What Is May’s Birthstone?

All of the twelve months of the year has its own birthstone, and May’s is the deep green and luscious emerald.

This stone is known for its dazzling beauty and its relationship with both success and wealth, but what else do you know about this marvelous stone?

What Is May’s Birthstone

Not only does it look wonderful, especially when worn as jewelry, but it has great meaning and power too.

And not only that, there is another birthstone for May, and that is the agate, though this is lesser known.

In this article we shall take a look at what the emerald and agate stones are, and what benefits they have – plus, the history of these fine looking May birthstones. 

What Does The Emerald Symbolize?

Because the color of emerald is green, it is often a symbol of wealth, growth, success and prosperity. Throughout many cultures, emeralds are seen as something positive, often to do with good fortune.

Because the hindu faith associates the green color as a representation of the heart chakra, an emerald is also referred to as being symbolic of love.

This makes sense, as even in the Roman times emeralds were linked with the goddess of love, Venus. 

During the Middle Ages the emerald was linked with both money and fertility. But emeralds have also been associated with helping to aid ailments, block the devil, and to restore energy for travelers who are exhausted.

These days the emerald is seen as a thing of beauty. It is a great stone used for patience, and is often used with manifestation. It is also a gemstone which is commonly worn within jewelry. 

Where Can You Find Emerald?

Emeralds can be found in a number of different places across the world. Some of these places where emerald is sourced includes India, USA, Austria, Canada, Russia, Norway, South Africa, Zimbabwe, China, Pakistan, South America, and Zambia. 

A lot of these places include high levels of chromium, vanadium, and beryllium. For this reason, you are highly likely to find emerald mines. A lot of these are placed within South America.

In fact, the ones found there are often emeralds which have the lowest iron content meaning they have a very rich green color. It also makes them have a bluish tint too, without any – or very little – impurities.

This can be rare when it comes to emeralds. 

Is There Such A Thing As Synthetic Emeralds?

In today’s climate, it is becoming more important to lower our carbon footprint. For this reason, there is now the technology to create synthetic replicas of the South American emeralds. 

However, you may find that even the lab created emeralds are referred to as South American emeralds, even though they are not. They are usually referred to as such due to it being a mark of quality.

So, do keep this in mind when buying a piece of emerald, or some jewelry that contains emerald. It may be synthetic, rather than real. 

What Is The Agate Stone?

Agitate is known as a semi-precious stone which is a variety of the chalcedony family. It has many similar traits to quartz, and can be sourced from all over the globe.

While emerald is a beautiful green, the agate is often found in a number of different wonderful colors. It can also include patterns too, which adds to its beauty.

What is even more amazing about this stone, is that when the sun hits the surface the agate looks like it is sparkling (see also ‘Can Agate Be In The Sun?‘). This makes it a great choice for both jewelry, and as a decoration within the home.

What Is May’s Birthstone

What Does The Agate Symbolize?

Agate has protective properties, and it also allows you to slow down within a hectic and fast-paced world. It also may help you to step back from a situation to see it more clearly.

It was first founded in Sicily along the Achates River. It was used as jewelry and art decoration, with carvings being made into it. It was also used by many Egyptians and Greeks too.

Agate is said to honor Bona Dea, the Roman goddess who protects and heals women. 

Agate used to be used in order to stop people from feeling extreme thirst. People believed that placing it in one’s mouth would stop the need for water, and that it may even cure a fever.

It has been used by many cultures to heal scorpion and snake bites, as well as to ward off natural disasters. 

These days, people often wear agate to protect them when traveling, or from the evil eye. People also like to keep agate with them for extra support and protection. 

Where Can You Find Agate?

While once very common in Ancient Greece, agate is often found along the coast, but can also be found within exposed gravel and along lakes and in deserts.

It is said to be a stone that is common in areas that either used to have volcanic activity, or still does. 

However, it is a common stone to find throughout the United States, unlike emerald which often means venturing down a dark mine to find the beautiful green stone. 

They are also common to find throughout Europe and Africa. 

Are There Different Types Of Agate?

There are different types of agate which can change its properties. For example, there is the fire agate. This is often used for passion, as well as ambition.

Moss agate on the other hand is perfect for those who have recently endured a breakup. It can help to heal the heart chakra, as well as remind a person to look after themselves. 

Final Thoughts

While there are two types of May birthstone, the emerald and the agate, the former is the most common.

While not common to find and a lot more expensive to own, it is common in the fact that it is the most well-known when it comes to being May’s birthstone (see also ‘What Is The March Birthstone?‘) . 

Emerald is the perfect stone to wear or hold if your birthday is in May. It promotes good fortune and growth. 

Andrea Daehma