What Is My Tarot Birth Card?

Numerology and tarot are intimately connected. As the mystical study of the significance of numbers, numerology places importance on the date on which you were born.

Likewise, tarot cards can be related to one’s date of birth, specifically in the form of the zodiac. 

What Is My Tarot Birth Card? (1)

But did you know that everyone will have a tarot birth card? This guide will tell you everything that you need to know about tarot birth cards, including how you can calculate your own!

What Is A Tarot Birth Card?

Tarot birth cards refer to a constant element of your identity and essence. In this sense, tarot birth cards are similar to the signs of the zodiac. A person’s tarot birth card will mirror their characteristics. 

Many people rely on their tarot birth cards to inform them of their identity and their position in the world. These cards can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of an individual.

As a result, your tarot birth card can tell you things about yourself that you might not otherwise realize.

Generally, these cards will only disclose constant elements of your personality. So you won’t be able to gather information about your current mood or attitude through your tarot birth card. 

What Is My Tarot Birth Card?

The truth is that your tarot birth card will differ depending on when you are born.

There are a few different methods of calculating your tarot birth card, but this is perhaps the most effective and widely-used method:

  1. Break down your birth date into 4 different categories. The first two numbers will refer to the month of birth. The second two will represent the day on which you were born. The last two segments will refer to your year of birth. Therefore, these sections should look like: MM/DD/YY/YY. For instance, if you were born on the 26th of May 1992, this would look like 05/26/19/92.
  2. Add these numbers together, breaking them down into further segments. In the aforementioned example, this would mean 0+5+2+6+1+9+9+2 = 34. 
  3. Then, separate this figure into two or three segments depending on the number of digits. In this case, you would separate them into 3/4. Add these numbers together. In this case, the number would equal 7. This will be the first card number.
  4. If the number that you got for your first card number was two digits, add them together. For instance, if you got the number 11, you would do this sum: 1+1= 2. Meanwhile, if your first card number was just one digit, you should always find what number you need to add to 1 to make your first card number. For instance, you would need to add 1 and 6 to make 7. Therefore, this would give you the second card number 16. This will be your second card number.
  5. Each tarot card will have an accompanying number, which is typically written in roman numerals. Simply relate the number of your first card and the second card to the numbers found on your tarot cards. Throughout these calculations, we’ve used the example that the first card number is 7 while the second card number is 16. Consequently, this would mean that your birth cards are:

First card number: 7: The Chariot (VII)

Second card number: 16: The Tower (XVI)

  1. Read the cards to clarify their meaning. Apply this meaning to your life to better understand your inner qualities or to learn more about your future. Below, there are tips that will help you to extrapolate the meaning of your birth cards.

Just bear in mind that this is but one way of calculating your tarot birth cards. Feel free to use an alternative method if you prefer it.

From experience, this is the easiest way of calculating your tarot birth cards, though it will require a degree of mathematical skills. Luckily, you can use a calculator if math is not your forte!

How Can I Read My Tarot Birth Card?

What Is My Tarot Birth Card? (1)

Now that you know how to work out your tarot birth cards, you will need to learn to read them. After all, you will not understand the meaning of the card unless you know how to read it. 

If you aren’t sure what each card means, simply research it. There are plenty of guides that will help you to better understand what each tarot card signifies.

When it comes to your birth cards, you will have to combine them to extrapolate the significance of these cards. For instance, you should see if these cards complement or contrast with one another. 

For example, let’s say your cards were The Chariot and The Tower. The Chariot is a card all about overcoming challenges through willpower and determination.

Meanwhile, The Tower card symbolizes chaos and dramatic change. As a result, this combination of birth cards encourages you not to make sudden choices. Instead, you should make balanced decisions.

Learning to read tarot cards is an art, especially when you are reviewing the intricate relationships between them. Therefore, it can take a long time for you to learn how to read your tarot birth cards.

What Do Tarot Birth Cards Tell You?

Tarot birth cards can give you the following information:

  • They can inform you about your internal personality traits and deeper qualities.
  • They may provide you with an important message that can help guide your future.
  • They might present a challenge that you may experience in the future. 
  • They could tap into an opportunity that you may face.
  • They can signal something that you need to change. 
  • They could give you a lesson that you should learn from.

Final Thoughts

By delving into the meaning of your tarot birth card, you can find out qualities about yourself that can help you to gain a better sense of your identity.

This guide will help you to understand everything that you need to know about your tarot birth card, including how you can calculate this information.

So why not research your tarot birth card?!

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