What Is Opalite?

While you may know about opal, you might be wondering what an opalite is. Opal is created by Mother Nature, while opalite is created via man.

What Is Opalite?

The latter is often referred to as a ‘Tiffany Stone’ due to it being blue in color. Despite it being man-made rather than natural, it is still sought out by those who collect crystals. This is because it looks beautiful and has its own properties.

While organically created opal is more difficult to find, opalite is much easier and better for those who would like a crystal which is affordable.

If you are intrigued to find out more about opalite, then you have come to the right place. Here we shall take a look at what opalite is, and what benefits it has for you. 

Is Opalite A Real Crystal?

Opalite is not considered to be a real crystal due to it not occurring within nature, and because it is actually manufactured by man. 

Because of this, opalite is much cheaper than something like opal, and it is readily available because it doesn’t need to be sourced organically.

However, despite it not being labeled as a real gemstone and the fact it is made by man, the crystal itself is absolutely beautiful. Even so, do be careful of those who try to sell you expensive opalite.

Often they are called sea opal or moonstone (see also ‘What Do Moonstones Look Like?‘). They are in fact opalite which is a synthetic crystal which is not an expensive stone to buy. 

A man named Pierre Gilson found out the structure of a real opal in 1974. This meant that manufacturers could create an accurate replica of opal. 

What Is Opalite?

Opalite was created within a laboratory to look and feel exactly like opal. It is not organically found on earth, and is instead created by man. Opal itself is found within the ash of a volcano.

Opalite is often created using metal and glass, but plastic may also be added. It all depends on who the manufacturer is. 

The majority of opalite stones are blue in color, though it isn’t unusual to find one that is a different color. 

Once upon a time opal was also referred to as opalite. However, over time the replica stone opalite has officially taken the name. 

There are some other names that people use for opalite and these are: opalite crystal, common opalite, opalised fluorite and ice-cream stone.

How Can You Tell Opalite Is Real And Not Fake?

What Is Opalite?

As a crystal collector, you may want to see if the opalite you are holding is real or a fake. However, when it comes to opalite, you don’t need to know if it is fake or the real deal. That’s because all opalite is considered to be a fake.

It is a replica of opal, afterall. This means that it isn’t made up of organic material, and instead glass, metal, and maybe even plastic.

What the majority of crystal collectors will want to know is whether what they are holding is opalite or real opal. To find out, you will need to look at the crystal carefully with an ultraviolet torch and a loupe magnifier.

You should be able to see the surface of the crystal clearly. If it has a lizard skin pattern on it that seems to be quite regular, then it is an opalite. 

Also, if it has a green colored glow when the UV light is shone upon it, then it is made up of synthetic materials. Again, this means it is an opalite. 

What Benefits Does Opalite Have?

Fortunately, you do not need organic opal to reap the benefits. 

Opalite has the same exact benefits despite it being synthetic. For this reason, you can use opalite during difficult times when you are waiting for the calm after a storm. 

Having the stone with you can help to give the person a sense of assurance in one’s self and peace. Opalite can also help when you have problems within relationships or even in business.

Opalite has the ability to encourage things to work out the way they should.

Opalite also has the ability to ease emotional burdens, as well as illnesses and the pain left behind by trauma. Because of this, it can help you to have more energy and less fatigue, meaning it is a wonderful aid to have by your side.

It is also said that opalite can help with physical problems such as arrhythmia, insomnia, nightmares and those who find breathing difficult. 

How Can You Use Opalite?

Opalite is a great stone to have with you through times when you may be going through some problems, whether a relationship or work, or you have a big change on the way.

You might want to add opalite into your meditation ritual, or wear it as jewelry so you can have it with you every day.

Can You Pair Opalite With Other Crystals?

You can pair opalite with other crystals to boost its benefits. Some of these include:

  • Clear quartz – it will help to magnify and boost the positive energy the opalite is radiating. This will also help with its healing properties too.
  • Goldstone – your creativity and determination will become even more stronger (see also ‘The Ultimate Guide To Goldstone‘). This can be a winner if you need help at work.
  • Peruvian – the blue stone is similar to opalite in the fact they both have a link with the third eye chakra. This will strengthen both intuition and insight. 
  • Fire Opal – if you are looking to ignite passion into your relationship or relaxation ready for sleep, keep both of these stones within your room to help balance out both passion and tranquility. 

Final Thoughts

While opalite is synthetic and opal is organic, the former has the exact same benefits as the latter. This makes it a useful meditation stone.

Opalite is useful at making yourself feel self-assured, as well as at peace with one’s self. It can help to have some close by when times are tough.

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