, as well as open yourself up to love. Having lavender in your personal space can help you to understand your own self-love and -worth.

This may in turn help you to be open to new things within your life, whether a relationship or change.

Lavender Can Encourage Happiness And Love

Not only can lavender create a safe space for you to start feeling open and self-accepting, but it can also encourage happiness and love in general too. The scent is said to promote goodwill and feelings of energy and being happy.

If you are feeling low or stuck in a rut, then the scent of lavender should perk your right up. Its calming scent that flows through the air will put you in good spirits right away.

For these reasons, it makes sense to have lavender incense sticks to hand. 

Lavender Can Help Through Life Transitions

Lavender is often connected with rebirth due to its ability to help you move forward with your life, as well as cope with any life transitions that may be happening. However, this is also due to the fact it blooms throughout the year, making the plant quite magical.

It re-flowers, which many people see as the rebirth connection. It is believed that lavender can help you to feel anew after bad times full of negative energy. 

When you have been going through a particularly dark time, light a lavender incense stick to encourage you to start afresh and move forward with your life.

Lavender Can Help To Boost Your Protection

In ancient times, lavender was used as a way to ward off any bad spirits and protect people from negative spirits and energy. Even today, lavender is often used to boost a person’s spiritual protection.

In doing so it will also provide you with feelings of calm and relaxation. Burning an incense stick in your personal space will remove any bad spirits and keep you protected. 

Final Thoughts

Lavender is a wonderful herb that can be used to remove negative energy in the home. When used as an incense stick, it has the ability to protect you from negative energy, as well as keep you calm during frustrating times. 

Andrea Daehma