What To Combine Your Amethyst Crystals With?

In times of stress, uncertainty, and dysfunction, many turn to crystals to feel grounded, and secure, and to receive an element of protection. 

Crystal healing is a form of alternative medicine, and those who practice it believe that each crystal has certain healing powers.

What To Combine Your Amethyst Crystals With?

They may wear certain crystals around their necks, place them next to their beds, or hold them for a little while in order to absorb some of their healing properties. 

It is said that certain crystals have even more power when they are combined with others. This article will discuss the best crystal combinations for Amethyst, in order for you to absorb the most out of it as possible. 

What Is Amethyst? 

Amethyst is a purple crystal (see also, ‘15 Blue Purple Crystals‘) that is thought to be very powerful. They are said to promote calm and serenity, with many people turning to them to help with anxiety and enhance their mental health. 

Although it has not been scientifically proven, many believe that amethyst crystals help open people’s third eye, which is known as an aspect of wisdom and power (see also ‘13 Crystals For Power‘).

Those who use crystals for healing will use amethyst to enhance enlightenment and spiritual visions. 

Those who use alternative practices for healing may also place amethyst crystals around their home in order to absorb negative energy and promote tranquility and balance throughout the space. 

There are also proposed physical health benefits to being around this crystal. It is said to help the immune system, improve skin, and digestive health, regulate hormones, and reduce headaches! (see also ‘13 Powerful Crystals For Good Health‘)

Why Combine Crystals?

Combining certain crystals can really enhance their power. However, there may be times when the properties of some crystals will be canceled out if you aren’t pairing them correctly. 

Therefore, if you are looking to combine crystals together, it is important to understand which ones to pair together.

It is also important to acknowledge what it is you want to achieve from these crystal combinations. 

We will now discuss the combinations that are most powerful when it comes to the amethyst crystal. 

Clear Quartz And Amethyst

Clear quartz is one of the most powerful crystals and is famous for its healing properties. It is also useful for promoting healthy energy and enhancing positive vibrations around you.

Considered the ‘Master Healer’ this stone has some powerful protective properties, and when paired with amethyst, this is amplified intensely. 

Both crystals are also used for absorbing negative energies, and for balancing the physical, mental, and emotional planes.

Therefore, if you’ve felt like you’ve lost your way in life, and need some balance and clarity, this crystal combination may be the one for you. 

Rose Quartz And Amethyst

Rose quartz and amethyst are a perfect crystal combination when it comes to love, happiness, and relationships. 

Amethyst is useful for protecting you against negative energies and helps relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Rose quartz is a crystal that encourages self-love, so if you’re going through a difficult time and need to focus on yourself, and your self-confidence, then this is the crystal pairing for you. 

If you’re in a relationship and would like to restore balance in it, then these two crystals are the ones! They will both give you guidance in solving all kinds of relationship problems, such as intimacy and communication. 

Smoky Quartz And Amethyst 

Like the previous crystals, smoky quartz pairs well with amethyst, as they are both parts of the quartz family. 

Smoky quartz promotes feelings of calm and serenity to those who surround themselves with it, and amethyst also promotes these feelings, as well as relieving fear and stress. 

It is said that keeping smoky quartz and amethyst in your bedroom at night can alleviate insomnia or any nightmares that one may be experiencing.

Therefore, if you’re having any issues sleeping, these two crystals can promote a good night’s sleep (see also ‘The Best Healing Crystals You Can Use To Help With Nightmares And Night Terrors‘). 

Black Tourmaline And Amethyst 

Black Tourmaline And Amethyst 

This is another crystal combination that can offer you protection. Black tourmaline is effective in absorbing negative energies, as is amethyst.

Therefore, these crystals combined can provide you with even more protection against any negativity. 

These two crystals are also great at protecting your auric field, which refers to the auras that surround you. Amethyst can also put up guards against any psychic attacks. 

Black tourmaline and amethyst, interestingly, also protect you against electromagnetic smog, so placing these crystals next to your devices as you sleep can reduce any of their negative effects. 

Black tourmaline has serious grounding effects, and when paired with the protective energies of amethyst, this makes for a great combination. 

Citrine And Amethyst

This pairing is useful for encouraging success in your personal and business life. These two crystals occur naturally in the form of Ametrine, which already makes them a wonderful pairing. 

Citrine is a crystal of warmth, that encourages joy, enthusiasm, and positivity.

That being said, in order to attract these positive aspects into your life, you must first diminish any negativity you have going on around you.

This is what amethyst can be used for, as it is useful in protecting you against negative energies. 

Once you are protected, and any negativity has been dispelled, you can then use citrine to encourage prosperity, joy, and enthusiasm in all aspects of your life.

They also encourage motivation and courage, which can really serve you well in any business matters you may be handling. 

Carnelian And Amethyst

There are several wonderful benefits of combining carnelian and amethyst together. Like citrine, carnelian is another warm crystal that is good for promoting calm and serenity in yourself and the world around you.

It also diminishes emotional negativity, and when paired with amethyst, which is very effective at reducing emotional sadness, this is heightened, giving you more protection against negativity. 

Carnelian and amethyst are also great for encouraging fertility. Carnelian is effective in stimulating sexuality, and amethyst can reduce stress (which can affect fertility).

Therefore, placing a combination of these powerful crystals in your bedroom may give you that extra bang of energy you need in order to conceive.  

