Which Scorpio Birthstones Should I Give To A Scorpio?

People whose birthday is in November have several majestic gems as their birthstones and are, for the most part, born under the sign of Scorpio.

Scorpios are frequently misread because of the scorpion’s association with a cruel arthropod with deadly urges; nevertheless, Scorpios are friendly, faithful, and authentic.

Which Scorpio Birthstones Should I Give To A Scorpio

So, which are some of the Scorpio birthstones anyone belonging to this zodiac sign should have?

If you have a Scorpio friend, partner, or relative, or even if you belong to the Scorpio sign and want to know what your birthstones are, keep reading below (see also ‘10 Beautiful Scorpio Crystals And Stones‘)!

What Is The Color Of The Scorpio Birthstones?

Yellow, orange, and pink hues are typically the colors of Scorpio birthstones (see also ‘Pink Birthstones‘).

These Scorpio birthstone colors are thought to help the mental acuity and state of mind of people belonging to this zodiac sign while helping ward off any negative energy.

Moreover, their vividness and clarity strengthen Scorpio’s tenacity and strength of character, along with their leadership traits.

Which Are The Worthiest Scorpio Birthstones To Give To A Scorpio?

Which Are The Worthiest Scorpio Birthstones To Give To A Scorpio

There are numerous birthstones for Scorpios, but the major ones are citrine and morganite. But what are the qualities of those gems?

Here is some information about them:


Citrine is the wealth stone of prosperity and abundance.

It is considered the stone that recovers or sustains one’s wealth, abundance, and optimism. Its name comes from the French word “citron” which means lemon, and which is obviously referring to its yellow color.

Its attraction brings wealth, prosperity, and abundant material as well as spiritual goods. It helps us in professional advancement, and positive social action and brings stability and luck.

Moreover, Citrine bestows love, life, and a positive progression with family affairs. It stimulates and revitalizes energy on all levels, and brings us joy and success.

It can also promote and guarantee people love devotion, especially in terms of marital fidelity, while it also brings a good mood, optimism, well-being, clarity, and clear thinking.

Furthermore, it is a birthstone that transforms negative energies into positive ones, and gives mental awareness and a sense of security, while unblocking trapped and repressed emotions.

It also removes negativity, phobias, and fears, and ensures a comfortable sleep without nightmares. It banishes obsessions and addictions and self-destructive tendencies, protecting its Scorpio owner from enemies and quarrels.

How To Clean And Keep Your Citrine Birthstone

You can clean Citrine with white sage and ‘charge’ it in the sun. However, don’t leave it out in the sun for too long as overexposure will discolor it.


Morganite, with a soft shade of pink, is another one of the gems belonging to the Scorpio sign and its month, November.

It is the stone of supreme love that can help Scorpios have positive thoughts and communicate in a meaningful way with the people they care about.

Moreover, it has excellent healing abilities, and it helps with problems of the respiratory and nervous systems, contributing to the fight against stress.

This gem contributes to a Scorpio’s efforts to heal emotionally by gently cleansing the heart, allowing it to accept unequivocal love and implicit sentiments.

It is also thought to protect its owners from absorbing the pain of people around them, which is one of the reasons why thoughtful, considerate, and empathetic Scorpios should wear it.

How To Clean And Keep Your Morganite Birthstone

Clean your morganite with some warm water and soap. It should not be subjected to high temperatures, but its color is stable and will not deteriorate when exposed to sunlight.

What Should You Do With Your Scorpio Birthstone?

Using Scorpio birthstones is a lovely way to enhance your Scorpio attributes whilst also minimizing the less favorable ones. Choosing to wear either of your Scorpio birthstones on you, as a necklace, bracelet, or ring, can help you cleanse or protect your aura.

Keeping your citrine in your wallet, cashier, or in a place at home where you keep your money can promote and increase your wealth. Holding a morganite in your palms or having it nearby when meditating or exercising can promote a healthy respiratory and nervous system.

The Bottom Line

People belonging to the Scorpio sign have many birthstones, but Citrine and Morganite are two of the most important ones as they are related to the major aspects of life.

As the gemstone of abundance both in financial and relationship terms, Citrine is a Scorpio birthstone everyone should keep at home.

On a similar note, Morganite promotes emotional and physical well-being by cleaning Scorpios’ souls, as well as protecting their respiratory and nervous systems, working perfectly in combination with Citrine in covering the fundamentals of a content life.

So, if you are born in November and belong to the month of Scorpio or want to give your Scorpio friend a necklace with one of their birthstones on it, you now know what you should be looking for (see also ‘Birthstones For November Babies‘)!

Andrea Daehma