8 Beautiful Red Crystals

Red crystals are often unlike any other. While many of the other colors that you can often find gemstones in can instill a sense of tranquility or clarity within them, red crystals and gemstones seem to have this inescapable power and fire to them.

Red is as much a color of passion, pride, anger, and a thousand other strong emotions as it is of love, joy, and other more calming emotions.

8 Beautiful Red Crystals

This complexity is reflected in the types of gemstones that are often found in red color, with many of them serving often wildly different meanings and purposes, both spiritually and historically.

So, in this, we are going to show you some of the most well-known and beautiful red crystals that you can find out there, as well as their properties and what they are known for.

1. Red Quartz

Starting with a popular gem in pretty much every part of the world, we have red quartz.

Quartz is a very common crystal and gemstone that can be found all across the world, with many different colored variations being found in different deposits, thanks to the other minerals that they are often found with.

Red quartz (see also ‘How Much Is Quartz Worth?‘), also often called strawberry quartz, is similarly a product of the environment that it is grown in, with some of its red coloration being attributed to iron deposits that often find their way into the crystal as it forms.

Red quartz can be found in many locations around the world, with the two best-known deposits being found in Brazil and Madagascar.

And because of their varied locales, many people have found different uses for them, both for their striking beauty, as well as their spiritual properties.

Red quartz is often associated with passionate emotions, but they are also surprisingly used for its soothing and healing properties, as much as they are to show someone else their passionate love for them. 

Red quartz is known for its emotional healing properties, making them very popular amongst people who have recently experienced a great loss, perhaps because a person that was once in their lives no longer is.

However, they are also sources of confidence for those who find themselves struggling with anxiety or doubts. In these moments, that’s when the fiery spirit of passion ignites within these crystals!

2. Red Diamond

While the diamond is probably most famous in its clear or white crystalline form, there are many different colors and shades that diamonds can be found in.

And of these colors, a red diamond might be one of the rarest, with only a few certified natural examples being known to exist in the world. If you find yourself in possession of this kind of rare gemstone, consider yourself lucky!

In a similar way to how normal white diamonds are often associated with prestige, red diamonds are a symbol of power, both in a physical and spiritual sense.

If you find yourself in possession of one of these types of diamonds, it is likely through some kind of inherent strength that has allowed you to come into contact with such a prestigious gemstone.

However, they are not just gemstones that are focused on the individual. A red diamond can also be a means of building relationships and trust with others, either platonically or, more commonly, in a romantic sense.

And thanks to their inherited ties to power, this also means that the bond shared between two people and this gem is equally strong and unbreakable. After all, to offer someone a symbol of power like this must mean that they are the world in your eyes!

3. Red Sapphire

Moving from one of the main precious gemstones that people know about to another, we have here another rare crystal that many people may be surprised to see, red sapphires!

This may come as a shock, as many people often associated rubies with this type of color, rather than their often blue counterparts.

However, depending on the deposit that they are found in, sapphires can also be found in a red state, either naturally (although very rarely) or through synthetic means.

These red crystals are often created through some kind of exposure to beryllium and treatment with heat, which is what allows synthetic versions to be crafted, if only rarely.

In terms of their spiritual qualities, red sapphires can also be used to heal a person’s emotional or spiritual health after some kind of harm has come to them.

They are also particularly great at inspiring passion within a person if they find themselves lacking in a fire that just can’t get started.

8 Beautiful Red Crystals

4. Red Garnet

Garnet is another gemstone that can be found all over the world and can come in a massive variety of colors to boot.

Red garnets often come in an almost pomegranate seed-red, which has also meant that they are often tied to the iconography and spirituality of this fruit too.

Given that this fruit is often considered a symbol of both fertility and death, that’s some pretty wild meanings and aspects that can be drawn from this little crystal!

Given that these are a symbol of death, it was often believed by the nobility of older cultures and civilizations that red garnets could protect a person from the effects of poisoning.

These stones are considered the perfect crystal to offer someone as a token of your relationship and love for them.

Considering that the pomegranate is a fruit that symbolizes the relationship between the old Greek gods’ Hades and Persephone, this symbolism is tied back to the red garnet as well.

If you want to help your relationship stand the test of time, the garnet, a very tough and durable gemstone to boot, is the perfect symbol of the kind of fire that cannot be extinguished so easily!

5. Red Zircon

Zircon is a gemstone that, like garnet, is found in many different colors, with white being the most common.

However, red zircon is also a very variant, as it has a strong color to it, with also being very transparent and giving off an incredible shine, qualities that have made this a popular gemstone to use in jewelry for years.

Like many of the other gemstones we have covered so far, this is a crystal that is associated with passion and love foremost. However, it is not the uncontrollable possessive love that can bring destruction, but one that is soothing, caring, and reassuring.

This is the gemstone that will bring you and your lover together in a way that is both reassuring and confidence-boosting to your hearts, as well as bringing transparency to a relationship.

8 Beautiful Red Crystals

6. Ruby

Finally, we come to the gemstone that pretty much everyone will associate with the color red!

Rubies are often considered one of the most valuable gemstones in the world, and it’s not hard to see why!

Red rubies are also some of the purest rubies that you’ll find, which is pretty surprising, given that almost all gemstone colors have impurities in them somewhere.

The fact that rubies are also one of the hardest gemstones in the world, second only to diamonds (and maybe sapphire), these crystals are both tough and beautiful, which has made them a very popular gem to adorn everything in history, from crowns to corsets, to swords and shields.

Like diamonds and other major precious gemstones, rubies are signifiers of wealth and power. And, like the precious gems that we have covered so far, they are also a symbol of commitment to another person.

Ruby is a signifier that you plan on staying truthful to your significant other, and that nothing can tear you apart.

Red is the color of passion, after all. What else would we expect?

7. Carnelian

Moving from the most well-known red crystal to something that is perhaps a little more obscure, carnelian is a very common crystal that is probably best known for its red and orange earthy tones that it is usually found in.

Also being opaque stones, these stones are both easy enough to work and shape into jewelry, whilst also benign and tough enough to resist chipping and other damage.

Their commonality also makes them very popular in jewelry wherever they are found. The prophet Muhammad famously had a signet ring that was made from this, making it a cornerstone (quite literally) of Islamic iconography, culture, and design.

8. Fire Opal

Finally, we have a unique type of opal crystal to share here.

Opal is best known for its somewhat translucent coloring and off-white/rainbow shine. However, from time to time, you can also find these beautiful orange/red versions as well, glimmering like fire from the rocks that surround them.

Nothing screams of burning passion and love for another quite like an opal that looks as if it is on fire itself !

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, not only do red crystals come in many different shades, shapes, cuts, and sizes, but they also come with a lot of varying meanings. These are not just stones of people who love wealth, power, and passion, but also stones of great healing too.

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