Crystals That Attract Money – What Are The 12 Best Stones?

Let’s face it, we all want to make more money in our lives. With such financial troubles facing the world right now, any way we can potentially attract more money to our pockets will of course be something we would be massively grateful for!

Crystals That Attract Money - What Are The 12 Best Stones

But what you might not be aware of is that there are crystals out there that can help us attract money – in fact, there’s so many of them that we had to compile a list.

We’ve got the 12 best stones that you could get a hold of which could help you get some extra dollars in your pocket. But what are they?

Join us below as we explore these stones and explain a lot more about them! 

The 12 Stones At A Glance

Before we dive into a whole lot more about these stones, let’s give you the full overview of what these stones are at a glance. 

  • Pyrite – can help to boost your overall financial confidence 
  • Citrine – can help you to create wealth 
  • Green aventurine – can help you to bring abundance to your life 
  • Green jade – can help you be more ambitious financially 
  • Malachite – offers better protection against bad financial circumstances
  • Clear quartz – can improve your outlook on your finances 
  • Tiger’s eye – improves your purposeful feelings towards money 
  • Amazonite – can help support and stabilize your emotions 
  • Rutilated quartz – can improve your financial intuition and ideas 
  • Ametrine – can help to improve your focus on your goals 
  • Emerald – can help to change your financial habits positively 
  • Rose quartz – can provide you the strength to get out there to make money 

Now that we’ve seen these stones at a glance, we can now examine them much more closely and in more detail. Here’s these stones again, but now we must dive deeper into how they can help you to attract more money to your life. 

1. Pyrite

When we’re talking about crystals that can potentially improve your financial situation and overall outlook towards your money – then pyrite is by far and undoubtedly the best possible stone to choose from.

You may have heard of this stone before under a different and more common name of “fool’s gold”. However, don’t let this name fool you – it’s extremely useful. It has incredibly powerful energy which can boost your confidence with your finances, and that’s just the start.

Due to the fact that it can help improve your financial optimism and financial positive thinking, you bring about a much better mindset and psychological connection to your money and how you approach your finances.

If you’re the type of person who feels as though they are stuck in a never ending loop financially, then this is the stone to think about. It can help to push to seek a better financial situation and take advantage of any financial opportunities that present themselves.

As its energy is so incredibly powerful, it can help to inspire you to take action and get important financial matters taken care of. On top of this, it can help to suppress your negative thoughts and improve your willpower. 


  • Color – gold 
  • Planet – the sun 
  • Element – fire 
  • Chakra – Solar plexus 

2. Citrine

Another amazing crystal that you can get your hands on to improve your financial situation is citrine. As part of the Quartz family, its energy is amazing and helps you to create wealth seemingly from nowhere. 

Indeed, the way this yellow stone does this is by providing you a much more positive thought process to your life. The stone’s glorious color can help to inspire your outlook in a much more happy and harmonious way. 

This is particularly useful for those of you who have a negative attitude towards your finances – so as a result of this, putting a small citrine inside your pocket, purse or wallet is one of the best ways you can help to become happier with your money.

On top of this, this helpful crystal can also boost your creativity and help you to think differently – looking outside of the usual places and solving any financial problems you have in ways that you may not have even considered before. 


  • Color – yellow 
  • Planet – Jupiter 
  • Element – air 
  • Chakra – solar plexus 

3. Green Aventurine

When it comes to our finances, the best way we can be financially wise is by taking opportunities that come our way – luckily, this is where green aventurine can step in and help us out.

Often known as the crystal of opportunity, green aventurine can help to promote inspiration and give you building blocks to help your fortune throughout your everyday life.

Perhaps one of its best traits is how it can provide a shoulder for emotional stability. Any time you are feeling extremely stressed, depressed or angry about your financial situation, green aventurine simply needs to be looked at or held.

You will then feel as though you are able to learn from your financial mistakes and decisions, and work towards a stronger financial future. Indeed, this crystal is one of the best ones to choose from to help you persevere in life. 

So, if you feel as though you cannot cope when it comes to your finances and you cannot achieve your financial goals – this crystal can help to keep you on the straight and narrow path to your overall goal with your money. 


  • Color – green 
  • Planet – Mercury 
  • Element – Earth 
  • Chakra – heart

4. Green Jade

Green Jade is one of the oldest and most ancient crystals out there which has been involved in lots of different cultures and civilizations. However, most notably, it has been discussed throughout Chinese history to help attract money, wealth and financial bliss.

Green Jade is certainly one of the most beneficial crystals when it comes to talking about improving your overall outlook on your finances. The soothing feelings you can get from this crystal can assist you to accomplish your money goals. 

Not only can this crystal help to improve and bolster your financial confidence (see also, ‘10 Best Crystals for Confidence‘), but it can also help to bring about luck in your life, as it is known to be one of the most “lucky” crystals in the world. 

Indeed, with any financial situation – luck is certainly one of the biggest factors when we’re looking to be in the black, so getting yourself this crystal will undoubtedly be a great decision to make! 


  • Color – green 
  • Planet – Mercury 
  • Element – Earth 
  • Chakra – heart 

5. Malachite

When we think of money, we may automatically think of the color of money – and of course, this makes perfect sense. Malachite gives you what you need by giving you this color before you’ve even started. 

Attuned to the heart chakra, this money colored stone gives you a feeling of inspiration and power that you need to fight for your financial future. By doing so, this stone can help you turn around your financial misfortunes by protecting you from them.