They are also great crystals for placing on your desk, as they can sharpen your concentration levels.! Therefore, if you’re studying for tests, or are trying to work on a passion project, these are the crystals for you. 

Hematite And Amethyst

Hematite is a beautiful, silver-gray crystal that is closely connected to the root chakra. This makes it beneficial for stability, grounding, and protection. 

These two crystals work together very well, as hematite is effective at absorbing any toxic emotions, and once they’ve been diminished, amethyst can work to replace them with peace and serenity. 

Another great benefit of combining these two stones together is that they both promote concentration and focus, which can be useful if you are ever feeling overwhelmed with completing different tasks. 

Hematite and amethyst can also help with overcoming any addictions. Amethyst is known for having sobering effects and can encourage sobriety.

At the same time, hematite can help you overcome any compulsions, which can serve you well if you are battling with addiction. 

Bloodstone And Amethyst

Bloodstone And Amethyst

Bloodstone is a very powerful healing crystal (see also, ‘9 Bloodstone Healing Crystals’) that can help to detox and purify your body, as well as your mind and soul. 

When it comes to making important decisions, this combination of crystals can be used effectively together. Bloodstone will help to clear your mind, and amethyst can manage your stress levels, enabling you to think a lot clearer. 

They both allow you to sit down and sift through your thoughts, preventing you from rushing your decisions before thinking them through clearly. 

Labradorite And Amethyst 

If you’re into meditation, or need some help becoming fully emerged in it, then this crystal combination will serve you well. 

Labradorite can guide you through any time of change in your life, and amethyst can work alongside it to release those fears you are experiencing. 

These two stones both connect to your intuition. Labradorite can open the third eye, as can amethyst, making them both great when it comes to spiritual practices.

This is enhanced by amethyst’s connection to the crown chakra, which encourages spiritual awareness. 

As mentioned already, amethyst can encourage psychic abilities, and labradorite can do this also, which is what makes this pairing perfect when it comes to meditation.

Try placing a few of these crystals in the room where you meditate, or you can wear them as a necklace when you are practicing. 

Tiger’s Eye And Amethyst 

Tiger’s eye, like amethyst, is a powerful stone when it comes to protection, as are many of the other stones on this list. 

When it comes to making decisions, our minds are often clouded by emotions.

This pairing can help, as tiger’s eye will allow you to acknowledge your specific needs, and amethyst will give you the mental clarity you need in order to see the situation clearly. 

Combing these stones will allow you to feel focused, grounded, and calm, and wearing these two together on some pieces of jewelry, for example, will encourage strength, willpower, and courage. 

Sugilite And Amethyst 

Another great crystal to combine with amethyst is sugilite. Like amethyst, it also helps to open the third eye, encouraging spiritual wisdom. 

This also helps the mind and body focus more when it comes to meditation, and encourages spiritual wisdom. 

Amethyst is a stone that has wonderful protective qualities, and when paired with sugilite, these properties become enhanced. 

Jade And Amethyst 

Amethyst is a wonderful stone for replacing negative energy with positive energy, and it can also be effective in healing any emotional traumas from the past. 

The jade crystal has similar properties to this and in addition, it helps promote harmony, balance, and truthfulness.

It is closely linked to the heart and sacral chakra and can assist those who are working to heal traumas from negative experiences in their upbringing and childhood. 

Chrysoprase And Amethyst 

These two stones can create very powerful energy. They promote feelings of prosperity, and positive energy and both work to encourage the power of the third chakra, which refers to spirituality. 

How To Use These Crystals 

When it comes to combining crystals, there are several ways in which you can use them. 



One of the best ways of using different crystals together is to wear them in jewelry. You can find several bracelets and necklaces that are made with different crystals put together. 

You can also create your own combinations by wearing different rings, necklaces, and bracelets that contain the different crystals you want to combine. 

Place Them Under Your Pillow 

Placing crystals beneath your pillow is a great way to absorb their useful energies, especially if you are trying to soothe insomnia or nightmares. 

However, if you choose to use this method, it is best to avoid placing too many crystals together, as they can disturb your sleep quality. 

Meditate With Them

Meditating with your crystals is also a good way to use them and absorb all of their positive energies. 

You can either hold them in the palms of your hands or place them next to you and breathe deeply around them. 

Carry Them Around With You

Simply carrying your crystals around with you is one of the most convenient ways of feeling their energies as you go about your daily tasks. 

It is also convenient as you can just grab whichever crystal you need on different occasions depending on what you need from them. 

If you’ve got a stressful and nerve-wracking day at work ahead, you can pack them with you in your work bag, and place them on your desk, so you absorb their energies throughout the day. 

If you’ve got a doctor’s appointment to attend that is worrying you, simply pick the crystals up before leaving the house, and put them in your pocket or another convenient location, such as your purse.

By carrying them with you, you will be able to absorb the energies they provide, giving you an extra boost of whatever it is you need on that day! 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, amethyst is a very powerful crystal that offers you protection in a number of ways. 

It can protect you against the negative energies that are surrounding you and can replace them with positive energies. 

By pairing amethyst with the crystals mentioned in this article, its benefits are not only amplified but they are combined with other useful energies that can offer you an array of positivity in several aspects of your life. 

By wearing these crystals as jewelry, placing them under your pillow, or simply carrying them around with you, you can absorb all of these beneficial energies. 

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