What Is White Sage Incense Used For?

White sage is not just a popular incense today but it has been used for rituals and ceremonies for centuries.

What Is White Sage Incense Used For?

Known as Salvia apiana, white sage is considered purifying and cleansing for the body, mind and soul. It is also said to have protective properties.

In this guide, we find out what white sage incense is used for and how you can enjoy it.

The Best Ways To Use White Sage Incense

Burning dried white sage is known as saging or sage smudging. Whether you use a sage smudge stick or white sage incense sticks, this ancient herb has plenty of healing benefits (to find out more about the difference between sage and incense, read here).

Here are some of the best ways how you can use your white sage.

White Sage As A Spiritual Tool

Traditionally, burning sage is a way to enhance your intuition and connect with the spiritual realms.

Laypeople and healers in a number of cultures around the world burn sage to reflect on problems, solve spiritual dilemmas and create a healing state.

This may also have a scientific background, Researchers found that some types of sage contain a substance called thujone which is mildly psychoactive.

Dispel Negative Energy

For centuries, people in different traditional cultures have been burning sage as part of their rituals.

Sage is considered spiritually cleansing which means that you can use it to dispel negative energies, bad experiences and past traumas from spaces, objects and people.

This allows you to create a positive atmosphere that’s perfect for your rituals and meditation. You can let go of intruding thoughts and allow positive energies to flow into your mind.

Cleanse And Empower

The strong fragrance of white sage gives it a powerful presence, whether you burn the incense to relax or as an outdoor ritual.

The fragrant smoke can be used to cleanse certain spaces, people and yourself. You can even cleanse objects.

Cleansing with white sage is ideal for new items, secondhand products or gifts. In fact, you can use white sage incense to cleanse almost any item you want.

If you think that an object may contain negative energy, then just like some incense and let the object sit in the smoke for some time.


In addition to sage’s health and spiritual benefits, it also has a practical purpose in aromatherapy.

Thanks to the lingering smoke, white sage incense provides a long-lasting scent that you can allow to drift into smelly rooms or places that need smudging.

The intense smell of sage can last for hours. If you burn sage regularly, then it also becomes a wonderful home air freshener.

White Sage Is Uplifting

The beautiful fragrance of white sage is simple and pure. It lifts the spirits and improves your mood.

The scent also helps you to wind down and relax. This makes it the perfect type of incense to burn when you are having a long bath.

White Sage Is Purifying

Sage is not just purifying in the spiritual sense but it has been proven to have anti-microbial properties. This means that sage can dispel fungi, viruses and bacteria.

You can find these purifying properties in a variety of sages, including white prairie sage and white sage.

White Sage Helps You Relax

What Is White Sage Incense Used For?

Burning sage doesn’t just remove any negative energies but it can also help you release negative thoughts. This frees you from stress and stress-related symptoms, such as tension headaches.

Scientists found that white sage produces certain substances that allow our brain to lift mood levels and reduce stress factors.

In fact, white sage can even reduce physical and emotional pain to a certain degree.

White Sage May Relieve Some Health Conditions

With its cleansing and purifying properties, white sage can do more than just dispel negativity, bacteria and bugs.

In fact, research found that burning sage releases negative ions which allow our bodies to neutralize positive ions.

Positive irons, including mold, dust, pollution and pet dander, can cause allergies and severe breathing difficulties.

Burning sage can help people suffering from bronchitis, asthma and other repository problems to breathe easier.

This being said it is important to keep in mind that the smoke of safe is very strong and direct inhalation can aggravate respiratory conditions.

That’s why it is essential to wait until all the smoke has gone and then enter the room.

White Sage May Boost Cognition

With mild psychoactive compounds, white sage does not just improve your mood but it can also strengthen your intuition and enhance your focus.

Some studies even discovered that sage’s memory health benefits could even affect Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 

White Sage Improves Sleep

Burning white sage is a powerful way to heal and protect against negative thoughts and energies. This means that you can sleep better.

White sage safeguards against anything that could interfere with your sleep, giving you a good night’s rest and allowing you to enter a deep sleep phase.

Plus, scientists discovered that sage contains substances that soothe anxiety and ease insomnia.

As you relax with white sage incense, you can feel your entire body calm down and your mind drifting into more peaceful thoughts. 

This is the best state of mind for restful sleep that can last the whole night.

White Sage Can Improve Your Mood

Another great way to use white sage incense cones and sticks is to lift your spirits and improve your mood.

A study found that white prairie sage is traditionally used for mood disorders, depression and anxiety in a number of cultures around the world.

White Sage Is Healing

For centuries, white sage has been used as a medicinal herb to treat respiratory conditions. It has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent infections and boost your overall health.

Sage can also act as a digestive stimulant which is ideal for treating digestive conditions, such as bloating and diarrhea.

Final Thoughts

From spiritual cleansing rituals to improving your sleep, white sage has a variety of uses which makes this type of incense a wonderful addition to your incense collection.

Andrea Daehma