When Does Leo Season Start?

Leos are known for their extroverted personalities, bright, fiery dispositions, and penchant for adventure – and Leo season is no different! Keen to learn more about Leo season, and the impact that it can have on your life? Then read on to discover more and learn all you need to know!

When Does Leo Season Start?

Leo Season: What Is It, And How Can You Benefit From It?

The sun sign of Leo is ruled by the planet Mars, and this means that individuals born under this sign are often described as being passionate, energetic, and ambitious.

They also tend to be very social, outgoing, and friendly – all traits which make them great communicators and leaders in any field they choose to pursue. These qualities radiate out during Leo season, allowing all star signs to benefit from these advantages and positive qualities.

Leo season occurs when the sun enters the zodiac sign of Leo. This happens every year on the 22nd of July and lasts until the 22nd of August.

During this time, the sun will rise later than usual, and the days will get longer, and as a result, the Leo season brings with it an increase in energy levels, optimism, and enthusiasm.

The best thing about Leo season is that it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of these positive changes and do something new or exciting. If you’re looking for ways to improve yourself during this period, then here are some ideas to help you out:

Get Outdoors More Often

During Leo season, people are usually feeling happier and more optimistic, so why not use this to your advantage and go outside more often?

Take a walk around the park, head down to the beach, or even just sit back at home and enjoy the sunshine. By doing this, you’ll feel better physically and mentally, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the outdoors more than ever before.

This is also a time associated with spending days in the great outdoors, helping you connect to nature and make the most of the long, heady summer days before the hours grow shorter.

Try Something New

If you have been thinking about trying something new but haven’t yet found the courage to do it, the fiery nature of Leo season might be a perfect time. Why not try something new like learning how to play a musical instrument, taking up a sport, or simply going on holiday somewhere new?

These activities can really boost your confidence and give you a fresh perspective on things, making you feel healthier and happier than ever before, and the endless optimism of Leo season increases your chance of success when it comes to trying new things and pushing your potential.

Get Social

Leo is ruled by Mercury, leader of communication, and this season is all about being out and about, with communication and socializing acting as key priorities during this period.

So if you want to meet new people, attend events, or simply spend quality time with friends and family, then Leo season is the ideal time to do it. Whether you plan to go to parties or hang out with your mates, there’s never been a better time to get out there and mingle with others.

One of the biggest benefits of Leo season is that it gives you the freedom to speak your truth without fear of judgment.

If you feel as though things have been building up or that you’re ready to take action, then Leo season is definitely the best time to do so – this is the time to have those tricky conversations, set goals, and take risks.

Push Your Boundaries

Another way to benefit from the increased positivity of Leo season is to push your boundaries and see what you can achieve. It may seem daunting to think about starting a new project, but the fact is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You could start a business, learn a new skill, or simply write a book. Whatever you decide to do, remember that you’re in a very confident mood right now, and you should embrace this by taking risks and seeing where they lead you.

Stay Healthy

As mentioned earlier, Leo season is a time of increased energy and optimism, which means that you should be able to stay healthy and active throughout the entire period.

However, if you’re struggling to keep fit, then it’s important to work towards improving your health during this time. This includes eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly.

Embrace Your Inner Child

Leo season is also associated with Chiron, and this means that it is a perfect time to embrace and encourage your inner child, who is known for being playful, optimistic, and full of life. So if you find yourself feeling down or lacking motivation, then why not treat yourself to some fun and games?

Play video games, watch movies, read books, or just enjoy spending time with your loved ones – the key here is to rediscover that childlike wonder that makes life so unique and interesting, and to allow yourself to indulge in it whenever possible.

Final Thoughts

Leo season takes place at the peak of the summer months, and this is a perfect chance to have fun, try new things, and get together with your nearest and dearest.

No matter your star sign, take this as an opportunity to broaden your horizons and live life to its fullest – you never know what amazing new challenges and chances for change may arise!

Andrea Daehma