The Powers And Healing Properties Of Turquoise: A Guide

Many people reading this article might be surprised to discover that turquoise was the very first crystal to be mined by human beings. Our ancestors believed that the stone had immense power and healing capacities, beliefs that are still held steadfastly today. 

Today, turquoise is more ubiquitous than ever, and you can find it in a whole host of different items, from tumbled stones to jewelry. This means that it’s easier than ever to harness the power of turquoise in your everyday life.

The Powers And Healing Properties Of Turquoise A Guide

It’s no wonder that the crystal is so popular, as its bright and vibrant color is incredibly attractive. The color itself has magical properties, more of which we’ll discuss below. 

But how can you implement the use of turquoise crystals to bring yourself good fortune? Below, we take a look at some of the ways that turquoise can improve different aspects of your life, from work to relationships. 

To find out more about this amazing crystal, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

The History Of Turquoise 

Before we delve straight into this gemstone’s healing properties and powers, first, let us trace its history. As we mentioned briefly above, turquoise was the first ever stone to be mined by the ancient people. 

In fact, the earliest evidence we have dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. People actually found turquoise jewelry within the tombs of many mummified bodies. The most fascinating of course being King Tut. Tut had actually had a mask adorned with turquoise stones made for himself. 

One of the earliest mining territories for turquoise stones was near a temple that worshiped the goddess Hathor. She was meant to symbolize joy, happiness and love, and therefore, the turquoise stone adopted these properties, as it was so close to her place of worship. 

As we know today, turquoise is meant to symbolize protection, and this belief dates back to ancient Persia, where warriors would adorn their daggers and other weapons with turquoise stones. They believed that this would help to keep them safe in battle. 

Native Americans considered turquoise to be an incredibly spiritual stone, and thought that it could help them communicate with sky spirits in rituals. Indeed, turquoise has been considered an incredibly powerful stone throughout history. 

What Is Turquoise? 

So, now we know all about its history, but what exactly is turquoise? Turquoise is a vivid opaque stone that is somewhere between sea green and blue. Depending on the variety, it can appear more green or blue, as well as having more or less lines running through it. 

Turquoise with dark lines forming throughout the stone is considered to be more common, whereas turquoise stones that are completely opaque and have no lines are rarer, and subsequently more expensive. 

Scientifically speaking, turquoise is a combination of aluminum and copper. When it is weathered, the color will become incredibly dull and almost chalk like. 

What Are The Properties Of Turquoise? 

So, what are some of the different properties of turquoise? In all truth, they vary greatly, and turquoise is known for being a highly versatile crystal. Because of its blue color, it’s regarded as being reminiscent of the ocean. 

This means that it has an incredibly purifying and calming effect. The fact that it’s representative of the ocean also means that it’s connected to the throat chakra, which means that it can help you to speak your truth. 

The cooling appearance of the stone has often been used to help people who suffer from anxiety. Because of its soothing appearance, it can help to soothe the heart and mind, and rid you of worry. 

Throughout time, it has also been used for people suffering with fertility issues. This dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. If women were struggling to conceive, they would surround themselves with turquoise as it was believed to bring fertility as well as prosperity. 

Travelers would often adorn themselves with turquoise when undertaking perilous journeys, as it was believed that the protective powers of the gemstone would keep them from harm. 

Which Chakra Is Turquoise Connected With? 

In terms of the chakras, turquoise is closely associated with the throat chakra. As we mentioned above, because of its vibrant blue color, it reminds us of the ocean. The ocean is closely connected to the throat chakra. 

This is one of the reasons why people believe that turquoise can be so effective in healing anxiety. The throat chakra is responsible for opening up your true voice, and allowing you to speak your mind without fear. 

As well as this, the throat chakra not only promotes speech, but can also silence the negative voices inside. 

How Turquoise Can Heal You

There are a number of different ways that turquoise can be used for its healing properties. It’s known for being highly adept at soothing both the mind and the body. Turquoise stones are not only fantastic for improving anxiety and overall mood, but they can actually help to heal any physical illnesses too. 

In fact, turquoise is thought to have immense physical healing properties that can help to improve the immune system. Regularly wearing this crystal can help you to fight off infection, as well as help in healing any preexisting conditions. 

