Who Can Wear Sunstone?

Sunstone, which is held by the sun’s rays, is a vibrant, healthy, and fascinating crystal that has something unique to offer each person it makes contact with. Stay with us; we have all of the details about sunstones, including their properties, benefits, and who can wear them.

Who Can Wear Sunstone?

What Is Sunstone?

Sunstone is a plagioclase rock that belongs to the feldspar group. It is known as “heliolite” in some circles and sometimes as “aventurescent feldspar.”

Golds, oranges, and reds are present in sunstone crystal in varying amounts, depending on the amount of inclusions that were active at the point of production.

Sunstone is a very new crystal, having just recently come to the attention of humans in terms of its meaning. Sunstone was first used by the Vikings! Keep reading to find out more about the amazing benefits of sunstones.

What Are The Benefits Of Sunstone?

On the Mohs scale, sunstone is rated as having a hardness of 6.5. This is a mineral that falls somewhere in the midway between being soft and being quite durable.

As a result, sunstone gemstone is an excellent rock with many applications. Making durable jewelry, performing energetic healing work, and creating bowls and other items for the home all require considerable skill.

Even for those who are unfamiliar with crystal energy and the advantages it may provide, sunstone is a terrific light-bringer since it is vibrant and full of life.

Who Can Wear Sunstone?

These stones are linked to various sunstone horoscopes rather than a single one. The sexuality of all Virgos is said to be amplified by sunstone, according to some, while an Aries who is too possessive can be calmed by using it to soothe their intestate.

Which Hand Should You Wear Sunstone On?

Sunstone looks best on the hand that is giving. The majority of the time, this will be your right hand, but for individuals who use their left hand more frequently, sunstone may fit a little more comfortably on this hand.

Sunstones must always be placed on the dominant giving side, whether you’re wearing a bracelet or ring, in order to experience the entire spectrum of benefits.

Is Sunstone A Natural Stone?

Yes, the sunstone mineral is a completely natural crystal that develops beneath the Earth’s surface without the involvement of humans. With some exceptions, genuine sunstone is extracted and typically polished before being sold.

False sunstone is being produced and marketed in many parts of the world, which is becoming an increasing problem for the crystal industry. When making a purchase, use caution and always check the credibility of the merchant or store you intend to patronize.

Benefits Of Wearing Sunstone Jewelry

Regardless of who uses the stone, there are significant advantages to employing sunstone power. All those who work with sunstone crystals are reported to be able to access their good fortune, success, and abundance.

The providing of sunlight into each person’s cellular structure is one of the consequences of sunstone stones, which contributes to the perception of a less stressful existence on Earth. A life with more light brings about joy, peace, and a sense of purpose.

Sunstone Charging Procedure

Sunstone enjoys periodic charging because its energy might become depleted after extended use. Sunstone can be charged by just leaving it outside in the sunlight for a few hours so that it can capture a large portion of this frequency before working.

Cleaning Sunstone

Simply clean your sunstone with soap and warm water if it has accumulated dirt or has otherwise begun to oxidize. To get into those difficult-to-reach crevices, you might consider using an old toothbrush.

Polishing Sunstones

When polishing sunstone, we advise using either tin oxide or cerium oxide. These particular stones won’t respond as well to other oxides. When polishing crystals, use a soft strip of felt; avoid anything that is excessively abrasive or fiber-rich.

What Is The Value Of Sunstone?

The value of a sunstone gemstone relies on the stone’s grade and place of origin. Currently, 100g of sunstone costs about $10 at retail, with some more uncommon versions going for as much as $400. A finely created sunstone with an egg shape and size may cost around $80.

What Stores Sell Sunstones?

How is a sunstone obtained? Start your online shopping today! The best location to purchase sunstone is online since you may browse through a huge selection of stones before choosing the one that speaks to you the most.

Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon are excellent online stores to use while looking for stones. Sunstone is a well-liked crystal all around the world, thus specialized merchants and crystal companies will always have some in stock.

Sunstone Properties

Sunstone possesses both physical as well as metaphysical healing qualities, as was previously mentioned.

The stone’s capacity to speed up the body’s recovery from a wide range of ailments plays a significant role in sunstone protection. It doesn’t matter if you have period pains, rheumatism, or even a fever because it sends light where it is most required in the body.

Light travels where it is required and is inevitably healing. When using sunstone for healing, your purpose and the direction you focus that light are all that are needed to maximize the effects.

Being very specific and transparent about the issue you need these crystals to work on is helpful. 

Simply place the sunstone in the middle of your hand and convey a message of intention to the stone using your imagination to accomplish this. There are no appropriate or inappropriate phrases; only your sentiments matter.

Sunstone Chakra

Each sunstone contains gold and orange crystals that are perfectly resonant with the sacral chakra. The second chakra, also referred to as the orange chakra, is located at the front of your pelvis directly above the pelvic bone.

The greatest sunstone for chakra work is polished because it is much more comfortable to apply on the body. 

Your sacral chakra will open up, balance, and put itself in perfect functioning order with the help of sunstone so that the solar plexus (yellow chakra), which is located above it, can start to experience the same dynamics and your life’s goals can start to manifest more readily.

Metaphysical Properties Of Sunstone

Sunstone is exceedingly joyful. These stones will not stop until their owners are resonating at the exact same frequencies as they do; there are no exceptions. You’ll be urged to let your kindness, natural intuition, and truest self shine through in unexpected ways.

Sunstone is prized for its propensity for luck, and this is true in that these stones are likely to magnify luck and the pull of prosperity. In addition to this, your normal level of stress will be reduced significantly, making room in your life for more positive emotional experiences.

Sunstone is an autonomous, unique stone that is especially good for people who have trouble setting limits (see also ‘9 Beautiful Unique Crystals‘). Positive energy is displaced and replenished with the sun’s essence and the highest kinds of light.

Final Thoughts

We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this sunstone guide! Try a necklace made of a sunstone that speaks to you if you’re interested in bringing crystals into your life. 

In addition to offering the advantages of the crystal you select to wear, mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals can also be utilized to assist slow your breath, resulting in a greater sensation of calm and tranquility.

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