What Is September’s Birthstone?

Those who are interested in gemstones and their spiritual meanings will be looking for ways that the stones can connect to them even more personally, and one of the best ways to do this is find the stones that link to the specific time when they were born. 

What Is September’s Birthstone

These are known as “birthstones”, which is a standardized list of gemstones that represent either the month of a person’s birth or their zodiac sign.

As a result, people will feel a special connection to their birthstone, because it’s intrinsically linked to their time and place on this planet.

If you were born in September, you’ll want to know what your special birthstone is. 

To put it simply, September’s birthstone is the beautiful blue Sapphire.

However, there’s plenty more to learn about this brilliant gemstone, such as its various meanings, bewitching appearance, and much more. 

In our fascinating guide below, you’ll find out all about September’s birthstone. Read on!

What Are Birthstones?

Just before we look at what September’s specific birthstone is, it’s worth going into a little more detail about what birthstones actually are.

A birthstone is a gemstone that has been assigned to a certain month or zodiac sign, with the stone representing that period in time.

As a result, birthstones are a way for people to have a special gemstone that’s linked to the time of their birth, binding the stone to them in a unique way. 

What Is September’s Birthstone?

As we touched on in the introduction, the birthstone for September is Sapphire.

This is one of the most popular and desired gemstones in the world, which has been the case for centuries, alongside emerald and ruby (see also ‘Ruby Zoisite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers‘).

They’re known for their really distinct blue appearance, with a shade of blue that’s very dark and striking.

It also has a lot of connections to royalty, thanks to its long history with various royal clans. On top of that, it’s deeply connected to the idea of truth.

What Are The Meanings Of Sapphire?

What Are The Meanings Of Sapphire 

Sapphire has a wide variety of meanings associated with it, which leads to people using it for all kinds of different benefits.

For one, Sapphire is connected to the Throat Chakra, which is all to do with communication and being able to express yourself properly.

This is always important in life, because it will help you to communicate what you want more clearly, allowing you to achieve things better. On top of that, it helps relationships to be stronger and more open.

Speaking of being open, one of the primary things that Sapphire is associated with is truth and the idea of being sincere to others. 

If the Sapphire is Royal Blue then it’s also linked to the Third Eye Chakra, which it is said to activate.

This Chakra is all about intuition and wisdom, allowing you to perceive the world around you more clearly and gain a greater command over things.

With the Third Eye Chakra activated, a person is made more aware of the responsibility they have for their feelings and thoughts.

Interestingly, Sapphire also has connections to romance and love, because it’s a gemstone that’s often used in engagement rings.

It’s also a stone that is used in feng shui when people are bringing balance to the designs of their home.

In these cases, the stone and its dark blue is connected to concepts of self-cultivation, reflecting how the inhabitant is bettering their mind. Speaking of mind, it’s also linked to knowledge when used in feng shui.

What Does Sapphire Look Like?

Sapphire has a very distinctive appearance that really makes it stand out. It’s purely made up of a very deep blue, but that blue can subtly vary in different ways.

With some Sapphires, they might be more of a blend of blue and violet, while others might mix blue with green. 

A Sapphire gets its color from a mixture of titanium and iron within it. In fact, the more iron that’s present inside it, the darker the shade of blue that the Sapphire will be. 

However, not all Sapphires are actually blue, because there’s an entire family of them known as corundum.

These are also termed as “fancy Sapphires”, and you can get them in all sorts of colors: yellow, pink, green, orange, violet, and purple. 

The pink Sapphires get their color because they contain high lebvels of chromium, while the yellow and orange Sapphires get their shade from a blend of iron and chromium. Purple Sapphire, however, gets its color from iron, titanium, and chromium.

What Is The History Of Sapphire?

Sapphire originally got its name from a Greek word that was used to describe a blue stone.

Even as far back as Ancient Greece, Sapphire had a massive connection to royalty, partly because it was believed that the gemstone would bring them even greater wealth.

On top of that, it was thought that it would keep the royalty safe from the jealousy of others, as well as protecting them from threats.

Part of the reason that the Ancient Greeks saw so much power and importance in Sapphire was because of the belief that some of them held that the stone gave people the ability to predict the future, as well as receive help from the oracle.

On the other hand, some Greeks believed that the stone was linked to their God of the sky, Zeus. This is understandable, given that the deep blue of Sapphire is reminiscent of the sky!

Funnily enough, other cultures have viewed Sapphire as something linked to the sky.

Clergies in the Middle Ages saw that the stone represented the heavens, while Persians believed the planet was on a massive Sapphire, and that Sapphie turned our sky blue.

Various royalties have used Sapphire: the aforementioned Greeks, Romans, Middle Ages, even the modern British Royal Family! This makes it a particularly special birthstone.

Final Thoughts

The birthstone for September is Sapphire, a highly desired blue gemstone with links to royalty, communication, and wisdom.

Andrea Daehma