There is an ancient belief that if somebody died whilst wearing an item of turquoise jewelry, the color of the gemstone would lose all of its vibrancy. But, when another person would put on this jewelry, it would regain its luster. This means that turquoise thrives on health. 

Healing The Body 

First of all, let’s take a closer look at how turquoise can be employed in order to heal the body. Anxiety and stress have been linked as some of the most toxic things for our bodies. 

Studies show that the more stress you experience on a daily basis, the more likely you are to develop serious conditions such as cancer. This is why turquoise can be so beneficial in healing the body.

As we mentioned before, this stone is highly regarded for its soothing properties which are closely associated with the ocean (see also ‘11 Beautiful Ocean Crystals‘). 

Therefore, having a turquoise stone at hand can help to soothe your worries, and act as a preventative measure against developing any unwanted illnesses as a result.

In addition, just like a river, turquoise promotes flow. This flow makes it a great option for people who are experiencing any issues with blood flow, such as DVT or clotting.

As well as this, it’s an excellent healer for people with arthritis, or any mobility issues, as it promotes the steady flow of limbs too.  If you suffer from any of these issues, having a turquoise stone at hand could prove to be very helpful. 

Healing The Mind

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the ancient people of Egypt associated turquoise stones with the goddess Hathor. Hathor was known for being a goddess of immense joy, positivity, and light.

Therefore, having a turquoise stone at hand when you’re feeling anxious or depressed can be highly beneficial, as it lifts the mood. 

If you have an event coming up that is causing you stress, or you’re simply having a tough day, the turquoise stone can help to shed positivity and lighten your mood. 

Many people will carry turquoise stones with them in their pockets if they tend to suffer from panic attacks. It’s thought to be able to prevent these episodes through its immense soothing properties. 

In addition to this, many people will bring the stone with them on plane flights, if they have a fear of traveling this way. This makes complete sense, considering the Persians would carry them with them on journeys for protection. 

Finally, because it’s so closely related to the throat chakra, the turquoise stone can help you to find your voice, and guide you through difficult times. 

Healing The Soul 

Finally, turquoise can also be incredibly healing when it comes to matters of the soul. If you’ve been feeling spiritually disconnected, and separated from your inner self, turquoise can help you to reconnect. 

As we mentioned briefly above, the Native Americans believed that turquoise could bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual, so utilizing this stone could aid you in rebuilding that connection. 

If you’re doing any kind of psychic work, such as meditation, reading tarot, or reading tea leaves, having this stone nearby can help you to more closely connect with the spirit world (see also ‘Over 13 Beautiful Crystals For Tarot‘). It’s known also for being a highly intuitive stone, so it can help you to connect with your instincts. 

The Zodiac Sign Of Turquoise 

Turquoise is closely associated with Sagittarius, and it’s not hard to see why. People who have the zodiac sign of Sagittarius associated with their birthday are known to be incredibly optimistic people. 

As well as this, people with this astrology sign are known for being incredibly joyous, and full of life. They’re also regarded as being the sign that speaks their mind most freely. They can’t contain their emotions, and instead allow them to run free like a river. 

If you were born in December, wearing the turquoise birthstone is considered to bring you great luck and prosperity. It can make you feel happier, as well as aid communication with other people.

This doesn’t mean that it’s purely reserved for this star sign however, and wearing turquoise can be incredibly beneficial for all of the different astrological signs. 

Turquoise In Relationships 

One of the most interesting customs related to turquoise is that it’s actually given as a token during the 5th and 11th years of marriage (see also, ‘8 Crystals for Marriage‘). This makes the stone highly associated with romantic relationships. 

So, how can you use turquoise for your love life? First and foremost, turquoise is a symbol of enduring friendship, an aspect that every good marriage or partnership should have.

Holding a turquoise stone close to your heart can help you and your partner strengthen the bond of friendship that you have with one another. 

As well as this, turquoise can also help you if you’re single. If you’ve had a crush on somebody for a long time, but you can’t work up the courage to tell them, turquoise can aid you in this respect. Because it’s associated with the throat chakra, turquoise can help you to speak your truth. 

