10 Crystals For Couples

If you’re just getting started with the magical world of crystals, chances are you’ve already gathered that no two are exactly alike. Each different variety of crystal carries a wealth of properties that can be beneficial to your life.

10 Crystals For Couples

Speaking of such, there are some crystals that are fantastic for relationships. So, if you’ve been on the lookout for some crystals for couples, you’ve come to the right place. There are a whole host of couples crystals out there, and these can help in all manner of different areas. 

From boosting your sex life, to improving communication, there’s a crystal out there for you and your spouse. To find out more, simply keep reading, as we take a look below. 

Rose Quartz 

We couldn’t begin our list with anything other than rose quartz. It’s known as the ultimate love stone that can help in all manner of different relationship based items. When you want more love in your life, this is the stone to reach for. 

Whether you’re in a relationship, and you want to deepen your relationship to new levels of intimacy, or you’re dating someone new and want things to progress, this stone can aid you. 

The best thing about this stone is that it is closely connected to the heart chakra. Because of this, carrying the stone close to your heart can help you to radiate self love. We all know how important self love is for attracting new relationships, as well as demonstrating our worth to our partners (see also ‘13 Beautiful Crystals for Attracting Love‘). 

If you’re carrying around any emotional baggage from previous relationships that’s getting your current one down, you should invest in one of these stones. It can help you to let go of previous negative experiences and hurts. Indeed, rose quartz is adept at healing heartbreak (see also, ‘16 Crystals for Heartbreak‘). 

If you want to heal any negative issues that you and your partner might be experiencing, rose quartz can help in this respect too. It promotes compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. All of these qualities are important for a healthy and flourishing partnership. 


If you’ve just started out in a new relationship, and you want to take things to the next level sexually, this stone can help to heat things up. 

In addition, if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, and are looking to spice things up, garnet stones can help to elevate the heat. In relationships, we often experience sexual slumps, and this stone can help you to get out them. 

Carry the garnet in your pocket, or wear it as an item of jewelry, and observe your partner’s renewed desire. It’s powerful because simply having the stone near you can make you feel sexier, you then give off these sultry vibes to your loved one. 

In addition to this, it can physically increase your sex drive. So, if you’ve found yourself turning down sex a lot recently, this stone can help to give you the boost you need.

In addition to this, if you’re feeling bored or sluggish about your current relationship, garnet can help to fight feelings of depression. 

10 Crystals For Couples

Lapis Lazuli 

It is interesting to note that this stone has been highly coveted in terms of love for centuries. In ancient times, people would honor Venus, the goddess of love, by placing these stones near statues of her. The association was so strong that it became a symbol of the goddess herself. 

If you want to honor your loved one, and have Venus on your side, you can employ this crystal in your everyday life. If you and your partner struggle with communication in general, this crystal can help you to have more honest and meaningful conversations. 

Perhaps you’ve got an issue that you need to bring up, and are feeling nervous about communicating it with your partner? If this is the case, then why not hold a lapis lazuli stone in your hand to help you through it. This crystal allows you to speak truthfully, from the heart. 

In addition, it also encourages active listening too, which is an important skill for any relationship.


If you’ve been feeling particularly anxious in your relationship, having a moonstone nearby can help to calm things down. Whether you and your partner have been arguing more recently, or you’re anxious about the pace that things are moving, this stone can help. 

It has a highly protective energy, and can help you feel safe and secure through each different stage of your relationship.

It’s a stone associated with big life changes, so whether you and your partner are talking about getting married, or starting a new family, this stone can help you to feel calm about upcoming shifts. 

In addition to this, if you’re somebody who is guilty of overreacting in certain situations, this stone helps to keep you level headed, so that things don’t get blown out of proportion. 

Green Aventurine 

If you’ve been struggling to confess your feelings of love towards your partner, or asking them to take the next step in your relationship, this stone can help. Aventurine is known for providing courage and luck in difficult situations and conversations (see also ‘15 Powerful Crystals For Courage‘). 

It connects closely with the heart chakra, which means that we can be open to both giving and receiving love. If you need help with opening your heart to the abundance surrounding you, this crystal can help to give you the courage to do so. 

This stone is great for new relationships, as it can help to give you faith in your new partner. 


If you’ve been struggling with heavy feelings in your relationship, or you just want to lighten things up and bring a little playfulness, this stone is for you. Citrine has strong associations with the summer sun, and wearing it can help to brighten your relationship. 

If you want to bring a little spark of playfulness into your relationship, citrine can help you to see the humorous side of things, as well as encourage new adventures. If you want to spice up your sex life, this stone can also help to bring some variety into the bedroom. 

If you’ve been stuck in a sexual rut, then place this stone in your bedroom for some added zest. 

In addition to this, it can also help with issues of self esteem. If you’ve been feeling unworthy of love, or the relationship you’re in, this stone can help you to appreciate yourself.

10 Crystals For Couples


If you want to bring some added clarity to your life, then amethyst can help. Amethyst is known for being a strong connector between the physical and spiritual realms, and can help you to reach your higher self. 

If you need some help navigating your way through any relationship issues, this stone can help you to see things more clearly. It can help both you and your partner to work your way through difficult issues. 


Do you need help forgiving your partner for past mistakes or arguments? If so, then rhodonite is great for promoting empathy and forgiveness. It can be incredibly difficult to let go of the past, but this stone can help you to move on from situations that hurt you. 

This makes it a great choice for people who have been hurt in previous relationships, or might have been cheated on. These can leave emotional scars that stay with us in the next relationship, but carrying a rhodonite stone can help with these hurts and anxieties. 


If you constantly find yourself doubting your decisions, kunzite can help to make you feel more secure in your choices. It can help to give you a new perspective on yourself, and make you feel more certain about your decisions. 

As well as this, kunzite can help with negative self talk. So, if you  find yourself constantly putting yourself down, then this can help to elevate your opinion of yourself. 


If you’re in the early stages of a relationship and want to feel more secure and stable, hematite is perfect for this purpose. It’s closely connected to the root chakra, and can therefore help to keep you feeling grounded. 

If you need stability in a relationship, or things have been particularly turbulent recently, this stone can help you to feel more secure. It’s also incredible at promoting resilience in difficult situations. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, there are lots of different crystals out there that can help with relationships. Whether you and your partner are experiencing a sexual slump, or are having communication issues, using a crystal can help to get you through these issues. 

Andrea Daehma