What Is October’s Birthstone?

When it comes to spirituality and gemstones, it’s always interesting to find out what stone best represents the period when you were born. For some of us, we’ll feel a particular connection to these stones, because they’re bound to the time we were put on this earth. 

This idea is better known as “birthstones”, which are a series of gemstones that were set to represent the period of a person’s birth. They do this by either representing the month of the birth or the person’s zodiac sign.

What Is October’s Birthstone?

If you’re born in October, then you’ll be wondering what that particular month’s birthstone will be?

The short answer is that October has two fascinating birthstones: Opal and pink Tourmaline. Each of these have their own beautiful and unique appearances, as well as their own meanings. 

And you can learn all about those below! In our useful guide, we’re going to break down the birthstones of October, with information on their appearances, color, meaning, and more. Read on!

What Is A Birthstone?

Before we look at October’s birthstones, it’s worth exploring what birthstones are (see also ‘What Is The March Birthstone?‘) . 

As we said earlier, these are specific gemstones that are commonly understood to represent certain periods of the year, either reflecting a person’s birth month or their zodiac sign (if you’re curious about your Tarot Birth card, read here).

The idea of birthstones first came about in the first century, where it was believed that the twelve stones of Aaron’s breastplate (which the High Priest of the Israelites wore) were connected to the twelve months of the year, as well as the zodiac’s twelve signs.

However, modern birthstone choices relate little to these early stone ideas.

Instead, in 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers made an official list in order to set birthstones in stone (pun intended!), and this list has been updated with new stones over the century since then. 

What Is October’s Birthstone?

When it comes to October, there are two different birthstones: pink Tourmaline and Opal. 


Opal is actually the most traditional of the two, being the first birthstone that October had. If you’ve never seen one, Opals is most notable for its dazzling appearance, because it has a brilliant ability to shift colors as you move it.

This gives it a rainbow-like appearance which makes it especially beautiful and meaningful if you’ve got an October birthdate or zodiac sign. 


On the other hand, Tourmaline also gives off a beautiful variety of colors, although not quite as many as Opal. With that being said, Tourmaline has its own brilliant quality in that it’s one of the rare gemstones that is available in almost all colors.

Some of the most popular colors that Tourmaline is bought in are pink, red, green, and blue. In fact, pink was later chosen to be the specific Tourmaline color for October’s birthstone (see also ‘Pink Birthstones’). 

Why Are They Good Choices?

Both of these work particularly well as October birthstones, because people who are linked to them are able to get them in pretty much any color they want, allowing the stones to be a better and closer reflection of their personality and taste.

The rainbow look of Opal offers loads of colors for people to enjoy, while Tourmaline can be bought in specific shades that people connect to. 

What Is October’s Birthstone?

What Are The Meanings Of October Birthstones?

Opal Meanings

When it comes to the Opal October birthstone, it’s believed that the stone first came from India. However, the Opal has had a variety of different meanings interpreted through all kinds of different places and cultures. 

For example, in Ancient Greece, it was believed that the opal would protect people from disease. On top of that, they believed that it had prophetic powers, allowing them to tell events of the future.

On the other hand, Bedouins thought that the Opal itself held lightning, coming down from the sky when there were thunderstorms. Quite different was the belief of Europeans, who saw the Opal as a symbol of truth and purity. 

It was also thought that, due to its dazzling range of colors, that the Opal had all the powers of all colored stones!

Tourmaline Meanings

As for Tourmaline, it’s thought that the wide range of colors that you can get the stone in all have their own individual meanings and properties. 

For example, the pink Tourmaline is connected to lots of ideas of love, with an emphasis on being kind, gentle, and compassionate. 

On the other hand, a black Tourmaline is all to do with protection and courage. Those who wear it believe that the stone will protect them, and it’s thought that it will give them confidence throughout the day. 

As for green Tourmaline, it covers similar ground, being used to give people courage. On top of that, though, it’s thought to provide people with stamina and strength, giving them the energy when they need it most. 

Why Are There Two Birthstones For October?

While it isn’t the only month to have two birthstones, October is one of the special months that does. But why is that?

Well, we mentioned earlier in the article that the American National Association of Jewelers originally created its standardized list of birthstones in 1912, they’ve updated the list occasionally over time.

As you can guess, October was the subject of one of these updates, with Tourmaline being assigned to it.

The reason that updates were traditionally made is because the culture of stones shifts constantly. For example, some styles are more popular at certain times.

On top of that, the availability of these stones changes all the time, and some stones might become much less available, so more readily-available stones need to be added for people not to miss out. 

In 1952, the list was updated with new stones for June, October, and November. It was soon decided that October’s specific Tourmaline type would be pink.

The reason that another birthstone was assigned in the first place was because Opal’s durability was questioned.

Final Thoughts

October has two birthstones: Opal and pink Tourmaline.

Andrea Daehma