What Is Rainbow Obsidian? [Causes, Uses & More]

Rainbow Obsidian is one of those crystals that will catch your attention right away and one of those you will distinguish in a room full of gemstones.

What Is Rainbow Obsidian? [Causes, Uses & More]

With a unique look and powerful energy, it is a crystal that can help you heal emotionally and physically, so if you don’t know what a Rainbow Obsidian is, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will look into what this crystal is, how it is created, and what its healing powers and properties are, so keep reading below to learn more about it!

What Is Rainbow Obsidian?

Rainbow Obsidian is a type of volcanic rock that has a chemical structure that is extremely similar to that of Black Obsidian.

It is created when hot magma cools down at different rates, trapping Magnetite nanoparticles inside its layers.

Magnetite nanoparticles produce shimmering colors that glow brightly when exposed to light, with the Rainbow Obsidian being thus distinguished by its layers of colorful iridescence.

The majority of Rainbow Obsidian you can find for sale nowadays comes from Mexico or the Swiss Lepontine Alps. New reserves in the U. S. have also recently been found, and therefore this crystal is no longer that hard to find.

This type of volcanic crystal is both a museum piece and a magical gem that people in the crystal communities cherish and use for its healing properties.

What Is The Meaning Of Rainbow Obsidian?

Rainbow Obsidian is known by a variety of names. Healers may refer to it as Sheen Obsidian, Iris Obsidian, or Heaven’s Eye. Yet, no matter what you choose to call it, the crystal’s primary function continues to remain the same.

The basic meaning of the Rainbow Obsidian, as with all the other types of Obsidian, revolves around ensuring that its owner feels grounded and centered (see also ‘15 Beautiful Rainbow Crystals‘).

This crystal detoxifies your aura and fights the darkness that you might carry. Several people believe that Rainbow Obsidian’s properties brighten the soul and fill one’s heart with light and affection.

In fact, we believe it is among the most underappreciated love crystals available as its power is tremendous and it’s been greatly underappreciated by many people.

It is also important to note here that even though light and affection are used as weapons to fight dark energies and loneliness by other crystals too, the Rainbow Obsidian operates in a unique manner.

When contrasted with other crystals with comparable properties, Rainbow Obsidian is rather delicate. It is intended for people who require a bit more love and attention than others. Instead of overwhelming you with positive energy, it helps ease you in so that you can enjoy every moment.

What Is Rainbow Obsidian? [Causes, Uses & More]

Therefore, the meaning of using Rainbow Obsidian is to help yourself and purify your aura to then enjoy the real happiness of mental stability.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Rainbow Obsidian?

Even though Rainbow Obsidian is a pure masterpiece, it is not just a good-looking gem. This multi-colored crystal, according to therapists and crystal experts all over the world, has the ability to bring about significant change in your time on earth.

Listed below are some of its most popular therapeutic properties and advantages.


There is no question that Rainbow Obsidian does have the greatest effect on emotional rehabilitation. Its energies can soothe the soul and bring a sense of peace to even the most agitated psyches.

Rainbow Obsidian’s purpose is fundamentally about facilitating harmony and stability in one’s life, and one of the ways it accomplishes this is by fostering resilience through acceptance.

Even so, Rainbow Obsidian does not magically erase all the bad things that happened in your life and might have caused you great pain. It rather works in such a way that it transforms bad energies into something useful.

Something that is not acceptable, though, is allowing those feelings to influence your journey forward. Rainbow Obsidian focuses on teaching you how to tackle challenges and keep moving forward in life.

All such memories won’t be erased but as opposed to being irritated or sad (see also, ‘10 Crystals for Sadness‘) you can think of them as important experiences that define your inner self.

Acknowledging and accepting them requires a lot of strength, which Rainbow Obsidian luckily provides in bucket loads.

In addition to that, it encourages you to search inward for personal development. It can be difficult sometimes to recognize flaws in oneself.

Nevertheless, doing so can help you grow as an individual and refrain from making the same mistakes again.

Rainbow Obsidian’s properties provide you with the confidence to face your flaws directly and without any mask on.

It places you in the right frame of mind to face your evil spirits and find out what must be worked on and what does not have to.

Self-reflection is difficult, but the nurturing power of this gem assists you in making that progress as you keep growing as a person.


Rainbow Obsidian has long been treasured as a fortune-telling crystal and was always used by fortune-tellers for that reason, while there are numerous people who trust that those ties still exist today.

Individuals endowed with special qualities stand to benefit more than any other. The crystal has the ability to magnify your spiritual awareness and enhance your special ‘gift’ and your powers.

What Is Rainbow Obsidian? [Causes, Uses & More]

This gleaming crystal’s properties encourage transcendental discovery and connection to the subconscious mind. It focuses on broadening your mind and assisting you in tuning into energies beyond our physical world.

With the universe holding all the answers to life’s most pressing questions, Rainbow Obsidian acts as a bridge between our bodies and physical essence and the mysteries of the universe beyond that.


Rainbow Obsidian’s biggest strength, however, is emotional healing, but it isn’t the only explanation as to why practitioners desire and use it.

Numerous crystal therapists believe that this crystal has medicinal qualities that can affect your physical health.

Enhanced detox is such a perceived benefit, with many believing that continuous use of the crystal can subtly assist the body’s already performed detoxification processes.

In particular, Rainbow Obsidian is believed to help get rid of the toxins released in organs like, for example, the kidneys in cases like extreme alcohol consumption.

Presumably, this crystal also treats addiction and deals with bad habits at its root, as its energy can help people break their cycle of addiction and overcome mental and physical health issues like anorexia.

Aside from these notable benefits, crystal therapists frequently highlight Rainbow Obsidian’s effects on people’s circulatory systems. According to legend, this stone can improve blood circulation and keep the heart healthy.

The Bottom Line

Rainbow Obsidian is a potent means of achieving harmony and understanding how you can find happiness in life and embrace it.

It’s easy to become disoriented in the never-ending revolving door of bad energy and negativity, but this stone dispels negative thinking and encourages you to live a better and happier life.

So, enjoy every moment and allow yourself to grow with hope and with the help of your precious crystal!

Andrea Daehma