In addition, because it helps to soothe anxiety or worry, it can help you to speak this truth without any fear or embarrassment. 

This goes for romantic relationships (see also, ‘10 Crystals for Couples‘) too. If there’s an issue in your relationship that you’ve been afraid to speak up about, turquoise can help give you the courage to address your partner. 

Finally, turquoise can also help to bring fun into your relationship. Because of its strong associations with joy and happiness, the stone is great at helping you and your partner see the bright side of things, and be more playful and lighthearted. 

This can promote you to go on new adventures, and even move on to the next step in your relationships, as turquoise teaches us to recognize the joy of love and relationships (see also ‘Crystals For Relationships‘). 

Turquoise For Wealth 

You can also utilize the powers of turquoise to bring yourself wealth and prosperity. Even in the most ancient of times, great rulers such as King Tut would adorn themselves with turquoise jewelry. In fact, it was considered to be so valuable that the king was buried with a mask of turquoise in his tomb. 

If you have struggles with tempering your ambition, and can’t quite ever seem to reach your financial goals, turquoise can be an excellent tool. This is because it’s highly associated with stability, so you can sit back, relax, and watch the money flow in without any sense of urgency. 

Indeed, the gemtone’s associations with water mean that it can promote a steady stream of money. Without having to worry about how you’re going to accumulate your wealth, you can more readily receive the fruits of your bounty. 

Because you’ll be feeling so joyous from wearing this stone, working towards your goals won’t seem stressful or tiresome. Instead, you are just able to feel optimistic about what’s to come. 

Turquoise For Healing The Home

One of the best places that you can put turquoise is simply in your own home. If you’ve been feeling negative or disenfranchised recently, all of these energies can pollute your home too. After all, this is the area where you spend most of your time. 

Therefore, scattering some turquoise stones around can help to promote positivity and joy. Indeed, placing a few stones at key points in your home, can help to wash out the negative energy, and replace it with positive vibrations. 

You can also place one under your pillow at home if you’re prone to bad dreams. Many people will put a small tumblestone under their pillow, and this can help to promote positive dreams, and also restful sleep. Rid yourself from worry and anxiety by undertaking this practice. 

Turquoise In The Office

If you’re having problems at work, bringing in a turquoise tumble stone could be highly beneficial. Many of us struggle with productivity, and often don’t get as much work done as we’d like to throughout the day. 

If you’re struggling with issues like this, placing a turquoise stone on your desk could help to promote productivity. This is because of the crystals’ strong associations with flow. You’ll easily get through the day, without even feeling as though you’re lagging. 

In addition to this, if you’re experiencing problems with other employees, carrying a turquoise around can help you to stand up for yourself, and speak your mind. 

How Do I Take Care Of My Turquoise Stones?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding turquoise, and you’ll be pleased to find that turquoise is an incredibly low maintenance stone. 

Despite this, it can be beneficial to lightly clean your stones from time to time, as well as cleanse them with your energy. 

We wouldn’t recommend wearing turquoise jewelry constantly, because they could become stuck with some old energy that they’re harboring. Instead, it’s good to take them off, and clean them with soapy water, and then dry them out properly. 

After you’ve done this, you can give them the opportunity to recharge their energy by choosing not to wear them for a while. You can even spiritually charge them yourself. Doing this is incredibly simple, and just involves lighting a little sage and letting the smoke run through them. 

If lighting incense isn’t really your thing, then you can simply sprinkle some moon water on them. What’s moon water? We hear you ask. Moon water is simply water that has been spiritually ‘charged’, in the light of the full moon.

You can then simply drink this water yourself, or use it on your spiritual tools as a mode of cleansing. 

Make sure however, that you never leave your turquoise stones in direct sunlight for too long. If they’re left out in the sun for extended periods of time, they can lose their luster, and become dull and faded.

Therefore, when you’re not wearing them, keeping them in a drawer or an otherwise dark place can be beneficial. 

In addition to this, bear in mind that turquoise is sensitive to scratching. This means that you should avoid wearing different jewelry alongside it. Furthermore, turquoise is sensitive to chemicals, so avoid putting on hand lotions or other items of a similar nature near the stone. 