On top of this, you feel more boosted and do not let your emotions and feelings control your financial spending – which makes it one of the most ideal crystals for those of you who would perhaps call yourselves impulsive buyers. 

So, if you pick yourself up a malachite crystal, you should take it with you when you travel to places where you could potentially end up on a spending spree. Keep it close by to help protect yourself from yourself! 


  • Color – green 
  • Planet – venus 
  • Element – Earth 
  • Chakra – heart 

6. Clear Quartz

You may know of this crystal already under its other very well known name of the Master Healer stone. Now, of course, when it comes to improving your financial situation – healing is definitely something you will want to be doing! 

The one thing that this crystal can help you with is the added benefit by improving and boosting the energies and powers from other crystals around you. If you have citrine for example, you can significantly improve your money attracting traits.

All you need to do is remember to take your additional crystals with you wherever you decide to go and you will find your mind becoming much clearer, you will feel much more positive about your financial situation and have an improved confidence. 

On top of all of these excellent benefits, you could also use it during meditation or yoga. This is because of its positive energies which help to clear the mind and give you a much better outlook on your life overall.


  • Color – white 
  • Planet – The sun 
  • Element – all elements 
  • Chakra – crown 

7. Tiger’s Eye

This is another crystal that can help you with your healing, and when it comes to those of you who are trying to recover financially from problems and hits – this could be the stone that could turn things around.

This crystal is well known as being the stone of protection and it can help to bring about a new sense of direction, purpose, courage and power of your mind. As a result of all of these super bonuses, you should be able to improve your chances of attracting wealth.

One area that people often overlook when it comes to their finances is to be grateful for what you already have and try to work with it – and this crystal is something that can help you focus on your current situation and work towards improving it.

When you’re telling the universe that you are grateful for what you have, you will find that the universe will give you more of what you already have – and that in turn can double and then triple your wealth! 

Remember, this stone can help you feel much clearer in your mind and allow you to figure out practical ways to help your financial life. One of the best ways you can do this is by placing the stone on top of your journal or computer.

By doing so, you could write down your progress everyday and recognize how far you’ve come and where you are going in life! 


  • Color – brown 
  • Planet – the Sun 
  • Element – Earth 
  • Chakra – sacral solar plexus 

8. Amazonite

Amazonite is well known for being one of the greatest stones in the world that can help to attract extra money for your pocket. One of the ways it can do this is by providing really needed emotional support to the person who has it.

When someone feels super stressed or at the edge of their mind, they can use this stone for guidance and comfort. Not only this, but as it is a useful stone for communication skills, then the user of the stone can better express their feelings and worries.

As it is connected to the throat chakra, it can help you reaffirm your financial mindset and this can in turn, help you to achieve your financial goals. 

The best way you can use this stone is by holding it in your left hand and telling yourself positive mantras which can help reaffirm and support your financial direction. Just say something like “I can attract money!”.

This stone can help with allowing you to source your core values and assist with you heading towards the financial life you have wanted. 


  • Color – green 
  • Planet – Uranus 
  • Element – Earth 
  • Chakra – throat and heart 

9. Rutilated Quartz

Another stone that comes from the quartz family, it helps you to carry ethereal financial powers and strengthen your financial intuition. The way that this would work is by helping you understand the right direction that your money needs to go.

By doing so, you will find that your money that already exists will work a lot better than it potentially has been doing previously. With a newer and clearer outlook on your finances, you will begin to make much better and savvy decisions.

Indeed, this stone should help you seek your fortunes by understanding how your current financial situation is, and work towards a new prosperity. 


  • Color – white and gold 
  • Planet – The Sun 
  • Element – fire 
  • Chakra – solar plexus 

10. Amentrine

Ametrine is a stone that is a product of quartz and it combines both amethyst and citrine. It is one of the best crystals in the world and can bring about very protective and supreme healing properties.

One of the reasons that people struggle with their finances is because they are scared that they will fail, and therefore they never try to step outside their comfort zone.

This stone helps with this by promoting self confidence and allows you to overcome anything in your mind that is holding you back from your financial goals. 


  • Color – purple and yellow 
  • Planet – Mercury 
  • Element – air 
  • Chakra – solar plexus and crown 

11. Emerald

We are probably all familiar with emerald, but you might not know of its huge benefits to your financial situation. Sharing the color of money and dominated by Mercury, it helps to draw wealth and prosperity to your life.

Not only will it push you to try new things and move outside of your comfort zone to make more money, but it can stop you from spending too much money in unnecessary ways and break your habits which have held you back in the past.


  • Color – green 
  • Planet – Mercury 
  • Element – Earth 
  • Chakra – heart 

12. Rose Quartz

The final stone member on our list is the stone which helps to heal wounds – and when it comes to your finances, this is the type of stone that can help you to overcome any financial wounds you’ve had inflicted upon you.

You will find yourself being assisted with your financial successes by overcoming your mind’s barriers, repairing old wounds and reconnecting with everything that can find you wealth and financial success in the future. 


  • Color – pink 
  • Planet – Venus 
  • Element – Earth 
  • Chakra – heart 

Final Thoughts

For those of you who are looking to attract some extra money, then these stones can definitely help you. Most of these stones help you by improving the way you think about money, repair any financial problems you might have had in the past and much more.

However, it’s important to remember that you need to make positive decisions and changes along with these crystals too. So, pair the two together and you should find huge improvements!

Andrea Daehma