Wearing Turquoise 

One of the most effective ways to get the spiritual and physical benefits of turquoise is to simply wear it as some jewelry. This can help you to utilize its powers wherever you go. One of the most popular and useful ways to wear the jewelry is around your neck. 

Because it’s associated with the throat chakra, wearing the jewelry around your neck can help to strengthen your powers of communication. Having it right against your skin is a great way to have the energy flow right through your body. 

In addition to this, having the turquoise stone on your wrist can also be useful in the form of a bracelet. This is because it will be set against your pulse. The steady flow of energy coursing from the stone through to the beat of your heart can help you to feel productive and calm throughout the day. 

Although it can’t be technically classified as wearing turquoise, it can be a helpful practice to drink water infused with its powers. If you haven’t heard of gem water before, it can be a highly beneficial way of absorbing the healing properties of the stone. 

You can purchase special gem water bottles that contain the little gemstones in the water, this way you can safely consume it without any health hazards. If you’re suffering from a physical ailment, then you can go ahead and sip some water from your gem bottle. 

This way, the healing properties can be directly consumed and absorbed by the body. In addition, if you’ve got a confrontational situation impending, then you can simply sip the water to help give you courage. 

What Is The Most Valuable Type Of Turquoise Stone? 

As we mentioned briefly at the beginning of this article, there are a lot of different varieties of turquoise out there. Some of them might be more singular in terms of color, and therefore opaque, whilst others will be streaked with other colors, namely black. 

They can also be different shades or blue, some lighter and some darker. There are some which are more sought after in the crystal community, known as ‘robin egg blue’, or ‘sky blue’. These have the most desirable shades. 

These are not only valuable because of their beautiful colors, but also because they’ve been mined in Iran. Iran is known to be the oldest mining community to harness turquoise. 

What Is The Best Form Of Turquoise? 

As you may already be aware, turquoise is known to come in a variety of different formats. This is the same for all gemstones, with some of the most popular being tumblestones, raw, points, and spheres.

Each of these are powerful in their own way, and can be used for different spiritual purposes. 

Let’s start with turquoise points, which are renowned for being good at calming negative emotions. If you’re feeling angry or upset about something, you can utilize some turquoise points to help quell your feelings. 

The shape of the points, which have six narrow sides surrounding it, are believed to be able to refocus your energy in a positive direction. 

Another popular form of turquoise is spheres. Turquoise spheres are best when they are placed around the home. They make great focal points for giving out positive energy.

In addition to this, they come in a range of different sizes, which means that they can also be used for jewelry such as bracelets. 

Probably the most popular kind of turquoise variety is tumblestones. Tumble stones can be easily found in alternative healing stores everywhere. They are great options simply because they can be easily placed inside a pocket, and taken with you wherever you go. 

In addition to this, people like to use tumble stones for meditation. You can simply hold one in the palm of your hand to help you focus your energies.

You can put these on your desk while you work to promote productivity, or under your pillow during the night to get a better night’s sleep (see also ‘10 Beautiful Crystals For Productivity‘). 

How Valuable Is Turquoise?

The value of turquoise, and many other gemstones, for a matter of fact, is very much up for debate. Indeed, it can be bought from 1 to 10 dollars depending on a few different factors.

One of the most important factors is where the gemstone comes from, if it has been mined in a particular mine that is highly regarded, the gemstone’s wealth increases exponentially. 

As well as this, many gemstones are mined in an unethical manner, with slave labour like conditions. This means that these gems are incredibly cheap. This is why it’s always good to research the origins of your crystal first, to make sure that they’re been produced ethically. 

How To Tell If My Turquoise Is Real? 

Like any other kind of gemstone, there are a lot of fake turquoise stones on the market. It goes without saying that choosing imitation stones won’t provide you with any of the physical or spiritual benefits exemplified by the real deal.

This means that it’s important to always be able to identify whether a stone you’re purchasing is real or fake. 

If you read our care instructions for turquoise, you will have noticed that you can’t wear it with other jewelry. It’s not advisable to have other metals near the surface of the stone, because it’s very easily scratched.

If your turquoise is relatively prone to scratching, then you can be sure it’s the real deal. 

The only point of confusion when it comes to identifying whether or not your crystal is indeed turquoise, is when it is mixed up with howlite. Howlite is another popular type of gemstone, and it looks incredibly similar to turquoise on the surface. 

Despite this, howlite is softer than turquoise, so if it scratches even more easily than the turquoise stone, then you can pretty much guarantee that it’s the former.

Although howlite has many spiritual benefits too, they differ from turquoise. So, if you want all of the benefits of turquoise, you’ll need to make sure it’s authentic. 

What Are The Best Crystal Combinations For Turquoise?

When it comes to getting the most out of your gemstones, it can be incredibly beneficial to combine your turquoise with another to achieve a specific goal. 

For example, if you want to achieve a new career, there’s a specific crystal combination out there designed for this purpose. To discover some crystal combinations that work really well with turquoise, keep reading, as we take a look below. 

Turquoise And Amethyst 

One of the best combinations out there for turquoise is amethyst. Amethyst is renowned for its immense spiritual powers, and it’s great for harnessing your intuition. 

When you combine both of these crystals together, they can help to balance your crown and throat chakras. This makes them a fantastic choice for meditation, as they can help you to focus. 

It also makes them a great choice for studying, or starting a new project. Amethyst and turquoise combined can help to give you the focus and drive that you need. 

Citrine And Turquoise 

Another popular combination is citrine and turquoise. Both of these crystals are closely associated with joy and happiness, so carrying both of these with you can help to set you up for a good day. 

It can also help to remove negativity from your life, and any energies that are bringing you down. In addition, both of these crystals promote better instinctive abilities. This means that you’ll be able to foreshadow any negative situations. 

Rose Quartz And Turquoise 

If you’re looking for a strong healing combination, then we’d recommend that you’d put together rose quartz and turquoise. These are the very best when it comes to emotional healing. 

Rose quartz has been known to be highly effective when it comes to remedying your heart, and showing compassion to other people. Turquoise on the other hand, helps to balance any emotions you may be feeling. 

If you’re suffering from heartbreak or grief, this crystal combination can help to heal you. 

Malachite And Turquoise 

If you want to make some positive changes in your life, then we’d recommend pairing malachite and turquoise. This is a great combination that encourages you to make big decisions (Also check out Best Crystals For Decision Making) and change things for the better. 

Because the crystals are so highly attuned to your own body, they can help to give you courage, and take risks. This makes it much easier to make decisions that might have otherwise seemed impossible. 

Aquamarine And Turquoise

These two make an excellent crystal pairing, not only because they look so beautiful together, but also because they can help your communication skills. 

Aquamarine is known to give you confidence, and turquoise is known for helping you to speak your mind. Put both of these together, and you’ve got the perfect crystal combination for facing difficult conversations.

If you’re experiencing issues with your partner, and you feel as though they need to be addressed, keep these crystals in your pocket to speak your truth. 

Other Protective Crystals 

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at turquoise, and have given you a handy guide to get started with using it in your spiritual practice, we can move on to discuss some other protective stones. Below, you’ll find a list of the very best protective crystals that you can carry with you. 

  • Clear quartz – This crystal is fantastic if you want to get rid of any negative energies in your life. Indeed clear quartz can promote positivity, and is very impressionable. This means that you should always set your intentions before carrying it. 
  • Black Tourmaline – If you want to create a positive environment in work or around your home, black tourmaline is great at removing toxicity. 
  • Black jade – If you’ve got a lot of negative people surrounding you, or you simply want to avoid negative people in the first place, carrying around black jade can be highly effective. It can help to increase your intuition, so that you’re more discerning of the people around you. 
  • Pyrite – If you’re feeling the negative effects of modern technology, pyrite can help to shield you from their harmful vibrations. Place these next to your computer to help protect yourself. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, turquoise is an incredibly powerful stone that is adept at healing the mind and body. Whether you’re experiencing a physical, emotional, or spiritual ailment, this stone can help to cleanse your soul. 

To utilize the powers of turquoise, carry it in your pocket, wear it as jewelry, or simply place it around your home.

Andrea Daehma